'Sound of the Beast' Rudie tune of the day 2. 7. 11

Didn't post diddly squat yesterday. Not because it was Superbowl Sunday but okay yeah, we can work with that. I was three sheets to the wind by 7 in the evening. Went up to this one spot to see some old Columbus Jungle/Drum n Bass heads and saw a girl go at another girl with a knife! Fortunately, the knifing didn't go all the way off 'cos I wasn't up for all that noise. I was just out for a good time. Needless to say, the police showed up with chests puffed out as usual and pushed my friends around. And I had to step in and talk a few cats down from interacting with the cops. AT ALL. A.C.A.B. It also reminded me to write my warriors down in the belly of the Beast. I haven't forgotten ya fellas. Letters out in the A.M.
So here's my tune of the day. Shy Fx for the WIN. Listen to those Junior Murvin and KRS One samples. PROPER!

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