'Skinhead' Rudie tune of the day 2. 11. 11

Straighten you out right NOW. I love music. Crossing genres and skipping borders is my lifeblood.
I am forever dedicated to the skinhead way of life though because those very ideals ring true in it right?? If ya dun know, ya dun know but the original skinheads were mad about reggae and soul. Sufferation and struggle music. (And even later on, taking on Oi and hardcore; it was still street life music!)

They maintained a clean looking presence in a dutty and diverse inner city. I have always admired that outlook. Clean AS amongst the masses. You might stand way out wherever you might reside but hold ya head up high and keep moonstomping your way through these concrete jungles. Here's a spotless Laurel Aitken tune and a Rudie Just gun finger salute to all my brothers and sisters worldwide holding the line!

*Sidenote: My enemies are many but my faith is strong and you can't bring me down. Believe.

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