'Help Me Forget' Rudie tune of the day 2. 9. 11

I am forever dedicated to pushing the boss sounds and also interesting you in new ones. Think of it like this, music is my religious belief and I am a roaming warrior monk in search of the perfect beat. I am a ronin samurai with no master, just a lyrical sword. A dub pistol for hire when you need a proper soundclash.

The boss sounds ARE soul and reggae. That encompasses R & B, the Blues, Jazz, Rocksteady, Ska, Blue Beat, Skinhead Reggae so on and so forth, you know, the old time bad and boss sounds. What the pre-civil rights music journos called 'race' music. Everything you are into in modern music in some way shape or form, sprung from these sounds. Don't kid yourself.

Being the extremist I am, I prefer both the cutting edge and the real timeless prototypes. Like Blue Beat. Haaaaaaaaaaaaave it! Byron Lee and the Dragonaires for today's WIN. I'm happy with all the musical finds I've had today. PROPER.

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