'Wear You To The Ball' The very last Rudie tune of the day. 2. 24. 11

Well, it's been a nice long ride Blogger but I'm moving on to greener pastures. Thank you everyone for following me and wandering around in my blog. I hope you got something out of here. And if you want to keep following me (because you KNOW I'm gonna keep blogging right?) I'll be tossing my new site location here by the end of the week. Once again, thank you all!
Oh yeah, my end piece, almost forgot. PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROPER.


The Urban Menace strikes again!

Here he comes again pon the other side of the spectrum now! Urban Menace goes singjay with Big Crumb on production and I am digging it. Skinhead dancehall? Ya dun know! PROPER.

YOUR MY LADY by big crumb

St James Infirmary (Dub) by Jeremy Phipps and the Outsiders feat. Maddie Ruthless

Really blown away by this version of St. James Infirmary!
Jeremy "Mojo" Phipps and the Outsiders accompanied by Maddie Ruthless take the old blues standard and reggae it up nice. NOLA reggae got SOUL. Proper!

No long ting! Check out more creations from Jeremy Phipps HERE and Maddie Ruthless HERE. BOH!

'Pound Get a Blow' Rudie tune of the day 2. 23. 11

There shall be weeping and wailing... Pound get a blow.... PROPER


I Can't Wait to go out and do the Funky Kangaroo

Hercules and Love Affair have made my day. Ahhhh this is just plain adorable. This fanmade video should make anyone want to:
A. Laugh
B. Dance
C. Workout
D. All the above
I had to go with D. Those kids and outfits crrrrack me up. The funky kangaroo at 3:13 melted me though. Instructor became super fit with a few kangaroo like motions. G'day m8! Proper!

Brooklyn Rocksteady: The Roots, The Scene and The Culture

I'm excited that a documentary is coming to fruition on the Brooklyn punky reggae scene. It's called Brooklyn Rocksteady and the filmmaker Samuel Gursky
is doing it the right way; the d.i.y way. If you want this happen like I do, get on over to his Kickstarter page HERE and donate! I can't wait to be up in New York seeing all these choice bands and do the rocksteady. Nuh long ting! Proper.

And go check out a sweet interview of Sam on his doc by Marco on the Bass here.

'Put on your dancing shoes' Rudie tune of the day 2. 21. 11

Last minute rudie tune! Boh!


'Skinhead Speaks His Mind ' Rudie tune of the day 2. 19. 11

In the spring of '92, in Antelope Valley, my little dry, desert patch of Los Angeles County was on fire. Both literally and physically on fire. Brushfires and fiery SoCal racial tension ran rampant and with the Rodney King verdict right around the corner my friends were being slowly but surely divided. The town was too hot.

Not to mention we were already divided by our subcultures and their particulars. Gangbangers, tagbangers, skinheads, rudies, punks, mods, Suicidals, preps, the list goes on and on and on. California was nuts but I wouldn't trade the experience for the world.

From being a skater to discovering ska and 2 tone I gravitated real quick and in a hurry to the traditional skinhead culture. I was shaved in that year by older L.A. trojans at a house party in Lancaster. (Skins didn't do it as easily as the Sui's or the punk rock gangs active then but there WERE shave in parties.)

I just loved how trad skins stayed clean and kept in a hostile environment. I loved it and still do. There were no patches, not even many flight jackets honestly. Just straight up Harringtons and sheepskins, Polo's but more so, button ups and braces, 501's or Sta Prest (I liked Lee Prest myself, they passed and were much easier to find) and 8 eye or less D.M's, brogues or loafers. CLEAN. The Sharpies and the Oi skins were dripping with patches and wore bleachers and 14-20 eye boots but Trojans kept it hard and smart. I was sold.

The crazy thing is, I was so proud of my little subculture and still bold to go wherever I damn well pleased! So my first girlfriend was a little chola chick from Varrio Nueve Estrada and I went to raves in the desert, skateboarded and went out writing graffiti with a crew and just did what I had to do to make it in the concrete jungle. I remembered my roots though and I always stayed hard, smart and carrying my head up with pride. I fought legions of boneheads and all the other enemies we had at any given time. It was no relaxing thing being a skin, we were active in the streets and blatant enemies of so many other tribes, so leaving the house every day was and adventure. I also went through the system but that's another story. And a little under 20 years later and 2,000 some miles away, I'm still here. Still loyal.

What I'm trying to say in so many words is this is not a fashion trend. You can't just put this on and be like boom, I'm a skin now. Well, you CAN but you WILL be found out once you step out. Believe. It is super easy to claim skin now with all this internet access and ability to buy the gear but there's so much MORE to it than that. It's a working class subculture that I love to death. And the real skins I know are in the streets. They don't come from richie rich silver spoon backgrounds nor feel it's important to go overboard with the 'Oi, Oi' euphemisms and obvious skinhead culture indicators. Some hold jobs and some catch bids and some do both but that is the working class life! They just remain hard, smart and carrying on TRADITION.

This is a BIG UP to all traditional skinheads, no matter your age or length in the scene if you came to skinhead culture and learned you loved it then this is for you. It's a wonderful way of life and I will always be by your side and have your back when the chips are down. Now that I'm an old head my tastes might be weird AS but I still know what my heart really loves and that is this so that being said, KEEP THE FAITH skinheads! Rudie Just salutes all of you. BOH!


'I Live and I Love' Rudie tune of the day 2. 18. 11

Anthem # 73. Music is key to my existence, soothes the savage beast and all that good stuff. Clancy Eccles shuffle me away on a nice ska n b, Blue Beat choon. Big tings ago 'appen soon! Boh boh boh! Proper.


What can I say? I have always loved me some Juke. Chicago's Quality tears the club up with this one. Bustin' at you like BOH! I love this whole Second City Underground crew! They are all talented beat flinging rowdy Chicagoans that I keep my eyes on for more Juke, House and whatever . Proper.

Waka Flocka Flame - Bustin At Em (Juke) by unorthodoxquality

*Check out Second City Underground HERE.
*And check out more Quality tracks HERE.


One (8 bit) Step Beyond!

This man has robo feet

Cartier Williams is the illest. Listen to his tap and see how many breakbeats and riddims you catch. Did I hear Mary J blige in there? Reggaeton??
Just watch his FOOTWORK because it's insanely good. PROPER.

*And be sure to check out his blog Hoofer Boy HERE.
**Big up Chew Fu for the FIND.

Dread and the Baldhead

Crazy classic jungle tune. And also the tentative title of me and MY dreadlock brother's first EP. Game Broz! Proper.

'Keep On Trying' Rudie tune of the day 2. 16. 11

Leroy Smart has me worked up so motivational with this classic reggae tune. "Those hypocrites! They are bad minded!" PROPER.


'Baby You Send Me' Rudie tune of the day 2. 15. 11

Love you music.

Don' You Go Rounin' Roun To Re Ro

You CHEEKY yankee CUNTS. ha

Moombahton Massive EP II

A moombahton EP? With Dave Nada, Sabo, Heartbreak, Munchi and Nadastrom edits on it? For free? PROPER.

*Sol Selectas what up?

Moombahton Massive EP II by SolSelectas

Fr33ky EGYPT

Sabo whipped up some FIRE with this moombahton bumrush on the old Egypt, Egypt joint by electro legend Egyptian Lover. How classy is this?? I want to get out on the dancefloor with this tune. PROPER.

Check out more Sabo work at his soundcloud HERE.
And at his Sol Selectas site HERE.

Fr33ky Egypt by djsabo

Trubblesum ((NegroSaki Takes Over Anime))

Blissful beat. NegroSaki is RAD. Can't wait for this mixtape to drop. PROPER.

Chasing the Dragon

Diplo made a straight gnarly fuzzed out Hammond b3 spiced mix that I haven't stopped playing since downloading. Follow suit. PROPER.

MDWWR #62 Diplo's Chasing The Dragon Mix by diplomaddecent

Beside Me

Smooth, next level hip hop tuneage brought to you by The Insomniax. More U.K. side niceness. I'm ready for their Macaroni and Cheese mixtape to drop cos the tunes ive heard so far are clean AS. PROPER.

Check em out on Soundcloud HERE!

Beside Me by theinsomniax



Some would say this is straight up sacrilegious. I love 8 bit though. Hence the Skintendo Rudeboy tattie on my arm. So me being me, I have to say THIS IS RAD.

New York Town

I think it's about time I get balls deep in you New York. Can't get you off my mind these days. A summer of NYC raging? School in the Fall? Recording seshes with the homies? It's about to go down. PROPER.

Fuck Wit BPM Dre Day


'I've Got To Get Away' Rudie tune of the day 2. 13. 11


Up to the time, down to the HOUR, Big Crumb has whipped up a nice reggae mix for all the lover's out there for Valentine's Day. Which is tomorrow so if you are one of dem Valentine's Day celebrating type AND you love reggae, it's a free download so grab it up and tune out. Proper.

Lover's Mix

BIG CRUMB - lovers mix by Rude Boy This Just In

Download HERE.


daville - tonight is yours
romain virgo - love doctor
snatcha - love boat
...brandy - wanna be down (big crumb blend)
singing melody - came into my life
gappy ranks - the rain
peetah morgan - its love
million styles - me and you
torch good love
richie spice - serious woman
peetah morgan - im in love with ya
konshens - looking for me
pressure - love and affection
ghost & nitty kutchie - the girl is m



Put Em In A Body Bag

UK born BK residing Johnny Nelson is having TOO MUCH FUN. This tune, 'Put Em In A Body Bag' ft. Ninjasonik is getting heavy rotation with me right now. Brrrrrooooooklyn!!! PUT EM IN A BODY BAG. PROPER.

Johnny Nelson "Put Em In A Body Bag" from triggerhappy on Vimeo.

This tune is still available for download HERE. Brrrrrrrrrrrap!

His site www.Johnny Nelson57.com

'Skinhead' Rudie tune of the day 2. 11. 11

Straighten you out right NOW. I love music. Crossing genres and skipping borders is my lifeblood.
I am forever dedicated to the skinhead way of life though because those very ideals ring true in it right?? If ya dun know, ya dun know but the original skinheads were mad about reggae and soul. Sufferation and struggle music. (And even later on, taking on Oi and hardcore; it was still street life music!)

They maintained a clean looking presence in a dutty and diverse inner city. I have always admired that outlook. Clean AS amongst the masses. You might stand way out wherever you might reside but hold ya head up high and keep moonstomping your way through these concrete jungles. Here's a spotless Laurel Aitken tune and a Rudie Just gun finger salute to all my brothers and sisters worldwide holding the line!

*Sidenote: My enemies are many but my faith is strong and you can't bring me down. Believe.

Lincoln Way Nights

Mishka dropped the Stalley mixtape this week. Been enjoying the shit out of it today. Perfect O H I O repping mixtape to kick off a good weekend. The man has BARS.

Big time loving the tracks 'Hard', 'Assassin' (feat. John Mayer)?!, 'Chimes of Freedumb' (feat. Rashad) and 'Monkey Ish (R.I.P. Pimp C)'. Pure raw lyrics with real meaning. This is blue collar, working class hip hop for straight up beating down the block in your old school and striving hard every day. DOWNLOAD this! PROPER.

1. See the Milq In My Chevy
2. Slapp
3. 330
4. Hercules
5. Chimes of Freedumb (feat. Rashad)
6. The Night (feat. Rashad)
7. Pound
8. The Sound of Silence
9. She Hates the Bass
10. Hard
11. Assassin (feat. John Mayer)
12. Go On
13. Milq n' Honey
14. Monkey Ish (R.I.P. Pimp C)
15. Tell Montez I Love Her
16. Lincoln Way Nights


HOLY SHIT. Tyler The Creator from California's Odd Future camp went IN on this tune. I'm just now discovering this crew and already sold on 'em. Rapping, skating, jerk hating motherfuckers. This video is rugged as fuck. Check out the rest of the Odd Future right HERE. PROPER.

What chu mean you aint nasty??

Chicago party monsters Second City Underground are about to drop this Kid Nico Vs. DJ Prodigy mixtape. I'm geeked cos this lil snippet is hard AS. CRAZY edits!!! Check it out, crank it up and bug OUT. PROPER

*Click on these links to check out Kid Nico, DJ Prodigy and Second City Underground.


'Village Soul' Rudie tune of the day 2 . 10. 11

A super Studio One classic from the vibraphone king Lennie Hibbert. Nice and mellow like this day was. Proper.

Big Up Big Up it's a StickUp StickUp (Brooklyn!)

Keep your eyes peeled for the Brooklyn band the StickUpKids. I'm loving this tune! What a beautiful souled out intro to a crisp and clean song. Perfect for stepping out of the house and getting your adventure on. PROPER.

Go on FB and 'like' em. Do it. Do it NOW. Right HERE. Brrrrrap.


MMMHMMM. KATY B GETS ALL CAPS FOR THIS TUNE. LOUDER FOR REALS!!!! Okay, on the serious side, I love this woman. Style, voice and all the production she get's on?? Pure dancers! PROPER.

Dub Be Good To Me

The classic Beats International tune. Proper flashback.

Woman Like Me

Diggin this soulful house choon from Willy Joy. And the video with the cat-tastic go go dancers. Willy is the doorman, deejay and bartender because frames make all the difference in the world. PROPER.


Alex Clare, Almost There...

Fresh off the viddy presses, more Alex Clare footage. I dig it. Man bouncing around, from rehearsal to rehearsal and show to show. THE LIFE. From preparing for then performing on the Mercury Prize show with Magnetic Man; to shuttling over to his own gig across town the same night. He's FOCUSED man! PROPER!!!

Alex Clare from Alex Clare on Vimeo.

Syko Chunk's it UP

You could say I'm DUMB behind on this super find since it's been blazing on Mad Decent and Hype Fm but oh well. Music is music and the beasty shits needs to be spread like butt cheeks. Right? RIGHT.
That being said Francisco Syko Hernandez has my nostrils wide open for that dutty Chicago sound. I'm super digging all the shiz he has on his Soundcloud, check him out HERE. From Juke to Ghetto Tech to Bmore and beyond, Syko is chunkin' up the deuce and blowing out your speakers. PROPER.

Chunk Up The Deuce (Syko Bmore Remix) by SyKo (Chicago)


There's ABSOLUTELY nothing, not a single solitary thing wrong with a record label bigging up the golden era of hip hop. A label that's mission is to keep vinyl alive with fresh and interesting throwback releases on limited edition pressings. This video is a cut and paste assault from Chopped Herring Records owner Pro Celebritygolf that's pure hip hop. Easily my fav still frame video EVER. There's so many subtle chucks in here you WILL be rewinding the juice outta this. PROPER.

Relax My Beloved

Digging the tunes Alex Clare has been putting out. This is his big one produced by Diplo and Switch and it's NUTTY. Another British soul man? Over modern dutty production? The video is pretty interesting too. There are parts that remind me of the Umbilical Bros!! Ha ha, I'm serious. Be sure to hop over to his FB and get this tune for free HERE. PROPER.

Alex Clare - Relax My Beloved from Matei-Alexandru Mocanu on Vimeo.


Methodist Leisure has just released the final installment in the radtastic noise, thrash, punk AS series for Crasier Frane. BALLS OUT VOLUME 3!!! If you don't have the other two, you are missing the fuck out. PROPER GNAR GNAR.

BALLS OUT, VOL. 3 by Methodist Leisure Inc

'Help Me Forget' Rudie tune of the day 2. 9. 11

I am forever dedicated to pushing the boss sounds and also interesting you in new ones. Think of it like this, music is my religious belief and I am a roaming warrior monk in search of the perfect beat. I am a ronin samurai with no master, just a lyrical sword. A dub pistol for hire when you need a proper soundclash.

The boss sounds ARE soul and reggae. That encompasses R & B, the Blues, Jazz, Rocksteady, Ska, Blue Beat, Skinhead Reggae so on and so forth, you know, the old time bad and boss sounds. What the pre-civil rights music journos called 'race' music. Everything you are into in modern music in some way shape or form, sprung from these sounds. Don't kid yourself.

Being the extremist I am, I prefer both the cutting edge and the real timeless prototypes. Like Blue Beat. Haaaaaaaaaaaaave it! Byron Lee and the Dragonaires for today's WIN. I'm happy with all the musical finds I've had today. PROPER.


The Mark of Cain

You need to relax, kick back, pop open the Stolichnaya 100 proof and dive into the russian criminal underworld. The Mark of Cain is my doc right now. Proper.

Fuck The System

The Milan, Italy based electro house duo CYBERPUNKERS have won for the official really real nihilist video. Just watch it I'm telling you. It's big fun. Especially the russian roulette scenes. Who wouldn't want to go rave it up like that? You? No? My bad. CYBERPUNKERS are rad AS. ///PROPER///

Burn My Shadow


Artillery Spoof

A Squeezy proves that not everyone can run road. And also to not bring a _____ to a gunfight. Proper laugh.

Welsh Grime? Ya dun know!

Hoax Beats made this mix for the Welsh Grime Forum and just from the opening I was hooked. I should get the tracklisting from him cos I wanna hear more. Rugged. Cardiff! Proper.

Welsh Grime Forum Mix [volume 1] by Hoax Beats

'Yesterday' Rudie tune of the day 2. 8. 11

Dandy with a nice and clean version. End of. Proper.

Spiderman On Vitamins

The intro to Jesse Abraham's "Spiderman On Vitamins' brings back crazy childhood memories. Who didn't perform their favorite artist's songs in the living room? Dood even had the backward jeans on what?? Oh yeah the actual song is nice AS too. I'm feeling it. Proper.

Loose Tights

Hussle Club is bad ass. End OF.

Hussle Club - Loose Tights from Мишка Bloglin on Vimeo.

Don't Have Much Money

DJ Fergie Ferg whipped up a nice mash up tune right here. Ellie Goulding sped up 'Your Song' vocals and some Wiz Khalifa bars. Get it while ya can. Proper.

Don’t Have Much Money – Dj Fergie Ferg [Wiz Khalifa vs. Ellie Goulding]

Klepto Maddox

Klepto Maddox came along and remixed the SHIT outta Doctor P's tune and I just had to share real quicklike. Come get your face blown off. Proper.




Spark is adorable. Beautiful voice and my oh my she's very kind on the ol' eyes! Stop the press though! Let Mike Skinner and the Streets remix it with a nice UKG sound and I'm skanking HARD. It's available for free download so get on it! Proper!

Spark - Revolving (The Streets Remix) by 679artists

'Sound of the Beast' Rudie tune of the day 2. 7. 11

Didn't post diddly squat yesterday. Not because it was Superbowl Sunday but okay yeah, we can work with that. I was three sheets to the wind by 7 in the evening. Went up to this one spot to see some old Columbus Jungle/Drum n Bass heads and saw a girl go at another girl with a knife! Fortunately, the knifing didn't go all the way off 'cos I wasn't up for all that noise. I was just out for a good time. Needless to say, the police showed up with chests puffed out as usual and pushed my friends around. And I had to step in and talk a few cats down from interacting with the cops. AT ALL. A.C.A.B. It also reminded me to write my warriors down in the belly of the Beast. I haven't forgotten ya fellas. Letters out in the A.M.
So here's my tune of the day. Shy Fx for the WIN. Listen to those Junior Murvin and KRS One samples. PROPER!


The junglist in me will never retreat, never surrender, never die! Dieselboy has dropped a pure FIRE mix that should re-ignite the torch in any old retired DnB head. Been banging it this weekend. Dieselboy KEEP shit rolling out like this. I'm ready to storm your next floor. See ya in NYC soon! Rude boy gatling gun SALUTE. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap! Download UNLEASHED! PROPER.

Dieselboy - Unleashed! by Dieselboy
Break feat Calyx + Teebee - Don't Look Down
Icicle feat SPMC - Dreadnaught
Phace + Misanthrop - Desert Orgy
Optiv feat Rymetyme - Run It Red (Neonlight Remix)
Pixel Fist - Horrible (Audio Remix)
Terravita - And The Beat Goes On
The Upbeats + Trei - Wear & Tear
The Prototypes - Work It
Noisia - Friendly Intentions
Dose - Squander
Audio - Prototype
Breakage - Fighting Fire feat Jess Mills (Loadstar Remix)
Delta Heavy - Space Time
Xtrah - Amazon
Blokhe4d - The Way Life Used To Be
Dub Foundation - Time to Burn
Eric Prydz - Niton (Metrik Remix)
Dieselboy + Blokhe4d - Get Back
Soul Intent - Be Strong
Culture Shock - The Bypass
Generic + The Fix - Suicide
Sigma - Stronger
Dose - Martyrdom
Gridlok + Prolix feat Fats - Tru Born Playa
Demo - OD (Counterstrike + Gein Remix)
C4C - Stranglehold [clip]
The Upbeats - Big Skeleton (MOJX VIP)
Break - Destiny Comes Ringing
The Upbeats - Untitled
Uman + BTK - Generator
Zardonic + Numbernin6 feat Messinian - End Of Days (Dieselboy VIP)
Zardonic - Nexus Polaris
Jubei + S.P.Y. - Project One
Gein + Counterstrike - Pentagram VIP
Muffler - Heavy (Search + Destroy VIP)
Zardonic + Mumblz - Systems Activated (Pixel Fist Remix)
Liquid Stranger - Robot Rox [clip]
Current Value - Indivisible Force (Cybakotic Remix)
Emalkay - Powertool
Bare - Synthetic
Mark Instinct - 15 Karat (Bare's 16K VIP) [clip]
Bare - Droid
MOB - Lifted
Bare - Bring It Back [clip]
Liquid Stranger + Sluggo - Human Implant
Liquid Stranger + Sluggo - Stalkers VIP
Bare + Muffler - Bloodsport
Truth - The Emperor
Flecta - Guts Ya
Numbernin6 - Menace
Dieselboy - NVD (Numbernin6 Remix) [clip]
Asking Alexandria - A Single Moment Of Sincerity (Bare Remix)
Pixel Fist - Fire
Excision + Downlink - Reploid [clip]
Downlink - Factory [clip]
Skrillex + Bare Noize - Scatta (Dieselboy VIP feat Armanni + Messinian)



Anthem #4
Sly and the Family Stone dropped this scorcher of a tune and I have loved it since I was a kid. Far more fitting now that I'm all grown up and underdoggish. The struggle continues... What do I say again? Oh yeah, PROPER.

Do it Adolf, do it.

Mel Brooks is my favorite comedic director. Blazing Saddles houses ANY movie you try to put up against it. His sense of humor was over the top before it's time. Proper.

Dark Allies

Vocalist Shannon Funchess and keyboardist Bruno Coviello are Light Asylum. This video has been out a month but I just discovered it. I have been SLACKING. This shit is BRUTE. Her voice is a high powered rifle and his production is and ammo dump. Nothing but shots fired throughout this tune and clip. I'm really in love with Shannon's aggro dancing, gestures and those synth sounds! Sounds like Castlevania, KMFDM and The Omen inna...well, a dark alley. Catholic guilt with keyboards. Basically, New York City. Proper.


Stalley drops Lincoln Way Nights this week in association with Mishka and XXL and I'm READY for it. Dude has seriously nice bars. And he's getting it in for Ohio real big. Now check out the clip for 'Slapp' ft. Rashad and peep all those clean, ass, rides. Turn it up make it SLAPP. Oh, and the clip was made by the illminds over at Creative Control. Proper.


'Correction Train' Rudie tune of the day 2. 5. 11

Carey Johnson get's all nice chatty chatty all over a classic Coxsonne Dodd, Studio One riddim. 360 degrees of pure class. PROPER

Black Part Love

Selah Sue has very interesting vocal abilities. I will be snatching up her album when it drops March 7th. Proper.

No More Idols

Chase and Status just released their new album last week called 'No More Idols'. OH DAAAAMN, it's big fun. I already tossed up the video ft. Tempa T called 'The Next Hype' and here is the clip for 'Blind Faith' featuring Liam Bailey. And also a snippet of every last tune on the album. Haaaaaaave it! Proper.

The Wilhelm Scream

James Blake is rad AS. And this video for 'The Wilhelm Scream' is PROPER.

Via Pitchfork


Funny funny video made of Glenn Danzig's infamous knockout at the hands of hardcore band North Side Kings frontman Dan Marianino spliced with the Legion of Rock Stars version of 'Mother'. Mind you, this whole clip is old AS, I just felt like if you haven't seen either or only seen one, see 'em both together in 'Danzig's Mother Nightmare'. PROPER.

Back to the 90's rmx

Scott Garcia takes Jammer's 'Back to the 90's' tune and kicks out a beautiful UKG version. Serious, serious! Feeeeeeling it. Proper.



Cardiff, Wales based dubstep monster 6Mill has another banger with this one! Taking the Alexia vocals from Ice M.C.'s classic raver anthem 'Think About the Way' is massively BOLD. As it should be. Mek sure to check out more 6MILL material HERE. Proper.

Think about the way.... vocals .over my survivor track. remix. 6mill by dj 6mill

Horror Merch

Horror Merch has a new site up! This is just one of the many sick items you can get. Go check it out right HERE right NOW! Proper.

The Tune Up

Ohio's own Stalley for the WIN. This tune is tuned up heavy. I'm definitely backing this dood's movement. Proper.

Stalley "The Tune Up" from Kellen Dengler on Vimeo.


'Bag-A-Boo (Don't Brag Don't Boast)' Rudie tune of the day 2. 4. 11

This is dedicated to those who see through all the bloodclot braggers and boasters. The internet warriors. Shit's not real people. Real recognize real. Big up all the 100% authentic people. All my true friends. You are blood to me. Have a stellar weekend! Proper.


'Night Doctor' Rudie tune of the day 2. 3. 11

Jackie Mittoo for the WIN.


You know I love The Clash. And I love Kokolo Afrobeat Orchestra. And the whole NYC Afrobeat scene. And the whole NYC reggae scene. And the whole NYC.
Considering that 'The Magnificent Seven' tune by The Clash was completely inspired by old school NYC hip hop, it's like Kokolo brought it all the way back home. I have also tossed up the b-side 'The Magnificent Dance' which was a underground dancefloor FILLER.
Joe Strummer and the gang would be proud of this version and I should frigging move already is what I have just sussed out. Proper.

2 Wicky

I have been obsessed with this tune since it dropped waaaaaay back in 1996. Crazy obvi Issac Hayes sample and all. Trip hop is so brill cos it uses sample culture the way hip hop should when it's good. To provide and ill landscape for vocals to travel all over. Ya dun know! Betcha slept on Hooverphonic huh?? PROPER.

Hold You Tonite

Modern skinhead reggae man David Thomas aka URBAN MENACE has whipped up another good one with dutty beatsmith Big Crumb. Cardiff, large up yaselfs! The Sizzla assist on this track nuh hurt either. I am a big big fan of Urban Menace/Big Crumb work so this came along and the perfect time. Proper.

Hold you tonite riddim big crumb & urban menace (sizzla dub) by big crumb
*Don't wonder too much about the picture. It's a late night Cardiff shot. It works. End of.

What Will The Neighbors Think?

Adi Ease-Gonz

Saw these on Radcollector. What?? These tings are electric as hell. Skate or die bro. Proper.

adidas Skateboarding | Adi Ease-Gonz


Tone Tank and Scott Thorough of BK based rowdy rah rah label Modern Shark have just dropped my favorite video of 2011. HANDS DOWN. Mi nuh care that the year has just started.
For many many reasons. First and foremost, the intro to this video is the SHIT. And then the scrolling music video titles. Straight off the BOX!! Remember that channel? Along with getting doods to go in and get me and my crew 40s and fifths and jugs of whatever cheap malt liqour, beer or wine we were drinking that particular skip day we also ordered the shit outta videos on the Box.
Everything in this video reminds me of high school. Double mega dumb big gun finger salute to Tank, Thorough and Modern Shark. Proper.


Southie is My Home Town

Something about South Boston has ALWAYS kept me enthralled. I love the history. The irish roots. End of.

Off to the timeout drawer with yas.

Amazing fanmade clip for a good song from Chicago post-punk band The Timeout Drawer. I go nothing else to say. Watch it.

Graffiti: Fun or Dumb?

Beasty good. I'm back to bombing this spring! New name, new crew. Ya didnt know I had skills huh? Ya dun know!