You tucked in? (Yes) Herrrrrrre we go....

Took and almost 2 week break from posting anything here on Thatrudeboythisjustin.blogspot.com and to be honest, I almost didn't come back.

I was out of town, down visiting new friends in the Cincinnati, Ohio/Covington, Kentucky area when I had and epiphany. One of those, change direction, re-strategize and start over epiphanies. I want to really live it up this year. No resolution based half-planned schemes, just real real living. Get to a remove all brakes reality. I fully intend to begin my perpetual travelling existence this year and let it unravel throughout the rest of my life. I want to find someone special (If, I haven't found her already) who wants to live to the fullest capacity of her life nice and parallel with mines. To the MAX.

Which means, in accordance with the real feelings coursing through my veins and pumping steadily outta my heart, I absolutely MUST keep sharing things I find and the tunes and bands and clips I love because it's about to get REAL around here. Expect the unexpected from THIS guy this year. Now let's get down to it! Have a great year friends! PROPER.

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