Stay Golden, Pony Boy

This video is already immensely viral but I had to toss this up because I have met this man. Columbus' very own Golden Voice, Ted Williams. I have been told repeatedly to do voice acting because I can hit tht weird commercialo/movie guy octave and apparently so can this guy. He would stand at the top of exits around downtown Columbus and use that golden voice as a spanging weapon. Congratulations on reuniting with your loved ones and (I believe) finding a job. If this doesn't inspireyou my readers, then you might not yet have hit rock bottom in life. This proves that everyone has their own spark that makes them unique and that there is always room for change and a second chance. Proper.

BTW, this video went SO viral (Over 13 million hits in 48 hours!) the good ol' corporate machine has been trying to remove it from sites and copyright the clip. So, on that note, if you have been living under a rock, watch this while you can!!!

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