Cyberspace and Reds

Been MORE than ready for Mike Skinner (The Streets) to come out with a new album and now his new material is upon us. Due out next week and titled 'Computers and Blues', I'm pretty damn ready to hear it.
That being said, it's cool that he dropped a free mixtape to get the old UK hip hop/UKG juices going. It has seriously reenergized my UKG state of mind. It's called 'Cyberspace and Reds' and I have been cranking it since I dl'd it last week.

Hands down, I love when Kano collabs with the Streets so, the "Came In Through The Door' track is my fav. And straight from Mike Skinner's camera skils and site comes a nice still frame video he released to accompany it. I have included the clip along with the free download. It's all below along with the mixes tracklisting. Absorb it all! Proper.

Good looking out to First Up for the FIND.

1. 'Came In Through the Door' ft. Kano
2. '4 o'clock'
3. 'Don't Hide Away' ft. Wiley, Rinse & Ice Kid
4. 'Too Numb' ft. RoxXxan
5. 'Backseat Barz' ft. Loudmouth
6. 'Tidy Nice and Neat' ft. Ghost Poet
7. 'The Morning After the Day off on One' ft. Trim
8. 'Cinema Barz' ft. Jammer
9. 'Breakbat Barz' ft. Scru Fizzer
10. 'Something to Hide'
11. 'Robots are Taking Over' ft. Envy, Elro & Frisco
12. 'Cross That Line' ft. Fumin
13. 'Minding My Own' ft. Wretch32
14. 'At the Back of the Line' ft. Joey G-zus

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