'Badam Bam' Rudie tune ofthe day 1. 24. 11

I am dedicating this whole day to the gangster, the rudie and the skinhead. Rudies and skinheads would not have existed if not for rude boys obsession with all things from American gangster folklore and films. Fact. And skinheads would not have been around if not for rudies bringing their vibe to the United Kingdom. This cross-pollination is on so many levels it's downright ridiculous as a music addict like me to not enjoy digging deep into the rich history.
Now, mind you, for all you 'fashion skins' that put your garms on and strut down the street, feeling unique, remember THIS. The skinhead way came from rough boys and girls with limited resources. Having a good time with fellow lower class kids from different backgrounds and just dealing with the world day by day by getting together around music and dance crazes. Up on the terraces and down in the gutter. Crime existed and was carried out by some of these very same dead end street kids. It makes me laugh when people put skinheads or the working class up on some prissy pedestal. Skinheads are gangster too. Now, dont call me Scarface! Proper.

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