Georgie Fame. Soul Brother.

Another reason I really appreciate all the British soul brothers and sisters. They really appreciated boss black sounds and KEPT THE FAITH. I will be relocating one of these days so I can soak up all the goodness that my overseas real boss sound appreciators have to offer. Sigh. Come on America. We have SO many great roots that we fucking ignore because we are a shallow, fast food, consumer nation. Show a little class why don't ya?

Georgie Fame was the MAN. I can't believe how powerful music is man. I am in the worse mood and then I crank up a stellar pioneer artist like Georgie Fame and I forget about all the drama surrounding me. I decide to give you a whole Georgie Fame BLOCK. Some of his solo work, some of his Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames work, ALL EXCELLENT. Check out the last video for a Rufus Thomas cover at and NME show. PROPER.

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