London, UK based producer Swindle has some seriously cray cray bangers. I discovered him through the ever so lovely Roses Gabor and more precisely because his 'Moodswings' tune melted my face off. Haven't been let down yet and I anticipate big tings to come outta this man's corner. Wait, what's that? What do I call it? Oh you need a genre to put this in right? Right...


"Had a ball last night, Smash for love/ then he pointed to the sky and said that's what's up" - Metro

Columbus, Ohio's own, rowdy, Brooklyn based Metro of S.A. Smash/Def Jukkie fame has BARS. We already knew this though. Over crisp production from Path, Met keeps you familiar with it. Proper.

/// R.I.P Tero Smith aka Camu Tao ///

Cyberspace and Reds

Been MORE than ready for Mike Skinner (The Streets) to come out with a new album and now his new material is upon us. Due out next week and titled 'Computers and Blues', I'm pretty damn ready to hear it.
That being said, it's cool that he dropped a free mixtape to get the old UK hip hop/UKG juices going. It has seriously reenergized my UKG state of mind. It's called 'Cyberspace and Reds' and I have been cranking it since I dl'd it last week.

Hands down, I love when Kano collabs with the Streets so, the "Came In Through The Door' track is my fav. And straight from Mike Skinner's camera skils and site comes a nice still frame video he released to accompany it. I have included the clip along with the free download. It's all below along with the mixes tracklisting. Absorb it all! Proper.

Good looking out to First Up for the FIND.

1. 'Came In Through the Door' ft. Kano
2. '4 o'clock'
3. 'Don't Hide Away' ft. Wiley, Rinse & Ice Kid
4. 'Too Numb' ft. RoxXxan
5. 'Backseat Barz' ft. Loudmouth
6. 'Tidy Nice and Neat' ft. Ghost Poet
7. 'The Morning After the Day off on One' ft. Trim
8. 'Cinema Barz' ft. Jammer
9. 'Breakbat Barz' ft. Scru Fizzer
10. 'Something to Hide'
11. 'Robots are Taking Over' ft. Envy, Elro & Frisco
12. 'Cross That Line' ft. Fumin
13. 'Minding My Own' ft. Wretch32
14. 'At the Back of the Line' ft. Joey G-zus

'Rudie Hot Stuff' Rudie tune of the day 1. 31. 11

The Dark Prince of Reggae, Keith Hudson povides the rudie tune today. Anthem #79. It's really and anti rudie song but that works too yeah? Seckle yaselves rudies. There's work to do now. PROPER.



Been waiting for this video to come out! New York rad grrls Lauren Dillard and Lauren Flax of CREEP have dropped their video for the tune 'Days' featuring Romy Madley-Croft from XX. This video was directed by Warren Fischer of Fischerspooner and you should watch this shiz right now. Creepy good. Proper.


Say it LOUD! I play the bagpipes and I'm PROUD.

Rufus Harley, rest in peace. INNOVATION! PROPER.

'Don't fool me' Rudie tune of the day 1. 28. 11

I want pure unadulterated truth in my life. I think it's about time I start anew somewhere with more electricity inna air. No dis Columbus, we have had a nice long tumultous run but rude boy gotta GO. Columbus (Crew) till I die but the world awaits. Here friendos, have a choice JA soul track to slide ya into the weekend. Have a good on! Proper.


'Come Fly With Lee' Rudie tune of the day 1. 26. 11

Byron Lee and the Dragonaires supply the fresh air rudie tune for today. Im inna good ass mood! Tings are looking up. Im ready to hit the road and meet some good heads. And, I got some MASSIVE news today. Stay tuned cos shits abou to get REAL. Proper.


'COME ON HOME' Rudie tune of the day 2. 1. 11

Snowed in! And I'm cool with that. Here, have a classic Jamaican soul tune from my boyo Jackie Edwards and hug a loved one or something. Proper.

'Stand By Me' Rudie tune of the day 1. 25. 11

Hortense Ellis and Jackie Edwards whipped up this choice Jamaican soul tune that I absolutely love. Proper.

Dr. Windo (shadow) run tings, tings nuh (shadow) run him!

Dr. Windo strikes again. I really dig this. Click here to check out his site and more artwork. This ink on paper sketch is very Shadowrun-ish.

Rocketeer REFIX!!!

The homie Chew Fu took the Far East Movement and Ryan Tedder's huge tune "Rocketeer', twisted knobs and spit out a BANGER.
I am such a fan of Chew's work I can't be objective but that's why That Rude Boy This Just In is a site for me sharing shiz, not giving things a cold, clinical stare down. Get down! PROPER.

Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out

The Spencer Davis Group supply my anthem for the here and now. Honestly people, I don't care for the little drama surrounding me right now. It stems from nothing I can change and that is plain to see. Me, I'm good! I and I survive. I will not feed off of the drama nor deter my course because certain ignorant people want to stir the pot and stoke the flames. It is very amusing to watch people jump ship though because of mob rule. You really find out who your friends are when the chips are down and your back is against the wall. Story of my life. This tune gets the super big fully auto twin gun finger salute. PROPER.

1965 N.M.E Poll Winners Concert. AMAZING.

UGH. A concert I would have died to see. Here it is for the most part. And of course, I'll start off with Eric Burdon and The Animals and then give you it all from The Rolling Stones, Cilla Black and Sounds Incorporated, The Searchers, The Kinks, Herman's Hermits, Freddie and the Dreamers, The Ivy League and Division Two, The Moody Blues and last but definitely not least, The Beatles. There were much bigger N.M.E concerts but this is the one I love. Proper!

Georgie Fame. Soul Brother.

Another reason I really appreciate all the British soul brothers and sisters. They really appreciated boss black sounds and KEPT THE FAITH. I will be relocating one of these days so I can soak up all the goodness that my overseas real boss sound appreciators have to offer. Sigh. Come on America. We have SO many great roots that we fucking ignore because we are a shallow, fast food, consumer nation. Show a little class why don't ya?

Georgie Fame was the MAN. I can't believe how powerful music is man. I am in the worse mood and then I crank up a stellar pioneer artist like Georgie Fame and I forget about all the drama surrounding me. I decide to give you a whole Georgie Fame BLOCK. Some of his solo work, some of his Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames work, ALL EXCELLENT. Check out the last video for a Rufus Thomas cover at and NME show. PROPER.


'Badam Bam' Rudie tune ofthe day 1. 24. 11

I am dedicating this whole day to the gangster, the rudie and the skinhead. Rudies and skinheads would not have existed if not for rude boys obsession with all things from American gangster folklore and films. Fact. And skinheads would not have been around if not for rudies bringing their vibe to the United Kingdom. This cross-pollination is on so many levels it's downright ridiculous as a music addict like me to not enjoy digging deep into the rich history.
Now, mind you, for all you 'fashion skins' that put your garms on and strut down the street, feeling unique, remember THIS. The skinhead way came from rough boys and girls with limited resources. Having a good time with fellow lower class kids from different backgrounds and just dealing with the world day by day by getting together around music and dance crazes. Up on the terraces and down in the gutter. Crime existed and was carried out by some of these very same dead end street kids. It makes me laugh when people put skinheads or the working class up on some prissy pedestal. Skinheads are gangster too. Now, dont call me Scarface! Proper.


California Desert Blues

Lane Hardin was a mega obscure bluesman. This was one of the two songs he recorded. Always reminds me of my stomping grounds. The wonderful Mojave Desert... Proper.

Andy is a corporatist (Mindless Violence)

Two faves inna mash up. Attila the Stockbroker and the Newtown Neurotics. They go together like peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. Proper.

'You go gay baby work that crib!'

George Watsky raps fast and he's pretty funny. I see him being huge. No long ting! Proper.

Marianne Waveflow

'Please tell someone
Everything is gone
Dream less of me, less to guess on you
I felt so much
Every tick and tussle
Heart torn because it's a kissin time.' - Marianne Faithfull. Proper.

'Pine Juice' Rudie tune of the day 1. 23. 11

Clue J and His Blues Blasters provide the rudie tune for this mega lazy sunday afternoon. Proper.

Dead as Dillinger

Woke up with american gangsters on my mind. John Dillinger was the TRUTH. I might dedicate a day to gangster newsreels, clips, photos and music. Proper.


'I'll Get By' Rudie tune of the day 1. 22. 11

I have a lot of great new stuff to toss up. Gonna work on it all this chill (literally) snowed in weekend. Have a likkle Jackie Opel for your listening enjoyment. Proper.


'Clint Eastwood' Rudie tune of the day 1. 20. 11

I was inna full on western vibe today and I didnt stray far from spaghetti western themed reggae. Just like american working class kids, rude boys in Jamaica gravitated towards the tough images pumping out of Hollywood. Gangsters and super spies and dusty lone gun men sauntering into town with vengeance in their eyes. I was raised out in the Mojave desert so westerns really work for me. Proper.



Come to daddy!

Got this from my Drinking Four Canisters bro BIDS and was absolutely blown away by waves of cuteness and breaky goodness. Fuck. As you can see, the clip is titled 'Little girl loves APHEX TWIN' and for obvious reasons. Richard D. James had to see this and grin like I'm grinning right now and you're ABOUT to grin. I need to master editing and get MY daughter on board. PROPER.

'Silky (Twist Walk)' Rudie tune of the day 1. 16. 11

Clue J and His Blues Blasters rule. I want to own every last 45 from them. End of. Proper.

Izzi Dunn

Izzi Dunn's 'Nothing But Love' tune gets paired up with sweet bboy competition footage. And magic happened. Proper.


'Ska-ing West' Rudie tune of the day 1. 14. 11

Haaaaaave it! I'm in a pioneer sorta, blaze your own path mood these days so what better than to drop the needle on the record of what is considered to be the very first Jamaican 'deejay' recording? Sir Lord Comic, you are appreciated. Well, that is, except for Waka Flocka Flame. PROPER.

Sweet Impressions

Hjaltalin is a Reykjavík, Iceland pop band with a sweet sweet sound. I love this video though, chocked rife with innuendo and implications. PROPER.

Big up Future Shorts fi di find!


This short docu, directed by Ian Sciacaluga was made in '98 and it still stands strong. It's CLEAN. Just watch it and check out Leon as he unknowingly describes the apathy towards our youth and our youth's defeatist stance. The vicious cycle! It's shorts like this that really make me want to get my money right and get into a decent film school. Kinda rough situ for a working class kid but ah well. This short made my morning. The 4th wall breaking, 1st person narrative? YES.

"You can make things outta nothing", well put Leon, well put. I hope you got off the streets and became a chef. Too bad I can't find your last name, I'd google ya. Proper.


Ich liebe das Fuehrer's face so hard

Best wishes go out to Seb Dayus and a speedy recovery!

Last week, boss skinhead girl Seb Dayus was seriously injured in a scooter accident. Her husband a fellow skin, Swift Swifty is staying strong at her bedside and eager to get her out of that damn hospital (I hate hospitals) and there are LOADS of good people pulling for her. So, I just wanted to extend my best wishes to you Seb and also to you Swift. You are good people and I hope you can put this in your rearviews and keep, keeping on.
Now please, everyone who is everyone, take the time to click on this link and add the Seb's Recovery page on F.B.
And also, here is a sweet Northern Soul mix that Swift put together and it's available for FREE download below. (Did I mention he is a DJ? No? Well now you know.) Keep the faith! PROPER.

Northern Soul Tune In & Turn Up Volume One by Dj Swifty Worcester

Extermination Of My Filthy Species

My tune to kick off the ever looming zombie apocalypse. Proper face melt.

Vision of apocalyptic extermination
Pathetic squealing human beings
Forcing the caustic destruction of everything perceived
Burning Cleansing Ending Human Existence
Standing in the midst of what existed, blowing away the ashes of humanity.
Chorus of billions of voices cry out in agony
Last one standing in the blackened dawn of a new era
Masterminding the omnipotent extermination of my own filthy species
Purifying and purging the rotten loveless ore
Resurrected in indefinitive form
Vision of apocalyptic extermination
Burning Cleansing Ending Human Existence
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, standing in the mist watching it all burn

Stay Golden, Pony Boy

This video is already immensely viral but I had to toss this up because I have met this man. Columbus' very own Golden Voice, Ted Williams. I have been told repeatedly to do voice acting because I can hit tht weird commercialo/movie guy octave and apparently so can this guy. He would stand at the top of exits around downtown Columbus and use that golden voice as a spanging weapon. Congratulations on reuniting with your loved ones and (I believe) finding a job. If this doesn't inspireyou my readers, then you might not yet have hit rock bottom in life. This proves that everyone has their own spark that makes them unique and that there is always room for change and a second chance. Proper.

BTW, this video went SO viral (Over 13 million hits in 48 hours!) the good ol' corporate machine has been trying to remove it from sites and copyright the clip. So, on that note, if you have been living under a rock, watch this while you can!!!

'Have Faith' Rudie tune of the day 1. 13. 11

Nuh long ting! Keep the faith in the boss sound. And have a great day! PROPER.

Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap: THE VIDEO!!!

I love The Death Set. And slap slap slap pound up down snappin'! Proper.

The Death Set - Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap from The Death Set on Vimeo.


Indonesian Skinheads Rule Ok?

Talk about pure impact, Spirit of '69 PRESSURE at it's finest! Bandung, Indonesia based skinhead Raka Adinata sent me this Don Lego video today and it tore my face off with moonstomper vibes. I need my visa and a one way ticket to the MOON. Proper.

Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap: the introduction

When Anxiety Attacks, reach for NINJASONIK

Damn damn damn. Artful Dodger presents the new Ninjasonik mixtape and the release party is today. I shoulda been in N.Y for this rager. Click on the link below to get the 'When Anxiety Attacks' mix for FREE. Sonik fucking Ninjas. Proper.


A classic Galt Macdermot tune. Far too tough to alter or sample in any way. Leave it alone! This is Italian hills, vintage Vespa, Tonic suit music. Proper

'Ive Been Walking' 1st rudie tune of the year 1. 12. 11

For the first rudie tune of Ocean's '11, I dedicate this to all the wanderers. Salute my P.T.'s! Hey gal, wanna go for a long walk?

You tucked in? (Yes) Herrrrrrre we go....

Took and almost 2 week break from posting anything here on Thatrudeboythisjustin.blogspot.com and to be honest, I almost didn't come back.

I was out of town, down visiting new friends in the Cincinnati, Ohio/Covington, Kentucky area when I had and epiphany. One of those, change direction, re-strategize and start over epiphanies. I want to really live it up this year. No resolution based half-planned schemes, just real real living. Get to a remove all brakes reality. I fully intend to begin my perpetual travelling existence this year and let it unravel throughout the rest of my life. I want to find someone special (If, I haven't found her already) who wants to live to the fullest capacity of her life nice and parallel with mines. To the MAX.

Which means, in accordance with the real feelings coursing through my veins and pumping steadily outta my heart, I absolutely MUST keep sharing things I find and the tunes and bands and clips I love because it's about to get REAL around here. Expect the unexpected from THIS guy this year. Now let's get down to it! Have a great year friends! PROPER.