Baltimore based Smash Gordon is on something with the Smash Your Fucking Face Volume 2 mix. Intensified! Pure dubstep, electro murderation. Smash something to dis. Proper!

Learn more about Smash Gordon here. Add the man already. Nuh long ting.


I shot a man in Brooklyn...Just to watch him die.

Nuh long ting. Brooklyn is calling me. Hello Brooklyn! Beasties come back to us with the gnar shit you use to drop. Proper.


Keep The Faith pt. 1

And now...For serious soul music appreciation...The award goes to my friend and DJ, Pete Schofield (*applause)!!! He introduced me to Soul Gang Radio, a live streaming internet radio station that KICKS OUT THE NO.1 SOUND. You may believe yours truly, Rude Boy Justin is all reggae reggae reggae but soul is the other leg my spirit stands on. I tuned in this week to the show and was blown away by the proper tune selection, plus, the video feed and the chat room were a blast to watch and be a part of. For serious soul heads yet equally, for the novice, this station will make you smile with good stomping SOUL. Proper.

Click on this link HERE to enjoy SOUL GANG RADIO! And click HERE to join PeteSco's "Soul Music With A Smile" Group!!!

Nina Sky's new new? You Ain't Got it? (Funk that!)

Thanks to my absorption of all tings fresh over at fashion label MadeMe's site today I found out Nina Sky were back? Remember dem? Getting it in on the Coolie Dance riddim with 'Move ya Body'? They were featured on Major Lazer's albulm recently too but this is their first official new tune and I likey. And they are beefing with their label so decided to put this album out independently. Nice! D.I.Y not E.M.I you lovely twin sisters you. Proper.

The eight song Other Side E.P is available (for 5 bones!) here on their site.

Wot you mean the club is closed??

London based singer-songwriter Katy B is back with a fun tune ft. Ms. Dynamite. It is clean AS. Proper.

Rinse FM

You Better Work!

The Hood Internet are in full effect. And the "You Better Work" is a rad mix w/ a hilarious video from Jake Myers. This video had me and my bruv in tears last night. The tunes are jamming and the clip puts the icing on the cake. You better work. Proper.

You Better Work from Jake Myers on Vimeo.

Tracklist for YOU BETTER WORK:

1. School Of Language x Kanye West - Poor Workout
2. Mclusky - Without MSG I Am Nothing
3. Truman Peyote - Sidewalk Sludging (Airbud)
4. Bumps x The Minutemen x Kanye West - God Bows To Nashira
5. Lil Mama feat. T-Pain x MSTRKRFT - Shawty Get Looks
6. Janet Jackson - The Pleasure Principle (Monte Noir)
7. LCD Soundsystem - Bye Bye Bayou
8. Caribou - Odessa
9. Clipse x Yuksek - Kinda Like A Big Break
10. Salt N Pepa x Empire Of The Sun - Swordfish Hotkiss Shoop
11. Talking Heads - Girlfriend Is Better (Bit Funk Edit)
12. Benga x Petey Pablo - Fire Someone 20
13. Dan Deacon - Woof Woof
14. CSS - Believe Achieve
15. The Octagon - One Five Five
16. Lindstrøm & Christabelle x Kanye West - Baby Can't Workout
17. Nicolay - Saturday Night
18. Survivor x Glass Candy - Glass Eye Of The Candy Tiger
19. Dominique Younq Unique - Music Time
20. Paula Abdul x Coeur De Pirate - Cold Hearted Pirate
21. Black Ghosts - Let's Get Physical



Japanther rocks. Need I say more? Narp.


Self-proclaimed "bedroom based freebie Punk, Noise and Weirdo label from Loughborough/Glasgow", Methodist Leisure have a new tuned in friend right here. Putting out pretty gnar punk, hardcore, noise and thrash mixes that DARE you not to start shredding. They fucking throw the gauntlet down after bitch smacking you. Where has my fooking yout' gone? Oh yeah, I burned it up! Live fast and die young listening to jamalams from raw bands like the Angry Samoans(love dem),C.O.C, Spazz(!), Charles Bronson and yes, the Beastie Boys.

BONUS, I found about Methodist Leisure when I found the RADTASTIC hardcore/punk webzine Crasier Frane. PROPER x's 2.

BALLS OUT by Methodist Leisure Inc

1. Melvins - Lexicon Devil (Germs)
2. Untouchables - Nic Fit
3. Best Fwends - Tarnished Words (Necros)
4. Corrosion of Conformity - Intervention
5. Total Abuse - Sex Pig
6. Spazz - Hoarder
7. Beastie Boys - Girls/Tough Guy
8. Deep Wound - Video Prick
9. Charles Bronson - I Can't Be Friends With You Because You Like Epitaph
10. Fat Day - Fawn
11. Angry Samoans - Gas Chamber
12. The Death Set - Day in the Wife
13. Necros - Satisfy
14. Nomeansno - It's Catching Up
15. Ultimate Thrush - SLC

This Just In! Crank that SUPER POWER.

Ninjasonik come with a brand new tune in anticipation of their 'When Anxiety Attacks' mix c.d that drops real real soon. Super Power is HARD. And this promo clip created by Triggerhappy is RAW. Super power to the people. Download for free! Proper.

Super Power – Free MP3 Download

*And mek sure, if you haven't already (lame) discovered Ninjasonik, click on this link for all tings Ninjasonik

All I Want Is You - MIGUEL x J Cole

I had to big up this tune from new recording artist Miguel w/ some nice rhymes from J Cole. Listen to that break! Mmmm, funky. It has my neck snapping right now. And the actual video is sharp too. Unfortunately, I couldn't grab it. When it becomes available i'll post it here. Good looking out little bro Marlie for the discovery. Proper.

New York's Flyest

NYC and it's fashion sense have always been superduperFLY. Tigga Calore is fly with the moves and mushroom 'do (and mek sure to check out her music by clicking on her name! SMASHING). The fashion powerhouse MadeMe is fly with the garms. MadeMe designer/c.e.o is dumb FLY plus directed this video. The Nina Sky x Melo X tune is stupid fly with the Latifah hook and these MadeMe x Vans are superduperdumbcrazystupidfly. Fly.

Vans X MadeMe from Off The Wall on Vimeo.

Directed by Erin Magee, Founder of MadeMe
Featuring Tigga Calore
Music by Nina Sky

Go here and check out MadeMe!


Special Affections

Here it is! Diamond Rings debut album Special Affections came out yesterday and I had to snatch it up real quick like. I have been waiting for this Toronto based singer-songwriter's full length for a bitty now and it was well worth it. Best songwriter of 2010 is my stance and I'm sticking to it after buying the long player. This is music for singalongs and heartache and driving and getting ready to go out and the dancefloor all rolled into one tasty morsel(with a bittersweet pill of reflection concealed inside) for easy digestion. All killer, no filler. I will be cramming this down my friends throats for awhile now. I can't even pick a fave and that's crrrazy! Right now, it's a tie between 'Play By Heart', 'Wait And See', 'On Our Own', "You And Me', Give It Up', 'Pre-Owned Heart', 'Something Else', 'You Oughta Know', 'It's Not My Party' and "All Yr Songs'. Wait, that's the whole album. Buy it right on itunes.

Click on these links to check out the official Diamond Rings site, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and
Youtube. PROPER!

Diamond Rings - Special Affections
by SecretCityRecords


'Don't Carry On Like A Rude Boy When Daddy's Got A Yacht'. 'ere dis!

Huge huge new tune and a hilarious clip from London based dubstep producer High Rankin. A big F U to the whole "shitstep" crowd and those choking up the scene. Watch this clip carefully and you'll still find new laughs everytime. Loves it. How can you not love amateur puppetry? And cracking on over-privileged hipsters? This is dirty music for grimy streets. Ya dun know. Here's the Beatport link to cop it. PROPER.
Thanks to Tropical Bass fi di find.

5 For the Buzzards

Karma has Superlungs ! New finds, gotta love 'em. Whole new CREW find this time around. The New York based Superlungs crew are here to wreck shop with the Five for Buzzards E.P from Suffolk County, Long Island emcee Karma. Five to chew on until the December 12th drop of his his full length release "Throatwalker". Karma is also behind all the tracks and I was pleasantly surprised by the Ben Folds 5 loop on track 4 "Write The Wrong". What?? Tune. And a phrase I have been known to use myself. Next level NYC indie hip hop for 2010. Can't wait to hear the full length. I'm on board Superlungs crew. Let's get it in when I get up there. Check out the tunes below and download it by clicking on the link.

Download Mixtape

And click on these links to peep Karma's Facebook, Superlungs Facebook, Soundcloud and Blogspot. PROPER.

* Big ups Dat Piff for the link and player.

Rude Boy Salute! Ink Project

Jez Lloyd and Mel Dymond of London based duo Ink Project slid me some brand new leftfield dub heavy madness yesterday and I have been eager to post it. Sharp as, Ink Project, sharp as!

Straight head nod music with and endless variety of breaks, sneaky drops and dubby b lines. This isn't your frat boy friend's dubstep. This is for heads anticipating evolution in the sound. This post features 'Call On Me' and a likkle mix w/ a rmx of the track by Wikum that is FREE for download.

They have an E.P. being released for 'Call On Me' w/ remixes from Asa, Kulture and others. Plus, their first full length album is due for release in Jan 2011. Ink Project tek it to dem.

Be sure to click on these links to peep Ink Project's Facebook, Soundcloud and Myspace sites. PROPER.

Ink Project - Call On Me by Ink Project

Electronicdubstepishishness by mel dymond

*Electronicdubstepishishness tracklisting:
Night - Benga, Coki
Call on Me - Ink Project (Wikum remix)
Digital Forest - Fabrice Lig
Orpheus - Pariah
Phonebox - Sully
Detritus - Point B
CMYK - James Blake

Willy Joy PROPER

Dancefloor staple and Chicago resident, Willy Joy, (double) drops a new mix for D.C.'s U Street Music Hall and the upcoming UHALLWEEN event. And with a nice premise, double drops in every tune! Just banged my morning out to this mix and it's nothing short of neck snapping material. Download below! PROPER.

Click this link to check out Willy Joy's FB for news, mixes and events.

Willy Joy - Double D Double C Mix
by TGRIOnline


Nacey - Work For This
Boys Noize - Yeah
High Caliber - Pistol Whip (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix)
Professor Green - Monster (T.E.E.D. Remix)
Dskotek - Shuffle
Magnetic Man - I Need Air (Red Light Remix)
Familjen - Det Var Jag (Savage Skulls & Marcus Price Remix)
Nader - Bad Words
LA Riots - The Drop (Duke Dumont Move Like A Bullet Train Remix)
Jose 2 Hype - Closet Freak (Charlie Glitch Remix)
Leg-No & Emma - Outdated (French Fries Remix)
Willy Joy - A Woman Like Me (Cold Version)
The Count & Sinden feat. Bashy - Addicted To You (Lone Remix)

Rest In Power Cool Ruler Gregory Isaacs

Sad news to wake up to indeed. Today, Reggae legend Gregory Isaacs passed away from a year long battle with lung cancer. Known for silky smooth and ice cold vocals he earned the knickname Cool Ruler with ease. Cool Ruler lives on in our hearts and on our turntables. Respect.


Heavy Weight Division Round 1 by Dave GEE

From Brooklyn, New York based Dubstep collective Darkroom , comes the Heavy Weight Division Round 1 mix. Pure MADNESS. Put together by Dave Gee with a proper vocal assault by U.K. legend Diggadee MC this mix will rattle your bones and vibrate your timpanic membranes. DISCLAIMER: The Darkroom is not responsible for permanent bassface due to the ingestion of this potent mix. Proper.

Heavy Weight Division Round 1 by Dave GEE

2 from Oi of Sex '84!

You know That Rude Boy This Just In won't ever steer you wrong... I means it. Truth is, I keep this blog alive for my sanity. To spread massive tunes, both new and old with you. To enlighten you on the lifestyle I have chosen to live and to big up all rude boy and gal dem who have a wide enough mind to let my discoveries infiltrate their mental states. I'm and adamant agnostic who believes the closest ting we have to reaching the heavens lies within the human creative force. And my particular brand of spiritual release lies within MUSIC and the frenzied dancing it invokes. Well, film too but that's anuva post innit?
Now, let's get the rude boy train back on track m8s. Here are two HUGE Oi tunes from the 1984 comp the Oi of Sex released on Syndicate records. Like I said in an earlier post, my old friend in my early 90's California days gave me this cassette while I was on the hunt for everyting from the 2 tone scene. I was a young freshcut with a new found passion for 2 Tone, ska, skinhead reggae and rocksteady. My hands were full (Plus, my love for hip hop and dance music were still holding strong) and I had NO room for more music. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME?? This comp broke through my biased eyes so I have to share these tunes with you. Prole's "" and The Burial's "". EnjOi! I don't know if the Oi of sex comp is still available anywhere but you CAN find it on a torrent site or oi blog. Just saying...Proper.

*Also here's the whole tracklisting for the Oi of Sex.

PROLE - We`ll Never Say Die
THE GONADS - S.E.7 Dole Day
THE BURIAL - Old Man`s Poison
VICIOUS RUMOURS - Vicious Rumours
JIMMY MACK - Zombie Mind Eaters
THE BURIAL - Friday Night
PROLE - Destination Room 101
ORGASM GUERILLAS - Frankie Goes To Pot
LITTLE DAVE - Being Short
ABH - Don`t Mess With The SAS
DOGSBODY - Murder | GARRY JOHNSON - If Looks Could Kill

Headphones will be provided by request for a varied program of in flight music.

The Specials. All time fav. Ever. Classic tune. Enjoy. Nuffin' long. Proper.

James Blake again?? Aww yeah son! Again and again.

Can't get enough of singer-songwriter, ambient dubstep producer James Blake's MASSIVE tunes. Here's 4 brill tunes from before he picked up the mic and literally ate my face for breakfast. Proper.

Racist? Kill Yaself!

The Gravediggaz instruct you on how to do it you ignorant bunch. Proper.

Bash the Fash

The boss skinheads over at Big 40 Productions alongside the Albion Pals and United Colours of Skinhead drop a lovely Oi ditty on your brains. So strap on your boots, put on your braces and let's get to stomping m8s! Hold the line against racism and facism!

No. 1 Station

No 1. Station is a ska band out of London. I heard this tune, "Friday Night" and felt like posting it. Check their site out for other tunes but this one is pretty boss. Proper.


Dance You Bastards! *Skinhead PSA

This is a public service announcement brought to you by boss skinhead Paul "Roots 66" Lazarus of Big 40 Productions and the Albion Pals w/ Knock Down Ginger. There has been a serious influx of racist and fascist boneheads attempting to muscle in on good stand up skinheads on Facebook. Making bogus profiles to get through on the friend request end and then gaining information on the active anti-racist and anti-fascist. Paul has learned from a trusted source that members of neo Nazi organization C18 are behind recent threats being made to said anti-Nazi minded all by finding their details out through the social networking sites. So mek sure to weed your garden of shady types. They hold no place in true skinhead culture and have forever left a scar on the hard and smart way. There is no place for racism in this BEAUTIFUL culture as it has a long history of embracing and revelling in different races, colors and creeds. This isn't about politics this is about ignorance. Nazi punks fuck off. Now shut up and dance.

The Glasgow Spy Kids x Skinhead Heaven

Check out Skinhead Heaven for mad skinhead related vibes. I was blown away by the professionalism of this site and stayed glued on it for quite a bitty. Honestly, my blog is just me grazing the top level, the cream of tings I enjoy. Meanwhile, this site dives deep and gets down to the very dregs.
There is a sweet article on the legendary "Spirit of 69" motto creators, the Glasgow Spy Kids. With a even bosser vintage zine on all tings Spy Kid related written by ol' head Ewan Kelly. Interesting read and a big big up goes to the people behind Skinhead Heaven. PROPER.

Snatch up the Spy Kid Zine (Issue 2) PDF here


Splurt Zillionz, everyday rude boy renaissance man is a breath of fresh sour diesel zeen? Check out allll his pages for x amount of wicked tunes, interviews and hilarious clips. Everyone who is everyone in the dancehall arena have blessed him with mad content and Splurt TV is fun to watch. He doesn't stop wi di dance tho, the man has his greedy Zillionaire fingers in everyting Reggae, DnB, Hip Hop, Electro and more. Ya dun kno. Zillionz 2 da WORLD. PROPER.


Right on Time for Halloween with the APOLLO 67 sound

Apollo 67 come with a wicked podcast for all your rude Halloween endeavors. Austin, Tx's very own Apollo 67 Sound System(hello m8's!) have compiled a spooky list of ol' time reggae that I have helped make available for download HERE!!!

The BOSS flyer design is brought to you by the same crew under the name Right On Time Design. Click on the name to go check out more flyer designs. They are brill and very cost effective. Hurry! Do it now!

The Burial

The Burial were a grrrreat band from Yorkshire, England who I became familiar with in my teens. While checking out 2 tone bands I stumbled across them when a friend let me borrow the 1984 Oi Of Sex compilation.
I have to admit I have always been on the reggae and soul end of the skinhead spectrum but these guys broke boundaries for me with their unique blend of it ALL. This is the band that officially opened my ears to Oi. Hook, line and stinker. Nuff respect bruvas! Proper.

Wot U Call It Redux

Feeeeeeling these two wonky monsters from Glasgow, Scotland! Hudson Mohawke and Rustie, both signed to the legendary Warp Records have coined a new genre, AQUACRUNK. A name they both deny. Coincidentally named after an event and pumped up by the media just like Sheffield, England's NICHE/Bassline scene (Exactly where Warp is based!). It's synthy, bleepy, wonky hip hop influenced madness and I haven't come across a tune yet from these two that doesn't KILL. Click on their names above to discover more about them and peep the clips below for a dose right now. Hudson Mohawke's video for "Joy Fantastic" and a fan-made clip for Rustie's "Hyperthrust". PROPER.

James Blake low end theories

Two AMAZING chooonz from singer-songwriter James Blake have got my nose wide open. Pure chill music that really has no comparison. Zone out and take 'em in. "Limit to Your Love" and "Klavierwerke". Massssssive choonz! They will vibrate your brainstem. PROPER.

Footstep to di world

Found this lovely tune at FACT MAG. You should know by now I totally dig UK Garage, from the 2 step to the 4 x 4 stuff. This is a deep house joint though but it still carries that UKG signature stamp, the sped up silky female vocals. PROPER.

Julio Bashmore


Munkispanner 45rpm?!

Are you seeing this ladies?? I mean really?? Shut it! This is a boss.

The wonderful designers over in the U.K. at Munkispanner bring you this 45rpm dress design(!) and many more garms for the modern skinhead, mod, rudie, rockabilly and scooter enthusiast. Basically, BOSS subculture and vintage clothing. Go check 'em out. PROPER.

A Passi x Seb Caudron Masterpiece

Propaganda stylee? Metropolis scenes? Anarchists and protest?? Why don't American hip hop artists put out vids like this(Kanye excluded)?? And this is from '99?? Yikes. Fuck "swag", gimme innovation.

PASSI "RIOT" directed by Seb Caudron from sebastien caudron on Vimeo.

Black FOOKING Flag

Loving the shite outta this new Black Flag joint. L.A. what gwan? Let's shred. Nuff said.

This Just In! New York Times

A proper good looking out goes to Todd Kane over at The Kane Agency for hipping me to that New New York bidness. The Gotham dangerous duo HB Wellington and Lex Verlock artistically known as The Wellington Papers are my new faves. Perfect blend of cheeky style conscious hip hop with indie rock sensibilities and yes, handclaps. Woah woah. A live edit is needed for these guys! This mixtape just keeps getting better. Tune after tune. Very much in the punky reggae vein that the Rude Boy Just loves.

Tek time and download this mixtape not now but right now right

Crookers x Lone White Wolf?! You teases.

CROOKERS! Italo House monsters that they are come with a wicked new video. Can't wait till this clip, directed by French visual artist Sebastien Cauldron, comes out. He is DOPE (having worked on loads of fresh to def French films and videos)and this looks like it's going to be anuva banga.

CROOKERS feat Tim Burgess Music video Teaser



Tone Tank
and Scott Thorough of Brooklyn Based Modern Shark
come dun with a brand spanking new video full of robots,lazers, neon and BARS. Keep it moving modern Shark! No, seriously, you'll die pon stopping.

Check out ALL the goodies over at ScumLife. BROOKNAM INNA BUILDING.

Tone Tank & Scott Thorough - "Chip On Your Shoulder" from MODERN SHARK! on Vimeo.

FRIGHT NIGHT (horrorcore challenge!)

Drinking game! Drink every time you recognize a horror movie scene in this gnarly clip the homie Bru Lei (Ohio's own) sent me, feat. him and Sacramento, California's Racecar. Sick production by Sacto's Scott Free. OR, just watch the clip and enjoy. Rugged hip hop murderation. Just in time and perfect for your Halloween afterparty plans.


Nuff said. Zef!

Ari Up 2.1.1962 – 10.20.2010

Ari Up passed today from health complications. Found out about this on her stepfather Johnny Rotten's (yes, THAT Johnny Rotten) site. Not much to say except her band, the Slits were boss. And I thoroughly enjoyed their punky-reggae party. Rest In Power Ari Up!

White Dead Man Can Dance! (Moving Like Berney)

Upon watching this clip I died. My brother died. You will DIE if you watch this clip. Then be reanimated to move like Berney(sp?). Proper.

I also snatched up the O.G. Bernie so you could see this Milwaukee, Minneapolis' dance craze's ground zero.


Punk rock has no boundaries. Skinhead culture has no limits. I am geeked to catch this flick about an arabic student and his first encounters with a thriving Buffalo, New York arabic punk rock movement (Taqwacore!). Nuff said. Peep the trailer. And get more info at the official Taqwacore movie site here.

Blood Bros! Adventure...Action...Suspense...

DJA and DSJ get it in with a mixtape fulla 80's action flick anthems. Everything you wanna know about this radtastic mixtape is available at the download link I have posted. Just shut up and get it so you can do mad montages and become instantly successful at your every endeavor. Wanna pencak silat? Play this! Wanna place first in the New York Marathon? We got your back. The opportunities are endless.

Download here!

Barbra Streisand goes ham w/ DUCK SAUCE

Newly formed DJ extraordinaire duo DUCK SAUCE comprised of legendary house DJ Armand Van Helden and Fool's Gold DJ A Trak bring the fire with their first joint "Barbra Streisand". This is pure NYC electro buisness. A massive big ups to the things that make New York...New York. Try spotting all the recognizable faces (P Thugg on vocoder??). Feel the energy. Move to NYC (ahem)!

Why would they name their project Duck Sauce? A Trak puts it plain and simply: "It’s a very New York thing, Chinese takeaways here always come in the same sort of box with a packet of duck sauce."-(From the duo's fun Mix Mag Q and A.) PROPER.

Duck Sauce "Barbra Streisand"


Chew Hefner!

My bruva in Brooklyn, top selecta Chew Fu slaps you across the face with heavy bass and no remorse on his latest mixtape
the Chew Hefner Affair. Check his site out for tracklisting and to peep his other bangers here.

Or just cop this fire right here. Enjoy.

Re-Issued something serious

I'm b-b-back like the AM90 Infrareds! Guess you could say I have been re-issued myself as well. Rude boy outta jail(and keeping it that way) and looking towards the future with a firm stance in the present and a mindful eyeball peeled for the past. That Rude Boy This Just In come fi murder di dance and share huge tunes and random freshness with yas. Hope you dig stuff I dig cos anything else would be uncivilized. Open your mind and try thangs out with me, you only have one shot at this life biz. PROPER.

CREEP x Bahgdaddy = Hot Shit!

Fanx to Lovatron I found the gnarsty artist Bahgdaddy. Please, take the time to check out his tunes on Soundcloud! The Brooklyn Based duo Creep (Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard) put proper whip game down on this remix. WHIP GAME PROPER.


Pure oxygen is good for ya

This studio clip from the lovely Emeli Sande with production by a treacherous trio who go by the name Magnetic Man is well, LOVELY. A string arrangement in the building?? SHUT IT, 'nuff said, nuffin' long, I'm on my U.K. grizzly. PROPER.

Three sound boy killers walk into the dance... And tek it into orbit!

Kano goes into deep space on a MASSIVE Chase & Status tune. That percolating keyboard is pure MURDER and I have missed both Kano's bars and some good ol' nasty Chase & Satus production. Ya dun know.

*Thanks to the mates at Once Upon A Grime, I present it to you! PROPER.

Aggressive Fist Pumping!

Douster &
Savage Skulls remix Rusko's track with a Jersey Shore vision. Fist pumping ensues (who's NOT guilty of the fist pump? It's just that the jersey Shore guidos and guidettes have like, trademarked it or something.). It is a banger fer sure. PROPER.

That Jasmine Solano new new

Feeling the break and the b line on this new tune from Jasmine Solano
AND the crazy cameos in this clip (What it do Roxy??)
Yeah, she has nice bars too.