The (URBAN) Menacing Mac and Cheese!

Eddie Petro of Skinhead Gourmet infamy has gut punched me again! A tasty 3 cheese macaroni dish that I totally want to whip up today. I was going to wait until I had cooked it up but this Skinhead Gourmet episode (XXVII!) has too much goodness going on for all that. Pennsylvania's Dead City Dealers and David Thomas aka The Urban Menace fresh outta Cardiff, Wales provide the tuneage and make this a super, sweet, three the hard way Skinhead treat. Uniiiiited! Proper, Eds. *Is that a Battle Royale piece on your arm Eds? Double PROPER.

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AND David Thomas aka The Urban Menace Oi! Oi! Oi!


Gubnegawsklov said...

Battle Royale? No, that's my band's logo, a 3R in a laurel wreath.... Three Rounds.....very very close though, and I do love Battle Royale, even battle Royale 2

Mike H8-Piece said...

Everytime Eddie airs a show you are guaranteed a great dish and kick ass tunes. Viva Skinhead Gourmet!!

This Just In.... said...

Indeed. Viva Skinhead Gourmet. Okay Eds, it looked like a BR. My bad. Still, BOSS location location location.