Singles Night!

Once again, Out 2 Lunch are here to kill the sound. Winging out 6 rad singles hoisting up the O2L flag. I must share them so here they are. Rugged, innovative beats, rhymes, life, breaks and blips for the modern concrete jungle resident. Rack some paint, strap on your city stompers of choice(Doc Martens on mines bro) and toss this in ya headset. When it's time to ramble this is top notch ramblin' music. Proper.

1.Sneed the Jade Badger - Silver Sabel (Like a genie in a bottle)

2. Brok Landahs - Workinonit

3. David Arcade / Nas ft. Charles Bukowski - Arcade Shootouts

4. Turtle Handz - Boom Ruin The City

5. Omega Jackson - Bowhairs

6. Mr.Chi-202 - Dirt Weed Fist

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