'I want To RAVE' Rudie tune of the day. 12. 02. 10

It's gonna be a good year, 2011. This being the last month of a rough year I'm ready fi change. Bringing the Anti Racist Action back to Columbus in style, BOSS. Getting back into church and everything,big tings, honestly. I am in the process of recording some acapellas for my Brooklyn House phenom friend Chew Fu so he can whip me up some tracks and I am getting interested in doing a soulie/rocksteady/punky reggae project meself. And with a couple friends, we are bringing mad bands and monthly shows to the city; kicking all that off before the Columbus Crew's next season starts. I'm blessed to have great family, both blood and street; in my corner. Now back up and let me rave it up. Here's a top notch tune from Dandy Livingstone (Under the Brother Dan and The All Stars name). PROPER.

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