I am Methodist Leisure's IMMATURITY

An oldie but goodie! Well, it's only a year old but it's well worth the free download. Another blinding mix that Methodist Leisure put together, this time for the online magazine Platform. Chocked full of punk rock, noise and other random bits to get the blood pumping it's another one for a quick fix. Japanther? Fat Day? Best Fwends? Even, De La Soul? Say no more! PROPER.

Immaturity (for Platform) by Methodist Leisure Inc

(intro sample off of sixteen candles)
Shearing Pinx – Mux
Koji Kondo – Armand Bonvincin
The Sneezes – Surf the Serpents (“Serve the Servants” Nirvana Cover)
Best Fwends _ Orange Marker
Fat Day – Poop Lagoon
Atom and his Package – Anarchy Means I Litter
Bikini Kill – In Accordance to Natural Law
Rocket for Ethiopia – I Wanna Puke On Your Car
Japanther – Summer Hills
Gravy Train – Titties Bounce
Blood Baby – Stab My Face
Screeching Weasel – Cool Kids
FYP – Undumb
Coat Party – Mental Condition
Gerty Farish – Minute Vacations
Cardiacs – RES
Siege – Drop Dead
De La Soul – A Little Bit of Soap
Gay Against You – Gay Unicorn
Fat Day – Sex on Drugs
Agaskodo Teliverek – Blood Club (Hidden “Psycho Goulash” Version)
Gerty Farish – Robert Parish

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