This Just In... Out 2 Lunch strike AGAIN!

New York City based, gritty post-apocalypse crew, Out 2 Lunch; have released a new EP available for download. It's a Sam Haine and David Arcade split and it's great stuff. More digital mindfucking on Arcade's side and a bit of ill poetics from my main man Sam Haine. Available for FREE download and ready to launch right through yer skull. Proper.

1. David Arcade - Outworld 00:50 info
2. David Arcade - Absente 01:41 info
3. David Arcade - This Town 01:36 info
4. Sam Haine - Into The Abyss 04:18 info
5. Sam Haine - Prophecies

Split EP between David Arcade and Sam Haine of Mechadramatic Digital

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