Tell Lie Vision $$$$$ Fuzzy Logic

Find! Thanks to Roses Gabor, I have discovered another band to love. Fuzzy Logic, fresh outta London bring bare skanky garage indie rawk UK hip hop murderation tunes for the massive. They actually label their genre as 'Skank/Big Bang'. Couldn't put it better. Digging their whole steelo. Here are two nice tunes from them, 'Television' is a sample of their upcoming E.P.,'GoodTimesDotCometh'. And the video for 'Welcome To My World'. Proper.

Television by FuzzyLogic, Baby!

Check em out at these links! Fuzzy Logic on FB and their own site, Fuzzy Logic Baby.

Fuzzy Logic lineup:
Ddot7 - Darwood Grace (Vocals)
OxJam - Jack Hearne (Guitar)
Dman - Daniel Servante (Drums)
T.K.S - Daniel Adeyemi (Synth)
T Man - Tom Bailey (Bass)

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