Skinhead Gourmet makes me hungry! (Episode XXIV)

More pure boss foodie behavior from top Las Vegas, Nevada skinhead and chef Eddie Petro and his delectable show, the Skinhead Gourmet. I'm such a big fan of this man for coming along and wrecking the town and sating appetites with his proper dishes. Who does this?? THIS GUY. And he needs a show. Someone, please give Eddie a SHOW. I will jump on the Food Network if one of my brothers is cooking up the good stuff. It's greek salad madness this time around and honestly, it should be a mando skinhead course. We drink copious amounts of beer. No good fi di belly m8. Tune in to all new Skinhead Gourmet episodes HERE. Believe you me, That Rude Boy This Just In, will always big up the BUISNESS that lies within SKINHEAD GOURMET. PROPER.

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