Chew Does Vegas

My homie, Brooklyn based, classically trained, 'REFIX'creator Chew Fu Phat tore it up in Las Vegas at the Moon at Palms nightclub last week. Wish I was there bro bro. I've been known to murder di dance floor and believe you me, I woulda caught a case that night. Ez, ez, brothers and sisters; just a case of premeditated dancefloor murderation.
Chew went IN on this refix of Kanye West's "Runaway" with a heavy assist from J Cast and A Clay. Check it out and pics from that Vegas night in the clip below and download the track for FREE HERE

***BONUS*** Plus, check out this amazing interview over at Vegas Grooves on Chew by clicking on the link. Chewsers is officially the REFIX KING.


Brooklyn Zoo m.b.c. said...

dope!i`ll get you those tracks bro, ive been swamped the last few weeks, we`ll make it happen...chew

This Just In.... said...

No worries bro. I knew you were getting it in! Hollerate!

J-Cast4Prez said...

Killer Sundipity or should I say Sundoobiest!

This Just In.... said...

hahaha! What up J? I gotta fix up this post and get ya link in there. STAT.