Hit the wack!

Columbus, Ohio's very own Big Bro GT fills you in on the Southend's contribution to inner city dances: The wacky wood! I have been in the Bustown for the past 15 years and I'm proud of all my homies who I came up with and this is a good shout out to the area. Filmed all over the Southend it takes me all the way back to running with those 22nd boys and the old heads on Koebel Ave. Livingston, 22nd, Parsons, Oakwood, Miller, Ellsworth, Fairwood, Linkoln Park what's good? Hold tight brothers and sisters, the struggle continues. Keep your eyes peeled for them coppers, it's a neverending war out there and CPD is the biggest gang in the city. Right now, crank this up! All southend, all Columbus stand up and hit the wack with Big Bro GT. Rude Boy Salute! Proper.

And get familiar with Big Bro GT here!

Big Bro GT

*Free all my brothers in the belly of the beast.

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