The Grace Of Spades x 100dbs NYC to NOLA

The lovely NYC punky reggae selectress, the Grace of Spades is on tour with boss selector 100dbs. I had to big it up so everyone who is in the area can get a taste of proper NY reggae repping. Dates below (You lucky ducks in the southeast corridor, garrrr). Kickoff tomorrow @ Niagara PROPER.
11/7: NYC (Niagara)
11/8: Long Island (Mr. Beery's)
11/10: West Chester (WCUR)
11/11: DC (Patty Boom Boom)
11/12: Baltimore (Dionysus)
11/14: Raleigh (White Collar Crime)
11/17: Chattanooga (Discoteca)
11/19: New Orleans (Maison Frenchman

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