Brooklyn, New York based band The Facts are here to wreck shop. Pure reggae punk madness for the true skankers. The Facts were formed by straight up frontline New York Ska and punk rock heads. SHUT IT.

With Jah Point on vocals, Jayson Nugent of The Slackers on bass, 'Little' Dan Klein with guitar (and more vox) and Christian Erazo onna skins. Witty lyrics for the proper singalongs. And a BOSS 4 Loko tune for all the Loko man and gal dem. I am ready to go loko at their shows! Fact!
Click here for all tings factual. Add dem! The Facts

And big up the lovely selectress Grace Of Spades(rad name right??) for helping me discover The Facts. My new fav punky reggae party. Proper.

Get your jamilam on below! Nuh long ting!


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