The Dead City Dealers deal in lead l.a.m.f

Been meaning to big up this band for a bit now. New Castle, Pennsylvania's Dead City Dealers get ya stomping. Pure beer swilling, kick ass, blue collar, rock n roll for the working class. I will be keeping you on the up with this band. Here's an audio clip for the hipster stomping tune 'Plastic' and below is a direct link to the latest DCD action. Large up, Sam Sinister (for the FIND),Chris Vermin, Mario Speedwagon, Andy Fabich and Ryan Bovver! Tune in and rock out. PROPER.

Dead City Dealers F.B.

DCD NEWS: Songfacts: "Sex and Violence" (Exploited cover): "This was one of the few cover songs that actually made it to DCD's early sets, from older bands some of us were in previously (first The Яev..."

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