Blaggers ITA with the 'Guns of Brixton' x 'Guns of Navarone' = Double Version!

The Blaggers ITA are absolutely brilliant. I'd love to tell you loads about them and their massive soundclash but I'd rather just share 'em and let you be the judge.
Go to their site here, plus, check out their history in antifacsist and antiracist organizations and just enjoy the TUNES. Here's a brilliant version of the Clash's classic 'Guns of Brixton' which, itself is a salute to the classic movie 'The Harder They Come'. Ah screw it, I'll big up 'Guns of Brixton' AND another hard as nails classic, 'Guns of Navarone'. The amazing Skatalites tune. The Specials loved to cover it live so I threw my all time favorite band in to. PROPER.

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