Harry Hunt at punk/noisecore label Methodist Leisure has put out a spanking brand new gnar mix for Crasier Frane. BALLS OUT VOLUME 2!!!! He put a Yah Mos tune on here and I haven't heard them in AGES. Socal skate favorite! Made my night. He kicks it up and up and over with killers from Exusamwa, Reagan Youth,Combatwoundedveteran, Halo of Flies, FLIPPER and more! Harry Hunt's own band, Squirrels has a stomper of a track too. Tracklisting is at the bottom. It will physically stomp around your room, then gnar gnaw yer face off. Clocking in at 33 minutes it's for pure impact. PROPER.

Mek sure to check out more fire from Methodist Leisure and Crasier Frane. Do it.

BALLS OUT, VOL. 2 by Methodist Leisure Inc

1. Nuclear Assault - Radiation Sickness
2. Yah Mos - Off Yr Parents
3. Doom - Relief, Pt. 2
4. Melt Banana - Faint Heart (Birthday Party)
5. Fat Day - Knute Rockne
6. Die Kreuzen - Hate Me
7. Combatwoundedveteran - Dead Parents, Yeah!
8. Halo of Flies - No Time
9. Exusamwa - Cassettes / Myndeclops
10. Reagan Youth - Jesus was a Communist
11. Divorce - Early Christianity
12. Squirrels - No Head
13. Lard - I Wanna Be a Drug Sniffing Dog
14. Streets of Rage - EDQ
15. Flipper - Sex Bomb

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