45AD Oi Oi Oi!

Brooklyn is definitely on my mind these days. And so is the Brooklyn based band of brothers the 45 Adapters! Pickabar, Boltsy, Knighthawk, Pat and James make good old honest street punk, pub rock and oi for the modern age. Tough as nails with perfect tunes for tying on a few with the crew. I am on board I tell ya. No mess, no fuss, PURE IMPACT. They have two records out so far, the 'Not One More Day' EP and more recently, the 'Don't Trust Anyone Who Doesn't Dance' EP. Words to live by brothers! Keep it coming! PROPER.

Check out the 45 Adapters on Facebook, Myspace and their own site here!

*Both EP's are available on Longshot Music and Contra Punk Records. Snatch 'em up! And here are viddies of them performing 'Metropolitan' off of the 'Not One More day' EP and the title tune from the 'Don't Trust Anyone Who Doesn't Dance' EP.

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