'A Message To You' Rudie Tune of the day 11. 30. 10 PART DEUX!!

This are Dubmood and they have made my foooooking WEEK. Proper.

'Pressure Drop' Rudie tune of the day 11. 30. 10

Had to mix it up a likkle bit and slide one of my other musical loves, CHIPTUNE in the rudie tune of the day slot. Brilliant version of a brilliant song. Totally made my morning to discover Dubmood. PROPER!


Skinhead raaaaaaaaaaaaaaver!

Yep, that's me. I love my traditional sounds like reggae and soul but I also love me some modern dancefloor murderation. The Jungle/drum n bass scene is directly linked back to both reggae and soul with so many obvious reasons worn poudly on their junglist sleeves. Shy Fx just dropped the video for his 'Raver' tune that I have been talking up for a bit now and here it is. And the Soca chooon at the end of the clip is HOT. Enjoy! Proper.

'I Am Free' Rudie tune of the day 11. 29. 10

I have that going for me right? Riiiiight. Feeling a likkle on the sore and irritable side today after a wild, wild weekend. And so, I turn to good ol' rocksteady to carry me away. Ahhhh, it's doing it's job. The Gaylads step up to di plate today. Proper.


Das Zero Crops!

"Better drop dead, you slut" Crrrracking up right now. I must watch this. PROPER.

'My Confession' Rudie tune of the day 11. 28. 10

I must confess... Rudie inna love. It's one of those blindingly hopelessly romantic tings so EH. It is what it is and the rude abides. Stranger Cole provides di tune fi di day. I am a sucker for a good love song and this is one of the best. It's been a good weekend and a splendid Sunday so I send this one down the Rudie line without further ado. Proper.


'Sitting in the park' Rudie tune of the day 11. 26. 10

Relaxing today. So many tings mi haffi post but mi gwan tek it ez today. Nuh long ting bredren. Enjoy a Alton Ellis version of a classic choon. Proper.


'Everything I Own' Rudie tune of the day 11. 25. 10

Dedicated to my family, both blood and inna streets. You make me better. Ken Boothe assists me with my rude boy salute. Proper.


Saturday Night SPECIALS

I have been inna LIVE mood all day so large up live music. The Specials on SNL? When the show had and actual funny lineup? Performing 'Gangsters' and 'Too Much Too Young'?? Neville Staple with a tommy gun?! Do I somehow recall this even though I was 3 years old? Was my big brother skanking inna living room? PROPER!

'Thin Line Between Love and Hate' Rudie tune of the day 11. 24.10

Oh yeah, have it. B.B Seaton of the Gaylads recorded this version in '73 and it's soooo good. And proper relevant today. Brothers and sisters, take care of your partners. Same goes for the skinhead way. We must HOLD THE LINE against hate and oppression. Spread love through music and good times. Stay hard and smart! Proper.


"What'll ye have? Will ye have a pint?"

Can't say I don't love this. And YOU can't either. The Pogues' Shane MacGowan. Drunk. PROPER.

'Rudie Bam Bam' Rudie tune of the day 11. 23. 10

The Clarendonians provide the rudie tune of the day. This is dedicated to my main man inna Ireland, Rudi Byrne with his badself. Keep, keeping on rude boyo! Proper.

The Dead City Dealers deal in lead l.a.m.f

Been meaning to big up this band for a bit now. New Castle, Pennsylvania's Dead City Dealers get ya stomping. Pure beer swilling, kick ass, blue collar, rock n roll for the working class. I will be keeping you on the up with this band. Here's an audio clip for the hipster stomping tune 'Plastic' and below is a direct link to the latest DCD action. Large up, Sam Sinister (for the FIND),Chris Vermin, Mario Speedwagon, Andy Fabich and Ryan Bovver! Tune in and rock out. PROPER.

Dead City Dealers F.B.

DCD NEWS: Songfacts: "Sex and Violence" (Exploited cover): "This was one of the few cover songs that actually made it to DCD's early sets, from older bands some of us were in previously (first The Яev..."


'Too Much Pressure' Rudie tune of the day 11. 22 .10

Okay brothers and sisters. The Selecter and this tune need NO introduction. Big up my United Pressure Crew. Bringing the boot and the skinhead way back to a town in need of some S.H.A.R.P presence. We are excited to announce that on December 4th, the Kent, Ohio ARA are coming down to Columbustown to help us re-ignite Columbus ARA (where have you lot gone??). Have a good week friendos! PROPER.

Criminal minded, you've been BLINDED

By a BLINDING tune! Classic Ruts bankrobber of a tune.'I do it for the kicks! It's a habit that STICKS.' Nuh long ting!


'Rudy got soul' Rudie tune of the day 11. 21. 10

Another stellar Desmond dekker and the Aces tune. Have a good Sunday brothers and sisters. Nuffin long.

Soul Gang Sunday

Hats off to Pete Schofield for another stomping good time tuning into Soul Gang Radio. It's tunes like THIS blinding scorcher from Gene McDaniels that make my day. Plus, Robbie Benson played me this Jimmy Ruffin tune that I have dedicated (secretly) to a special lady friend of mines. CLASS act fellas! Keep The Faith. PROPER!
Click on this link HERE to enjoy SOUL GANG RADIO! And click HERE to join PeteSco's "Soul Music With A Smile" Group!!!


'Flashing My Whip' Rudie tune of the day 11. 20. 10

Here's the pic for the day. A likkle U Roy to seckle ya dun. I'm dreaming of a lovely woman I know. Good times. Nuh long ting!


'Kingston Town' Rudie tune of the day 11. 19. 10

Nuh long ting. UB40. TUNE. PROPER

'Only a fool breaks his own heart' Rudie tune of the day 11. 18. 10

Missed posting this yesterday somehow.. A classic Dandy Livingstone tune. Catch my drift yet? I stick to the lords of skinhead reggae, rocksteady and ska. Well, with a Joe Strummer tune here and there. Proper.

Unified Manufacturing's got that attitude.

Positive Mental Attitude! Mi cyan explain how BOSS the crew at Burbank, California based Unified Manufacturing is... I'm seriously at a loss for words. Check it out for yourselves though if you are a musician or filmmaker looking for proper indie cd, dvd or VINYL manufacturing. RAD industry tips galore! So motivational! Below, I have include to links to click on and read. PROPER.

Indie Musicians: 20 things to do while you’re waiting for your fans to show up

20 Reasons Why Bands Don’t Make It (by an A&R man)

"Unified Manufacturing offers the whole package, literally: design, printing and manufacturing in our own fancy manufacturing plant."

Unified MFG FBook

Aggro Panda!

Panda Cheese!

Thanx to MsFittz for the chucks today.


More Redskins?? You knows it!

'Keep On Keepin' On' is another MASSIVE tune from The Redskins. Believe, I can keep the tunes coming from them for a LONG time. Proper.

'Trouble in the Town' Rudie tune of the day 11. 16. 10

Watch yaselves bredren. Dandy Livingstone tells it how it is. Mind dem. Proper.

'Sounds and PRESSURE' 'Rudie tune of the day. 11. 15. 10

Big up CBUS UNITED PRESSURE CREW. Was too busy vibing with my 'heads yesterday to post my rudie tune. Well here ya go. A rocksteady monster from Hopeton Lewis. Proper.

Time to THRASH

Here's a CLASSIC Ludachrist tune. The O.G. hardcore/hip hop crossover. Crossover thrash RULED. Proper.


This Just In! This are DUBLIN SKA. The Gangsters!!!!

DISCOVERY! Ran into boss skinhead Patrick 'Coco' Colton on the good ol' FB and became aware of and ol' time bad, 2 Tone inspired ska band called The Gangsters! Live, direct and still recording! To this day they remain the only Irish ska band to have released a full length album. FIND! I'll fill ya in on more Gangsters PRESSURE in the next coupla days, right now just zone out and crank up these TUNES. Big up the Gangsters. Proper.
*'Rude Boy' up first on di selction. NATCH.


Soul clap it out with me. A classic tune from Santa Esmerelda you may remember from a certain Tarantino flick(The Animals version was in American Me) but this is the BRILL extended version. Some Meters, Shirley Ellis, Nina Simone and Archie Bell and The Drells. Nuh long ting. Keep the faith.


Chew Does Vegas

My homie, Brooklyn based, classically trained, 'REFIX'creator Chew Fu Phat tore it up in Las Vegas at the Moon at Palms nightclub last week. Wish I was there bro bro. I've been known to murder di dance floor and believe you me, I woulda caught a case that night. Ez, ez, brothers and sisters; just a case of premeditated dancefloor murderation.
Chew went IN on this refix of Kanye West's "Runaway" with a heavy assist from J Cast and A Clay. Check it out and pics from that Vegas night in the clip below and download the track for FREE HERE

***BONUS*** Plus, check out this amazing interview over at Vegas Grooves on Chew by clicking on the link. Chewsers is officially the REFIX KING.

Redskins again and again

'It Can be done' by one of my favs, The Redskins is funky soulie skinhead madness. Ready for hand clapping extravaganzas. And with bare lyrics to get you motivated. Making a brother go red. Proper.

This Just In! One of the best scenes in movie history!

Human traffic is my shit. Just saying. 'Cardiff massive! Cardiff massive! Nuh long ting. Proper.

Stick To Your Own Kind

Blood of Abraham were one of my fav L.A. groups of all time. This is back when I got my first docs. My first skinhead cut. Back when I wrote FLUX with the WDC and NBB crews. First punanny. All that multicultural blending made me who I am. And antiracist, antifascist rad ass rude boy. Proper.

Levi Stubb's Tears

Totally boss band The Redskins do justice to a cover of this Billy Bragg tune. Double times NICE. Triple! Amazing lyrics dedicated to the late great Levi Stubb's; lead singer of the 4 Tops. Super smooth with that proper Redskins horn section. I just can't get enough. Made me get all misty eyed for good music. Proper.

Pay To Cum

H.R is the BEST. Nuff said.

'Perfidia Dub' Rudie Tune of the day 11. 14. 10

King Tubby and Lee 'Scratch' Perry's classic collabo suits my rudie tune of the day needs. I have been down on EZ street today. Reggae all the time soothing my nerves. A lot of tings are wrong inna mi area right nhow but we are sorting it out. And today, I'm just content to stay in, zone out to tunes, work out and watch a movie or two. Nuh long ting. Proper.


Yah Mos

This is a classic tune from the Ya Mo's. A mid 90's Sacto, California based punk band who had an INCREDIBLE live set. Some members went on to form the dance punk outfit !!!. I had this EP and wore the shit out of it. Proper.


Harry Hunt at punk/noisecore label Methodist Leisure has put out a spanking brand new gnar mix for Crasier Frane. BALLS OUT VOLUME 2!!!! He put a Yah Mos tune on here and I haven't heard them in AGES. Socal skate favorite! Made my night. He kicks it up and up and over with killers from Exusamwa, Reagan Youth,Combatwoundedveteran, Halo of Flies, FLIPPER and more! Harry Hunt's own band, Squirrels has a stomper of a track too. Tracklisting is at the bottom. It will physically stomp around your room, then gnar gnaw yer face off. Clocking in at 33 minutes it's for pure impact. PROPER.

Mek sure to check out more fire from Methodist Leisure and Crasier Frane. Do it.

BALLS OUT, VOL. 2 by Methodist Leisure Inc

1. Nuclear Assault - Radiation Sickness
2. Yah Mos - Off Yr Parents
3. Doom - Relief, Pt. 2
4. Melt Banana - Faint Heart (Birthday Party)
5. Fat Day - Knute Rockne
6. Die Kreuzen - Hate Me
7. Combatwoundedveteran - Dead Parents, Yeah!
8. Halo of Flies - No Time
9. Exusamwa - Cassettes / Myndeclops
10. Reagan Youth - Jesus was a Communist
11. Divorce - Early Christianity
12. Squirrels - No Head
13. Lard - I Wanna Be a Drug Sniffing Dog
14. Streets of Rage - EDQ
15. Flipper - Sex Bomb

Rudie tune of the day 11. 13. 10

I'll get back to putting reggae in your jeggae tomorrow but this is the rudie tune for the day. I love my m8s old and new. Shit got outta hand last night but we strengthened our numbers! Time to rise up brothers and sisters. And if the law gets involved, be WISE when it comes to getting away. Sheesh.

Rudie tune of YESTERDAY. 11. 12. 10

Missed posting yesterday for obvious reasons. We were actin' up. Now, as soon as my body recovers I'll get back to the grind. Here's a perfect Clash tune for ya brothers and sisters. 'Police On My Back'! Proper.


Skinhead Gourmet makes me hungry! (Episode XXIV)

More pure boss foodie behavior from top Las Vegas, Nevada skinhead and chef Eddie Petro and his delectable show, the Skinhead Gourmet. I'm such a big fan of this man for coming along and wrecking the town and sating appetites with his proper dishes. Who does this?? THIS GUY. And he needs a show. Someone, please give Eddie a SHOW. I will jump on the Food Network if one of my brothers is cooking up the good stuff. It's greek salad madness this time around and honestly, it should be a mando skinhead course. We drink copious amounts of beer. No good fi di belly m8. Tune in to all new Skinhead Gourmet episodes HERE. Believe you me, That Rude Boy This Just In, will always big up the BUISNESS that lies within SKINHEAD GOURMET. PROPER.

'Take It Easy' Rudie tune of this INCREDULOUS day. 11. 11 10

This day has been so BOSS I just barely made this post on time. Well, nuh long ting. Here's a class tune from reggae legend, Prince Buster. TAKE IT EASY. PROPER.


'Down Town Jump' Rudie tune of the day. 11. 10. 10

I thought a rudie would have to go downtown today to deal with the court system once again. No worries, brothers and sisters. No new ting, just paperwork to handle. *Sigh. But The Rudies were appropriate for my downtown jump. And then I called downtown and was told I have no need to come down, the computers have crashed. Could it be that the reggae bass waves booming from my place across these here internets shorted them out? Wishful thinking. Enjoy the tune.

The Rudies


'Big City' Rudie tune of the day. 11. 9. 10

Dandy Livingstone gets the spin for today. One of my all time tunes. Proper.


Daewon Song and Chris Haslam of Rodney Mullen's Almost team go bonkers in the 'Cheese and Crackers' video. My brother, Jordan Marlie hipped me to this crazy prop usage, new trick madness and I just had to share it with yas. Mini ramp INSANITY. Proper.


This Just In! 'CREATURE'

Kim Ann Foxman of Hercules and Love Affair fame spreads her wings and get's fly with her "Creature" tune. Nice one sister! Pure NYC house madness full of voguing and ridiculous style. Tigga Calore gets down in the clip too. I love these New York women. No boundaries and x amount of style.

'Creature' w/ remixes from Faze Action and John Curd, is available now for purchase at Beatport's site right here.

Now shut up and dance to this.

KIM ANN FOXMAN "CREATURE" [mr.intl records] from KIM ANN FOXMAN on Vimeo.

Kim Ann FoxmanHercules and Love Affairhere

This Just In... Out 2 Lunch strike AGAIN!

New York City based, gritty post-apocalypse crew, Out 2 Lunch; have released a new EP available for download. It's a Sam Haine and David Arcade split and it's great stuff. More digital mindfucking on Arcade's side and a bit of ill poetics from my main man Sam Haine. Available for FREE download and ready to launch right through yer skull. Proper.

1. David Arcade - Outworld 00:50 info
2. David Arcade - Absente 01:41 info
3. David Arcade - This Town 01:36 info
4. Sam Haine - Into The Abyss 04:18 info
5. Sam Haine - Prophecies

Split EP between David Arcade and Sam Haine of Mechadramatic Digital

Afterparty Massacre!

My main man, Kristoff Bates is about to wrap this brilliant gem of a horror flick, Afterparty Massacre in Pittsburgh on Dec. 5th. Me and the crew are totally there for a proper ragefest and possible debauch as extras. PROPER.

Go here to check out the official Afterparty Massacre site

PLUS, check out Kristoff's sweet site for all things horrific: Horrormerch

AND, the other ones he contributes to!

Chaos Chicks

Rob Rotten's punxproductions (yes, that Rob Rotten. Alt porn king.)


Skinhead tek a shot!

From the Unified Pride crew that brought you the BOSS award winning skinhead documentary, 'SKINHEAD CROSS CULTURE' comes an exciting new skinhead project for next year. Check out the trailer! The great thing, in true skinhead fashion, this time around the project is 100% global with room for you and your local skinheads to get involved! Quality photography work is being sought out to capture the skinhead way across the world. Got what it takes? Got a proper crew needing exposure? Here's your chance. For more information, check out the Unified Pride FB site here. Proper.

Check out the official Unified Pride site here!


David Arcade from the progressive New York based Out To Lunch crew has dropped a ton of digital bricks on my head. The 2d/8 bit junkie in me searches openly for blippy madness and my cravings are good for awhile with the 'Adventure Tapes' L.P. Fav tune is 'CHIRPS', it sounds like an adventure. Right, right, up, down, A, B, select, START. Proper.

Available for FREE download here

Check out the rest of the Out To Lunch movement here. ADD DEM!

'Adventure Tapes' L.P. Tracklisting:
1. Trouble
3. Chirps
4. Science Dog
5. Bubblegum Crisis
6. Shegypt
7. Top Cat
8. Shere Khan
9. Family Car

The Specials M.I.A

M.I.A had my all time favorite band, The Specials share the stage with her for a cover of Spectral Display's 'It Takes A Muscle' on the 'Later...With Jules Holland' show on BBC2. You lucky lucky Brits. Proper!

*And here's the original tune from Spectral Display.

*Thank to Firstup for this FIND.

'Change Gone Come' Rudie tune of the day SUNDAY DOUBLE UP 11. 7. 10 *For my brother Jordan Marlie

Ken Parker is my main MAN right now for this beaaaaautiful version of Sam Cooke's classic tune. Sheeesh. This second Rudie tune is for me likkle bruv. He turns 23 today. 4Lokos and PBRs for you all night bro bro. Brooklyn bound together, Game Broz 4EVER.

'Big Bad Boy' Rudie tune of the Day. 11. 7. 10

Nuh long ting. Proper toughness from the legendary Alton Ellis. Trying to tell the rudies to SECKLE. PROPER.


This Just In! Chew x Ri Ri! Rude Boy (Chew Fu Vitamin S Fix)

No long ting, big up to my homie Chew Fu Phat for doing big tings this year. Too many tings to name. I just wanna share one of his unfuckwittable refixes with ya. This one is his bass wave spin on Rihanna's 'rude Boy' tune. Perfect for me site, right?? Love yew RiRi. Love you too Chew. Available for download here or on Chew's site. PROPER.

Check out the badman himself here


Unified Pride and Sunny Bastards got together last year and made an award winning doc on proper skinhead culture in Europe. I fookin' loves it. Grab it! PLUS, the crew at Unified Pride are prepping a skinhead photo book for release in 2011. I'm really charged about it because your boy, That Rude Boy This Just In fully intends to get my crew nice and smartened up to be involved in submitting pics. PROPER.

Go to the Unified Pride site here to get the doc. heers and beers brothers. UNITED!

British Style Genius BBC

My brother in arms and smart garms, Joe Hawkins put me onto this BBC made british fashion doc, British Style Genius, last week and it's taken me a week to get around to posting it. UNFORTUNATELY, it's missing the final segment. Booooooo. It's just not on any video sharing site and I haven't found it on any torrent sites or else I would post the whole damn ting here. These clips are still worth the watch. The evolutiuon of hard and smart UK youth fashion. Proper.

Blaggers ITA with the 'Guns of Brixton' x 'Guns of Navarone' = Double Version!

The Blaggers ITA are absolutely brilliant. I'd love to tell you loads about them and their massive soundclash but I'd rather just share 'em and let you be the judge.
Go to their site here, plus, check out their history in antifacsist and antiracist organizations and just enjoy the TUNES. Here's a brilliant version of the Clash's classic 'Guns of Brixton' which, itself is a salute to the classic movie 'The Harder They Come'. Ah screw it, I'll big up 'Guns of Brixton' AND another hard as nails classic, 'Guns of Navarone'. The amazing Skatalites tune. The Specials loved to cover it live so I threw my all time favorite band in to. PROPER.

'Boom-Shacka-Lacka' Rudie tune 2'fer today! 11. 6. 10

...and here's one from the man with the sweetest sound, Hopeton Lewis. Caught up PROPER.

'54-46 Was My Number' Rudie tune 2'fer today! 11. 6. 10

I have been so busy with fam that I haven't been posting any rudie tunes. Well, I'm back in effect. Having caught up to today, I am tossing two onto the platter for your listening enjoyment. Here's a gem from Toots and the Maytals. Proper.

'007 (Shanty Town)' Rudie tune of the day 11. 5. 10

Tough rude boy tune. Desmond Dekker R.I.Power!

'Single Barrel' Rudie Tune of the day 11. 4. 10


'Just A Friend' Rudie Tune of the day. 11. 3 . 10


The Grace Of Spades x 100dbs NYC to NOLA

The lovely NYC punky reggae selectress, the Grace of Spades is on tour with boss selector 100dbs. I had to big it up so everyone who is in the area can get a taste of proper NY reggae repping. Dates below (You lucky ducks in the southeast corridor, garrrr). Kickoff tomorrow @ Niagara PROPER.
11/7: NYC (Niagara)
11/8: Long Island (Mr. Beery's)
11/10: West Chester (WCUR)
11/11: DC (Patty Boom Boom)
11/12: Baltimore (Dionysus)
11/14: Raleigh (White Collar Crime)
11/17: Chattanooga (Discoteca)
11/19: New Orleans (Maison Frenchman


This Just In! Four Loko VERSION!

Jah Point of the gnar reggae punk band The Facts vocalized his love for Four Loko during a Crazy Baldhead Sound System sesh at Brooklyn Music Studio last Semptember and I believe the feelings are still relevant. Four Loko is massive. What a pull up at 1:38 there Jah. Hahahaha! Made my fooking day. PROPER.
Be sure to check out The Facts and the Crazy Baldhead Sound System. Do it nooooowwwww.

I'm the one and only dominator!


And this is for all my ARA/Antifa/SHARP bredren! A likkle tune I use to rewind back in the day from Alec Empire and his project Atari Teenage Riot! Great version of a classic Sham 69 tune. Enjoy! Proper!


Hit the wack!

Columbus, Ohio's very own Big Bro GT fills you in on the Southend's contribution to inner city dances: The wacky wood! I have been in the Bustown for the past 15 years and I'm proud of all my homies who I came up with and this is a good shout out to the area. Filmed all over the Southend it takes me all the way back to running with those 22nd boys and the old heads on Koebel Ave. Livingston, 22nd, Parsons, Oakwood, Miller, Ellsworth, Fairwood, Linkoln Park what's good? Hold tight brothers and sisters, the struggle continues. Keep your eyes peeled for them coppers, it's a neverending war out there and CPD is the biggest gang in the city. Right now, crank this up! All southend, all Columbus stand up and hit the wack with Big Bro GT. Rude Boy Salute! Proper.

And get familiar with Big Bro GT here!

Big Bro GT

*Free all my brothers in the belly of the beast.

45AD Oi Oi Oi!

Brooklyn is definitely on my mind these days. And so is the Brooklyn based band of brothers the 45 Adapters! Pickabar, Boltsy, Knighthawk, Pat and James make good old honest street punk, pub rock and oi for the modern age. Tough as nails with perfect tunes for tying on a few with the crew. I am on board I tell ya. No mess, no fuss, PURE IMPACT. They have two records out so far, the 'Not One More Day' EP and more recently, the 'Don't Trust Anyone Who Doesn't Dance' EP. Words to live by brothers! Keep it coming! PROPER.

Check out the 45 Adapters on Facebook, Myspace and their own site here!

*Both EP's are available on Longshot Music and Contra Punk Records. Snatch 'em up! And here are viddies of them performing 'Metropolitan' off of the 'Not One More day' EP and the title tune from the 'Don't Trust Anyone Who Doesn't Dance' EP.

'Let Your Yeah Be Yeah' Rudie TUNE of the day 11. 2. 10

Great version of Jimmy Cliff's classic tune 'Let Your Yeah Be Yeah' by The Pioneers. Old time bad Trojan sound. Plus, this was when the Pioneers recruited George Agard aka George Dekker,the Trojan god Desmond Dekker's(R.I.P) half brother. Proper.


'Scandal In Brixton Market' Rudie TUNE of the day 11. 1. 10

New rudie jamilam share. Every day I intend to pick a huge tune from the ska, rocksteady and skinhead reggae days. Nuh long ting. Here's one for the dance from the boss himself Laurel Aitken. PROPER.

*Big up my m8 Graham Hill for this tune find!

This Just In...The Reggae Will Not BeTelevised!

Jayson Nugent of NY Ska band The Slackers, better known here as Agent Jay comes with a wicked 7" release under the Crazy Baldhead Sound System name. Nothing but bare respect for all he does to preserve the real foundation skinhead reggae. No competition fi di mighty mighty Crazy Baldhead Sound System. PROPER!

Add Crazy Baldhead Sound System here.

All tunes are avilable for digital download here at Whatevski.


Brooklyn, New York based band The Facts are here to wreck shop. Pure reggae punk madness for the true skankers. The Facts were formed by straight up frontline New York Ska and punk rock heads. SHUT IT.

With Jah Point on vocals, Jayson Nugent of The Slackers on bass, 'Little' Dan Klein with guitar (and more vox) and Christian Erazo onna skins. Witty lyrics for the proper singalongs. And a BOSS 4 Loko tune for all the Loko man and gal dem. I am ready to go loko at their shows! Fact!
Click here for all tings factual. Add dem! The Facts

And big up the lovely selectress Grace Of Spades(rad name right??) for helping me discover The Facts. My new fav punky reggae party. Proper.

Get your jamilam on below! Nuh long ting!


This Just In...The Unloched Chamber!

More nice tunes from the Brooklyn based Superlungs camp. Man, I'm on my BK shit today huh? This is Lochland Chambers debut mixtape 'Bar Codes Vol. 1: Unloched Chamber' available for FREE over at DatPiff.com. Click on the link below to dive into the Unloched Chamber! 'Ghost Town' is my jamilam with the 2 Tone flavorings. Production by Grizz Kuklinski, Karma, Slim Rockwell, Nutt & Butta and D.J. Chris Brown. PROPER.

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Provided by Dat Piff

Add Lochland Chambers FB here!
And peep the Superlungs Productions camp Facebook, Soundcloud and Blogspot.

Tell Lie Vision $$$$$ Fuzzy Logic

Find! Thanks to Roses Gabor, I have discovered another band to love. Fuzzy Logic, fresh outta London bring bare skanky garage indie rawk UK hip hop murderation tunes for the massive. They actually label their genre as 'Skank/Big Bang'. Couldn't put it better. Digging their whole steelo. Here are two nice tunes from them, 'Television' is a sample of their upcoming E.P.,'GoodTimesDotCometh'. And the video for 'Welcome To My World'. Proper.

Television by FuzzyLogic, Baby!

Check em out at these links! Fuzzy Logic on FB and their own site, Fuzzy Logic Baby.

Fuzzy Logic lineup:
Ddot7 - Darwood Grace (Vocals)
OxJam - Jack Hearne (Guitar)
Dman - Daniel Servante (Drums)
T.K.S - Daniel Adeyemi (Synth)
T Man - Tom Bailey (Bass)

When I was a yout' I use to blow my horn like a RAAAVER!

Blown away by this tune! One of my all time favorite Jungle/DnB top shottas Shy FX drops a tremendous choon on the dancefloor.
Donae O and the ever so fit Roses Gabor vocal this madness and Grime legend Kano whips it into a fooking frenzy with all the junglist big ups. 'Raver' is so anthemic I decided to bump up my SKINHEAD RAVER piece. No glow sticks for me m8, just pure skanking fi di rude boy. Ya dun kno. Proper.

Click on these links to check out Shy Fx, his banging label Digital Soundboy, Donae O, Roses Gabor and Kano

Tempa T is DIESEL

Chase and Status collab with Slew Dem Crew's Tempa T and create a FIRE TUNE! The rave footage is mad too. Diesel ass high top fade rockin' ass TEMPA T. Can't par dem. PROPER.

Click on these links to check out Tempa T and Chase & Status

Green Light means GO you mugs

Joe Wize of Brooklyn's Bass Fueled Mischief crew hooked it up with BARE dubby murderation for his Green Light mix.

Especially love the Grand Puba 'Get It (Caspa’s 80Eighties Remix)' x Guido 'Mad Sax' x Miles Davis 'Portia' blend. SHUT IT. Digging this one fer sure and it's available for free download. Lock on! Proper.

Joe Wize - Green Light by joewize

This Just In! Chew Fu Phat invented the REFIX!

Brooklyn House refix monster and straight up HOMIE Chew Fu Phat has pulled up like Urkel's pants with these two new fixes. Dig in and get your dance on. Be sure to click on this link here to get familiar with Chewser and the whole Brooklyn Zoo MBC fam, both tunes and more are available for download, do it. Proper!