Dance You Bastards! *Skinhead PSA

This is a public service announcement brought to you by boss skinhead Paul "Roots 66" Lazarus of Big 40 Productions and the Albion Pals w/ Knock Down Ginger. There has been a serious influx of racist and fascist boneheads attempting to muscle in on good stand up skinheads on Facebook. Making bogus profiles to get through on the friend request end and then gaining information on the active anti-racist and anti-fascist. Paul has learned from a trusted source that members of neo Nazi organization C18 are behind recent threats being made to said anti-Nazi minded all by finding their details out through the social networking sites. So mek sure to weed your garden of shady types. They hold no place in true skinhead culture and have forever left a scar on the hard and smart way. There is no place for racism in this BEAUTIFUL culture as it has a long history of embracing and revelling in different races, colors and creeds. This isn't about politics this is about ignorance. Nazi punks fuck off. Now shut up and dance.

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