Barbra Streisand goes ham w/ DUCK SAUCE

Newly formed DJ extraordinaire duo DUCK SAUCE comprised of legendary house DJ Armand Van Helden and Fool's Gold DJ A Trak bring the fire with their first joint "Barbra Streisand". This is pure NYC electro buisness. A massive big ups to the things that make New York...New York. Try spotting all the recognizable faces (P Thugg on vocoder??). Feel the energy. Move to NYC (ahem)!

Why would they name their project Duck Sauce? A Trak puts it plain and simply: "It’s a very New York thing, Chinese takeaways here always come in the same sort of box with a packet of duck sauce."-(From the duo's fun Mix Mag Q and A.) PROPER.

Duck Sauce "Barbra Streisand"

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