Self-proclaimed "bedroom based freebie Punk, Noise and Weirdo label from Loughborough/Glasgow", Methodist Leisure have a new tuned in friend right here. Putting out pretty gnar punk, hardcore, noise and thrash mixes that DARE you not to start shredding. They fucking throw the gauntlet down after bitch smacking you. Where has my fooking yout' gone? Oh yeah, I burned it up! Live fast and die young listening to jamalams from raw bands like the Angry Samoans(love dem),C.O.C, Spazz(!), Charles Bronson and yes, the Beastie Boys.

BONUS, I found about Methodist Leisure when I found the RADTASTIC hardcore/punk webzine Crasier Frane. PROPER x's 2.

BALLS OUT by Methodist Leisure Inc

1. Melvins - Lexicon Devil (Germs)
2. Untouchables - Nic Fit
3. Best Fwends - Tarnished Words (Necros)
4. Corrosion of Conformity - Intervention
5. Total Abuse - Sex Pig
6. Spazz - Hoarder
7. Beastie Boys - Girls/Tough Guy
8. Deep Wound - Video Prick
9. Charles Bronson - I Can't Be Friends With You Because You Like Epitaph
10. Fat Day - Fawn
11. Angry Samoans - Gas Chamber
12. The Death Set - Day in the Wife
13. Necros - Satisfy
14. Nomeansno - It's Catching Up
15. Ultimate Thrush - SLC

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