My lovelife is lifelike THIS.

Music is at the very heart and soul of why I live and breathe ya dig? I collect it, I respect it and I never let it down. Meaning, I try and absorb more good vibrations every single day. Our lives are EXTREMELY precious and you gotta spend as much time as possible doing what you love right? Right.

I love the fact that Black American music has influenced SO MUCH culture. At the same time, I am dissapointed in the blatant assimilation of this wonderful, colorful african diaspora. At times, I feel the world just wants us to be dumb monkeys with no say in our existence. We are promoted as savage primitives to this very day! Commercial rap? The genre states itself,"commercially wrapped" and packaged for your savage negro watching enjoyment.

It didn't just start at hip hop though of course. This assimilation goes all the way back to the beginning of american music. Rock n roll? Nuff said.

I honestly believe that the modern black american (and for that matter,any stand up individual) must fight to stand alongside the rest of the world. Pull ourselves up. And there is no such thing as "reverse racism". I hate that term. Racism is racism is racism. Do not use it as a cop out to why you're not getting anywhere in the world. Anything is possible. Empower yourselves like I am. Clean up your act. Strive for it if you want it people. All races, colors and creeds take heed. Stay rude, stay rebel, stay sharp!


Ms Fitz said...

likes this

This Just In.... said...

Right on Fitz! xo

Hooliganyouth said...

Well, I concur. But it's not so fucking simple as black and white is it? It's as simple as those who are fucked and those who fuck them. What does Mr. Pink say in "Reservoir Dogs"? "Someone is jamming a red hot poker up our asses and I want to know who's name is on the handle."

One of my soapboxes is that it's always been "bread and circus". Show whatever shite on TV, play whatever shite on the radio, spoon feed acquiesence. Freedom? Democracy? Oh, I have the freedom to choose Pepsi over Coke? I have the right to vote for my favorite American Idol. By the by wanna be scared? Compare how many people voted in the last election v how many people have voted on American Idol.

Gonna step down from my soapbox, get another lager, and suckle on the TV teat.

This Just In.... said...

True words wisely said bruv. No it's WAY more than black and white on so many levels. It's a class war. Just stating the obvious about pop culture and America's hungry ass. It feeds and discards.

And those who are oppressed, if they aren't awakening to their plight usually just take it on the chin. Thus, a bunch of ignorant motherfuckers walking around thiefing my oxygen.(joking)

I just can't stand the lack of roots pride. Inner city kids need music appreciation classes! Commercial rap and the megacorp promotion of it have softened the brains of the people that rate it as their only or fav music. It's soulless. This rant has nothing to do with good ol' HIP HOP.

And now I must stop with the ranting and get back to digging of the crates.