Steve Reid, you will be missed...

This Just In... I was just informed that Steve Reid passed away today. One of the best funky drummers to ever touch the sticks. I really don't have much to say, just, if you aren't familiar with his work, take the time to look it up. He worked with the greats such as Coltrane, Sun Ra and James Brown while also pushing it forward with new artists, like Kieran Hebden(of Four Tet fame). Rest In Power my man. Your legacy is immortal.



David Rodigan top selector

David Rodigan, I hope to be as energetic as you are 20 years from now! U.K. selector David Rodigan of soundclash fame sits down with the wonderful Swedish minds behind Late Night Munchies and just goes IN on what modern Jamaican music is missing in this epic rant.

I have my own two bits on this; my absolute favorite subject, but there's no room for it right now. Please, take the time to watch pt. 1 and 2 of this interview. Time WELL spent. There are still bright shining moments in reggae music and just music in general but they are few and far between. And no one but the collectors and the selectors seem to see what has happened. Ya dun know.


The General!

This tune is massive. Found this new heavy madness from NYC's Jahdan Blakkamore over at Frank 151. It was produced by Shadetek and Lion Dub and it's a banger. Nuff said.



If you don't feel it, don't do it!

If you know me personally then you know I'm into dancing. I'm a downright dancehall crasher. I also love all things African(natch). And also, neon. But when these three things combine... WATCHOUT!

Absolutely favorite new banger right now. The beats grimy, the vocals are silky yet tough and the clip sends me into a frenzy. I need a dancefloor right NOW. U.K.'s mad talented Roses Gabor and beatsmith Redlight go neon nightclub primitive in this clip and i'm BUGGING over here. I mean, I can't sleep until I post this and direct people to this. PLEASE, watch this woman. It's a London ting! Check out her blog here and join her fan page on F.B. here. PROPER.

Timberlake facemelt. Brought to you by Chew Fu

My bruva Chew Fu has just dropped a new refix and it's deadly. No need to review it, just go and listen to it!

Timberlake x Timberland "Carry Out" Chew Fu "No Msg Fix"
Listen Here!

Windin' girl

This is one of the many reasons I love the people at Yep. Bwaha.

Happy Dance from Yep on Vimeo.

Non Racist Black Skinhead Panthro

Clearly, by far, hands down the most epic toy ever made. The homies at Scumlife put this boss skinhead Panthro together. Sold out unfortunately. Another batch bruvas??



I have new content headed your way that im working on. Take it easy, enjoy yaself!


Piracy in the U.K.

Long story short, I love the pirate stations that basically gave birth to so may different sounds in the U.K. This video from the crew at VBS.TV about the subversive operating of a modern pirate radio station is amazing to watch. And if you want, you can get the live feeds from the pirates that are still banging out the heavy heavy monster sounds here. Enjoy.


T Dot what up??

This isn't about Drizzy Drake either. I'd just like to give a big up to one of my all time favorite cities, Toronto. A big, multicultural, CLEAN city in the heart of Ontario, Canada. I want to visit you soon! And shouts to Kyle "Trojan" Murphy of  Toronto S.H.A.R.P. He's a stand up individual, hard and smart. Just today he offered crash space and I believe I should take him up on that offer sometime this summer, see some different shows, roam the city and meet good people. So, That Rude Boy This Just In must salute Toronto and bring up four artists that received heavy airtime from me. I might dig into this more a little further down the road, but for now, here's these 4 exceptional Toronto acts that had major affect on me. Of course, not anywhere near the same genre. T Dot stand up!

First, we can get Kardinal Offishall out of the way... This track, "Bakardi Slang" solidified the raggamuffin hip hop point. Before he came along there were West Indian infuenced emcees like Jamalski and Mad Lion(K.R.S 1? Poor Righteous Teachers? Nine?? You know it.)but to me, this song was the biggest in the direction of crossover effectiveness.

Here's one from Marcus Visionary, Toronto's leading ragga jungle/Drum N Bass DJ. He kind of brought reggae heavy riddims back when Drum N Bass had been getting very technical sounding to me. And I was estatic to discover that he is on the Digital Soundboy(gotta love that name!)imprint that brought out another DJ I like; Benny Page and just so happens to be run by boss selector Shy FX! If you love reggae then you should'nt have a problem sinking into this ragga mellowness.

And this is the choice band Bedouin Soundclash. Very sweet sound combining soulful vocals, reggae and indie rock. They should be getting as much buzz as Vampire Weekend did considering their afro pop actually has an African in the group but hey, same as it ever was. Bedouin Soundclash has grit and I like them.

And last but not least, mayhem comes in the viscousity and texture of the experimental hardcore band Fucked Up. Very tough. Very punk rock. This is a clip of them covering Black Flag's "Nervous Breakdown" but go check their originals out. Nuff said.

That's it, that's all. Toronto is cool. I'm done.

Diamond Rings Pt.1

Diamond Rings is Toronto based John O's music project. Very addictive electro pop if you go for that
type of music. I suggest you give it a try regardless. He's like Depeche Mode with Annie Lennox's stylist. His voice is strong and the lyrics are succinct. And I dig his androgony. The man owns his look not the other way around. I've got to see him live now, meet him and see how tall he is in person. He looks like Conan O'Brien's Bizarro. Proper.


A Living Colour stylee

Living Colour was brilliant. Vernon Reid is a super slept on guitarist and Corey Glover has some serious pipes. I would mimic both of them in the mirror when I was a kid. So i'm posting a couple of my fav clips/songs from them. Spandex jumpsuits and all. Right on.

I had to put this "Cult of Personality" clip in because I remember this show. '89 man, great times for music. Check out Vernon Reid in the sky blue Axo gear. And Corey Glover singing out in the crowd, disturbing the SHIT outta of those people. And then there's Arsenio banging his head. Radtastic.

Nathen Maxwell and The Original Bunny Gang x Working for the Man

Nathen Maxwell, singer of Flogging Molly has his reggae-fied side project going now and I like this tune from it. Haven't heard anymore yet but this song can get rotated. Proper.

African soil

Big fan of Kehinde Wiley and his paintings already. This trip to Africa though for Puma? Amazing stuff. The afrobeat, soccer and wonderful scenery in this clip make me happy. I found this over at 21 Maroons who also happen to have an amazing way with color, african print and vibes. Right on.

What the HELL is going around here??

Grew up on this. Classic L.A. thrash. I am missing the Coast if you haven't noticed.


There's always room for Clipse

There is nothing to say that Malice and Pusha T can't say for themselves. Nuff said.

When the West is in the house oh my god DANGER.

The little homies from the Go Go Power Rangers are in Snoop's new video. Leaders in the whole jerk scene happening in L.A. right now. What can I say, I love it. Youth having fun and dancing, actually partaking in competitions instead of being out there banging. Oh, and they skate too. Growing up a lot in the L.A. area I see this as nothing but good.

Oh yeah the song. It's good. I wouldn't say it's great, it's a bit uninspired but that Rob Base loop is nice.

And this video, is super duper Los Angeles. Win/win. Proper.

Rusko x Woo Boost

I know this is everywhere now but maybe someone hasnt heard this yet. I said maybe.

The Noisettes x Buzzcocks x Doc Marten's?! Shut it!

I had to snatch this Noisettes clip from my brothers and sisters over at Afro Punk. For one, I love the Noisettes. For TWO, this is a BUZZCOCKS cover!! And for three, (like there's anymore reason to not fully enjoy this tune!)the song was made for Doc Marten's 50th anniversary. PROPER.

Doe a deer, a female deer!

My friend Karin had just posted this on F.B. so I checked it out. I have to say that it made me all misty eyed and stuff. Rude boy don't cry! Well done Belgium, well done.

Love me some Janelle Monae

This tune COOKS. Janelle Monae gives me some faith in modern music. Push it baby, break it down, turn it LOOSE! Get em grrl!

My lovelife is lifelike THIS.

Music is at the very heart and soul of why I live and breathe ya dig? I collect it, I respect it and I never let it down. Meaning, I try and absorb more good vibrations every single day. Our lives are EXTREMELY precious and you gotta spend as much time as possible doing what you love right? Right.

I love the fact that Black American music has influenced SO MUCH culture. At the same time, I am dissapointed in the blatant assimilation of this wonderful, colorful african diaspora. At times, I feel the world just wants us to be dumb monkeys with no say in our existence. We are promoted as savage primitives to this very day! Commercial rap? The genre states itself,"commercially wrapped" and packaged for your savage negro watching enjoyment.

It didn't just start at hip hop though of course. This assimilation goes all the way back to the beginning of american music. Rock n roll? Nuff said.

I honestly believe that the modern black american (and for that matter,any stand up individual) must fight to stand alongside the rest of the world. Pull ourselves up. And there is no such thing as "reverse racism". I hate that term. Racism is racism is racism. Do not use it as a cop out to why you're not getting anywhere in the world. Anything is possible. Empower yourselves like I am. Clean up your act. Strive for it if you want it people. All races, colors and creeds take heed. Stay rude, stay rebel, stay sharp!