'Fire Corner' Rudie tune of the day 12. 31. 10

HAPPY NEW YEAR. This is my last post till I recover after this beautiful NYE weekend. So, until next year, I leave you with a good Neville Staple and The Specials rocking the Ugly One's legendary Fire Corner tune. 2011, I am bringing out my own skinhead reggae inspired, soul scorching, trip hoppy vibes. The skinhead raver is COMING. Music like dirt, fi ya moneys wort'. SLAINTE!


'Every Word I Say Is True' Rudie tune of the day 12. 30. 10

Jackie Opel makes me get all glassy eyed. He has cut me down again. Today's tune will getcha. Proper.

The three R's: Rad, Radeo, Resolutions

Better than lame old Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic, that's fer sure. Radeo Suicide of Suicide Girls fame recorded her New Year's resolutions and got 'em out of the way ALREADY. Damn gal, you are proficient. She is officially sorted for 2011. Proper.

Gangster No.1#

Words can not describe. Columbus' very own Bill Moss the BOSS R.I.P. KTF. PROPER.


Sock it to me!

Columbus, Ohio's own Bill Moss and his Capsoul record label are a slept on yet huge chunk of soul music history and such and inspiration to a black american rudie. My Pops spun at Columbus' legendary Club 2000 and the Valleydale in the 70's when Capsoul was still around and after when Bill Moss crossed over into fighting the good fight in politics. Politics, not my cuppa but brother held it down and helped change come through on the equal education front. Another tattoo is dedicated to Bill and Capsoul! Keep The Faith! Proper.

Shirley Bassey is incredulous

Shirley Bassey makes everything better. I need to cover this anthemic tune in '11. Cardiff is massive! Proper.

'Waiting for my rude girl' Rudie tune of the day 12. 29. 10

Nuff said!

'Try Me' Rudie tune of the day 12. 28.10

Jackie Opel covers James Brown's 'Try Me'. Double win. Proper.


Cobra Kai!

Designer Jeremy Scott hooked up Adidas for their Originals by Originals Fall/Winter 2010 Collection with this RAD X Ray tracksuit. I will hunt one down, throw some face paint on and get my Cobra Kai on. Sweeping legs everywhere. Proper.

'Give a little take a little' Rudie tune of the day 12. 27. 10

Missed ya on some rudie tunes these last few days. It's the holidays man. Seckle! I'm back now though with a good un. Jimmy Cliff, performing a classic ditty off his self titled LP in '67. Cyan beat that. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! Proper.

Truly Smith! The rude boy loves him some British girls pt. 5

Truly Smith was boss, end of. PROPER.


Suffera's beverage!

Brooklyn's dirty reggae warriors The Facts have made my anthem for NYE! With a massive vocal assist from Brucky Dan they simultaneously chant down the ban of, and big up the sufferation beverage of choice; Four Loko. Nuh long ting. Crack a can and crank up The Facts. O% fiction! Proper.

*And go and 'like' the Facts here. Fav band for 2010!

'Don't let me Die' Rudie tune of the day 12. 23. 10

Jackie Opel was a brilliant artist. One of my faves. A dancing fool like yours truly. The Jackie Wilson of Jamaica. Man had class just oozing out of his pores. Here's one of my fav tunes from him. Put me in the right mood today. Proper.


'Rudie Cant Fail' Rudie tune of the day 12. 22. 10

For Joe Strummer... August 21 1952 – December 22 2002 Carrying the torch for you brother. You made the greatest impact on my life. Rude boyo salute!


'Crime pays, ask your landlord'

The Devil Is Electric were a fun band. And here was a kick ass song I dedicate today to all you soppy cunt landlords raising the rents on my people. You suck.

'Rude Boy Confessions' Rudie tune of the day 12. 21. 10

Max Romeo and the Emotions with Lynn Tait provide the rudie tune of the day. One of my anthems. For obvious reasons. Rude boyo is tired of bull pens, bland food and cell blocks. I hope everyone is having a good day this lovely holiday week. Stay free. Proper.

Singles Night!

Once again, Out 2 Lunch are here to kill the sound. Winging out 6 rad singles hoisting up the O2L flag. I must share them so here they are. Rugged, innovative beats, rhymes, life, breaks and blips for the modern concrete jungle resident. Rack some paint, strap on your city stompers of choice(Doc Martens on mines bro) and toss this in ya headset. When it's time to ramble this is top notch ramblin' music. Proper.

1.Sneed the Jade Badger - Silver Sabel (Like a genie in a bottle)

2. Brok Landahs - Workinonit

3. David Arcade / Nas ft. Charles Bukowski - Arcade Shootouts

4. Turtle Handz - Boom Ruin The City

5. Omega Jackson - Bowhairs

6. Mr.Chi-202 - Dirt Weed Fist

Don't be TOO indie. Get money.

Unified Manufacturing, your indie music one stop have informative posts like every single day. Here's another one for those trying to be heard(and paid) in and already crowded field. Take notes, rock on. Proper.

Indie Musicians: Hey, It’s OK to Make Money

“Some men just want to watch the world burn”…

Dr. Windo aka Jakob Lopez makes multimedia art. He is a fellow fan of all tings trip hop and downtempo and we have been enlightening each other lately on new artists to check out. Check his site out HERE and stroll around in his gallery. The man should be whipping up covers for 7 inch releases. And I just love the site of a burning skyline. Appeals to the post apocalyptic road warrior in me. Nice one Jake. Proper.

Back to the 90's

Jammer reminiscing + a Toddla T production = BANGER. Skinhead raver approved. Let me put on my Classics or AM90's, 501s and a Fred Perry track jacket and I'm back in 92, 93, 94, 95 and so on and so forth. Large up Jammer and Toddla T for this anthem. So many grime emcees are whipping up pure fire right now! I love the progression. Less gun chat, more rave anthems. Proper..


Rollins on The Ruts

It's Henry Rollins, talking about his work with The Ruts. Nuff said. Rollins described himself as a fan boy which I loved hearing cos I'm a fan boy loving everything this hyper mofo has done. And the Ruts are in my top 5, hands down. Just watch these clips if you haven't seen this already. Hey Henry, your geek is showing.PROPER.

'Black & White' Rudie tune of the day 12. 20. 10

This classic tune from The Mighty Maytones sums it all up for me today. Racism is the most ignorant ting inna world. I have zero tolerance for it and neither do those I consider worth being around. Proper.


'What Do You Wanna Make Those Eyes At Me For?' Rudie tune of the day 12. 19. 10

Dandy provides the rudie tuneage today with his cover of the Emile Ford and The Checkmates classic. Nuh long ting. have a good Sunday. And just stop mking those EYES at me. Proper.


New York City style kings and queens

Warren Fischer of Fischerspooner fame gets his interview on with The Creators Project and talks about all the choice things going on in his life like the making of CREEP's video for 'Days' ft. Romy Madley Croft of the xx. It's worth a good watch cos the man is a genius and CREEP is so bad ass. It's a 3 parter. Enjoy! Proper.


CREEP is the SHIZ, END OF. Enjoy their 'Days' tune featuring Romy Madley Croft of the xx. PLUS, these two sweet remixes by Azari and III and Deadboy. PROPER.

CREEP - Days (Azari & III Remix) by welikeitindie

CREEP (featuring Romy Madley Croft) - Days (Deadboy Remix) by hannahrad

We're that spic band

Classic tune from Chicago, Illinois based hardcore punk band Los Crudos. A response to being called 'a spic band'. Nuff said! Proper.

'zapatoo the tiger' Rudie tune of the day 12. 18. 10

Rolando Alphonso and his amazing tenor sax. Skinhead reggae. Tune. End of. Proper.


I use to be The Pirate King....

Piracy, Anarchy same ting. Skull Island was a ref to the monster island King Kong was from AND the red eyed natives. Rad. I love hip hop. I loved writing this tune and recording it. I never wanted to be a hip hop artist though cos the scene bothers me. Too many assholes, not enough dancing. And i like singing more anyways so there. Nevertheless, I like this song. Gimme feedback. I'm back in the studio this month. Proper.

Anarchism In America '83

Herrrre ya go my antiestablishment bredren. The classic doc on all things Anarcho-Amer. Kick down the statues! Proper.


'Love Love Everyday' Rudie tune of the day 12 . 17. 10

The Pioneers sock it to ya today. Nice, nice rocksteady to get the weekend rolling. Haaaaave it blud! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!! I know I will. Proper.

The soundtrack for my life, Commandante Joe...

Attila The Stockbroker rules. Joe Strummer was the best man. Rest in peace my friend. I will cover this song in 2011. Proper.

'Tea House From Emperor Rosko' Rudie tune of the day 12. 16. 10



'Jungle Lion' Rudie tune of the day 12. 15. 10

A blinding Upsetters tune fi today. Big up all concrete jungle lions! I have a ton of new stuff I'll be tossing up today so keep ya eyes peeled bredren. Now, sock it to me Lee Scratch Perry. Proper.


Rudie tunes for 12. 11. 10 to 12. 14. 10 SKINHEAD REGGAE

Been slacking on my rudie tracking but now mi back fi ACTION. Here are four HUGE skinhead reggae tunes guaranteed to satisfy ya reggae needs. Moonstomping classics from Ansel Collins, Derrick Morgan, Stranger Cole ft.Tommy McCook and Dice The Boss. Proper.

Morning jolt brought to you by the Cro Mags

Radtastic hardcore punk site Crasier Frane has had this beautiful Cro Mags footage for over a year but you MUST watch it now. Who tunes their guitars to the Clockwork Orange score? Cro Mags. Serious, serious Cro Mag classics and minimal hipsters in the building. And a WICKED Bad Brains dedication at 37:07? Goooooosebumps. Fuck outta here! Cro Mags RULE. Proper.

Cro-Mags from KO Films on

The (URBAN) Menacing Mac and Cheese!

Eddie Petro of Skinhead Gourmet infamy has gut punched me again! A tasty 3 cheese macaroni dish that I totally want to whip up today. I was going to wait until I had cooked it up but this Skinhead Gourmet episode (XXVII!) has too much goodness going on for all that. Pennsylvania's Dead City Dealers and David Thomas aka The Urban Menace fresh outta Cardiff, Wales provide the tuneage and make this a super, sweet, three the hard way Skinhead treat. Uniiiiited! Proper, Eds. *Is that a Battle Royale piece on your arm Eds? Double PROPER.

Tune in to all new Skinhead Gourmet episodes HERE.

And click on these links to check out the Dead City Dealers and the DCD blogspot

AND David Thomas aka The Urban Menace Oi! Oi! Oi!

Original Skinhead

Another Swifty Swift mix. Fresh outta Ireland with a fresh blend of original skinhead tunes. It's available for free download, I suggest you snatch it up if you need some beautiful skinhead reggae in your life. Some of my FAVS are on here like 'Skinhead a message to you' by Desmond Riley and 'Skinhead Jamboree' by Roy Ellis. The stamping at the end of that tune makes me smile everytime. Skinheads rule OK? Skinhead reggae forever. PROPER.

The Original Skinhead by SWIFTY SKANKIN

Hipster Dick

The Grand Spectacular do a grrrrreat send up of all things in hipsterdom with footage straight from the Look at this fucking hipster site. Nuff said. Check out all these hipster DICKHEADS. Funny AS. Proper.

There's ALWAYS room for vinyl

Need to get that record pressed? Still and adamant vinyl lover? Well herrrrrre you go.Unified Manufacturing have got you covered.

Top Reasons Why You Should Make Vinyl LPs Now


Mi cyan stress how stoked I am that David Arcade aka David Vs Everything has returned with another installment of the Adventure Tapes series. Part 2! Too much energy on this boom bap mix. And was that a Clash sample on 'Sacred' and a Predator sample on 'Evil is here'?? Ay dios mio! Just zone out and crank it up. It's free! Download it! Proper.


White Mice!

Too much fun to not share. And old clip of The Mo Dettes and their most known tune, 'White Mice'. Proper.

Japanther doo wop shoo wop

Japanther's new tune 'Spread So Thin' is CLEAN AS. Loving the clip and the handclappin' doo wop 50's rock qualities of this tune. It's a stormer! Proper.

Novelty Cock

Cerebral Ballzy were caught up to and interviewed while shredding through Europe. Shits funny as hell. Haaaaaaave it! Proper.


'The Drifter' Rudie tune of the day 12. 10. 10

Dennis Walks provides today's rude boyo anthem. I think it's about time I self drift a likkle further down the road. New York is still calling me, maybe I should answer? I have loads of new posts I want to share and i'm glad I got over that sickness. And I came out smoke free! Yup. No more coffin nails for yours truly. Proper.


'My Love' Rudie tune of the day 12. 09. 10

A nice, nice Rupie Edwards tune, dedicated to a certain someone. It's been a good day and tings are getting better everyday. God, I love PRESSURE. Proper!


The Mo Dettes 'White Mice'

Too much fun to not share. And old clip of The Mo Dettes and their most known tune, 'White Mice'. Proper.


Rudie tunes of the days 12. 4. 10 - 12. 8. 10

Been very sick the last few days and as you can see, I haven't posted since. Well, let's fix that! Here's a four track rude boy salute to John Lennon. I feel even better after linin up these tunes for you. Proper.


Best Fwends, Nuff Said...


The Big GunDown 3

SPQR and Heart & Soul Soundsystem set up this incredible event. Obviously in it's 3rd time around and I must say, they really do it BIG in Texas. DAMN. Grrrr, Ohio is cold and a little jealous tonight... Proper.

BTW, congratulations are due to the newlyweds 'Skinny' Scott and Tama Martin!!! All the best wishes to you and yours!!! *And yes, Scott, I need some Right On Time Design artwork! Soon!

Ursa Major SPQR (New York)
Rico BOSS HOOLIGAN (Kansas City)
Marv Mack SOUL SIDE & TROJAN LOUNGE (Los Angeles)
Captain Jim HEART & SOUL (Austin)
Von Trapp GCSPS (South Carolina)
Skinny Scotty APOLLO 67 (Austin)
Donnie Darko (San Antonio)

'LIFE IN LIVING COLORS' Rudie tune of the day 12.03.10

It's Friday, so yeah, enjoy your weekend my friends. Prince Buster and his All Stars groove this tune up with a blinding, Rolando Alphonso tenor sax assist. Puts me in the right mood to tackle a lovely weekend. So here's a rudie salute to family, both blood and street, old and new. I love you all. Cheers and beers! Now let's have a dance, shall we? Proper.

I am Methodist Leisure's IMMATURITY

An oldie but goodie! Well, it's only a year old but it's well worth the free download. Another blinding mix that Methodist Leisure put together, this time for the online magazine Platform. Chocked full of punk rock, noise and other random bits to get the blood pumping it's another one for a quick fix. Japanther? Fat Day? Best Fwends? Even, De La Soul? Say no more! PROPER.

Immaturity (for Platform) by Methodist Leisure Inc

(intro sample off of sixteen candles)
Shearing Pinx – Mux
Koji Kondo – Armand Bonvincin
The Sneezes – Surf the Serpents (“Serve the Servants” Nirvana Cover)
Best Fwends _ Orange Marker
Fat Day – Poop Lagoon
Atom and his Package – Anarchy Means I Litter
Bikini Kill – In Accordance to Natural Law
Rocket for Ethiopia – I Wanna Puke On Your Car
Japanther – Summer Hills
Gravy Train – Titties Bounce
Blood Baby – Stab My Face
Screeching Weasel – Cool Kids
FYP – Undumb
Coat Party – Mental Condition
Gerty Farish – Minute Vacations
Cardiacs – RES
Siege – Drop Dead
De La Soul – A Little Bit of Soap
Gay Against You – Gay Unicorn
Fat Day – Sex on Drugs
Agaskodo Teliverek – Blood Club (Hidden “Psycho Goulash” Version)
Gerty Farish – Robert Parish

Oi to the working class world!

Oi! Here's a nice digitally remastered mix from Irish, working class skinhead, Swifty that he put together 20 years ago. With tough tunes from loads of favorites like Stiff Little Fingers, The Ruts, Cockney Rejects, Dead Kennedys, The Clash, Sham 69 and more, this mix stands the tests of time in hard and smart style. It's free for download at the link below. Haaaaaave it!!! Proper.

OI OI FOR THE WORKING CLASS by Swifty in the mix



The Dead City Dealers present the ass kicking 'Plastic' maxi-single for free and I suggest you snatch it up. Pure impact, working class rock n roll. 'Plastic' has a laugh at the shallow, materialistic type, 'Zombie' is a stomper of a live recording, 'Call To Arms' is a strong tune and 'Beer is a Necessity' says it all, these guys have blue collar dripping from their pores. Proper!

Dead City Dealers: FREE MUSIC: "Free Promo CD: Plastic (Maxi-Single) 1. Plastic* 2. Beer is a Necessity 3. (She's a) Zombie (live) 4. Call to Arms* *From the full-length,..."Dead City Dealers


'I want To RAVE' Rudie tune of the day. 12. 02. 10

It's gonna be a good year, 2011. This being the last month of a rough year I'm ready fi change. Bringing the Anti Racist Action back to Columbus in style, BOSS. Getting back into church and everything,big tings, honestly. I am in the process of recording some acapellas for my Brooklyn House phenom friend Chew Fu so he can whip me up some tracks and I am getting interested in doing a soulie/rocksteady/punky reggae project meself. And with a couple friends, we are bringing mad bands and monthly shows to the city; kicking all that off before the Columbus Crew's next season starts. I'm blessed to have great family, both blood and street; in my corner. Now back up and let me rave it up. Here's a top notch tune from Dandy Livingstone (Under the Brother Dan and The All Stars name). PROPER.

Music Is My Life ZEEEEEN??

Cardiff, Wales heavy monsta soundboy Big Crumb aka Nathan Crumb shot me this tune and it gets heavy rotation round here. Already loved C & C Music Factory from my New Jack, hi top fade days so a dubby electro rmx works on ALL levels. Watch out for more tings to come from Big Crumb and his Cardiff posse. Especially, mi bredren, URBAN MENACE. Proper!

Check out more Crumb bashments here at his Soundcloud

Music is my life by big crumb

Cardiff shottas

Whoa whoa Cardiff! Calm down. Bringing all this nuttiness to the table! EZ blud. Half Step Humphry jumps up with a remix(free dwnld below!) of the Astroid Boys 'Party and Bullshit' tune to commemorate the release of their 'Welcome to The Zoo' release. Cardiff boys go HARD. Digging the area massively these days. Proper!

Check out more Half Step Humphry action here at his Soundcloud! Blllaat!

Party and Bullshit Remix by Half-Step Humphry

'Sweet Jamaica' Rudie tune of the day

Clancy Eccles provides the tune of the day. Dedicated to JA forever. It's music and parallel roots to black american culture are concrete having both influenced each other for over 300 years. Being the reason hip hop exists AND my beautiful skinhead culture I am forever truly in your debt. More musical output than any country in the world per capita! Intensified! Love you, sweet Jamaica. PROPER.


'A Message To You' Rudie Tune of the day 11. 30. 10 PART DEUX!!

This are Dubmood and they have made my foooooking WEEK. Proper.

'Pressure Drop' Rudie tune of the day 11. 30. 10

Had to mix it up a likkle bit and slide one of my other musical loves, CHIPTUNE in the rudie tune of the day slot. Brilliant version of a brilliant song. Totally made my morning to discover Dubmood. PROPER!


Skinhead raaaaaaaaaaaaaaver!

Yep, that's me. I love my traditional sounds like reggae and soul but I also love me some modern dancefloor murderation. The Jungle/drum n bass scene is directly linked back to both reggae and soul with so many obvious reasons worn poudly on their junglist sleeves. Shy Fx just dropped the video for his 'Raver' tune that I have been talking up for a bit now and here it is. And the Soca chooon at the end of the clip is HOT. Enjoy! Proper.

'I Am Free' Rudie tune of the day 11. 29. 10

I have that going for me right? Riiiiight. Feeling a likkle on the sore and irritable side today after a wild, wild weekend. And so, I turn to good ol' rocksteady to carry me away. Ahhhh, it's doing it's job. The Gaylads step up to di plate today. Proper.


Das Zero Crops!

"Better drop dead, you slut" Crrrracking up right now. I must watch this. PROPER.

'My Confession' Rudie tune of the day 11. 28. 10

I must confess... Rudie inna love. It's one of those blindingly hopelessly romantic tings so EH. It is what it is and the rude abides. Stranger Cole provides di tune fi di day. I am a sucker for a good love song and this is one of the best. It's been a good weekend and a splendid Sunday so I send this one down the Rudie line without further ado. Proper.


'Sitting in the park' Rudie tune of the day 11. 26. 10

Relaxing today. So many tings mi haffi post but mi gwan tek it ez today. Nuh long ting bredren. Enjoy a Alton Ellis version of a classic choon. Proper.


'Everything I Own' Rudie tune of the day 11. 25. 10

Dedicated to my family, both blood and inna streets. You make me better. Ken Boothe assists me with my rude boy salute. Proper.


Saturday Night SPECIALS

I have been inna LIVE mood all day so large up live music. The Specials on SNL? When the show had and actual funny lineup? Performing 'Gangsters' and 'Too Much Too Young'?? Neville Staple with a tommy gun?! Do I somehow recall this even though I was 3 years old? Was my big brother skanking inna living room? PROPER!

'Thin Line Between Love and Hate' Rudie tune of the day 11. 24.10

Oh yeah, have it. B.B Seaton of the Gaylads recorded this version in '73 and it's soooo good. And proper relevant today. Brothers and sisters, take care of your partners. Same goes for the skinhead way. We must HOLD THE LINE against hate and oppression. Spread love through music and good times. Stay hard and smart! Proper.


"What'll ye have? Will ye have a pint?"

Can't say I don't love this. And YOU can't either. The Pogues' Shane MacGowan. Drunk. PROPER.

'Rudie Bam Bam' Rudie tune of the day 11. 23. 10

The Clarendonians provide the rudie tune of the day. This is dedicated to my main man inna Ireland, Rudi Byrne with his badself. Keep, keeping on rude boyo! Proper.

The Dead City Dealers deal in lead l.a.m.f

Been meaning to big up this band for a bit now. New Castle, Pennsylvania's Dead City Dealers get ya stomping. Pure beer swilling, kick ass, blue collar, rock n roll for the working class. I will be keeping you on the up with this band. Here's an audio clip for the hipster stomping tune 'Plastic' and below is a direct link to the latest DCD action. Large up, Sam Sinister (for the FIND),Chris Vermin, Mario Speedwagon, Andy Fabich and Ryan Bovver! Tune in and rock out. PROPER.

Dead City Dealers F.B.

DCD NEWS: Songfacts: "Sex and Violence" (Exploited cover): "This was one of the few cover songs that actually made it to DCD's early sets, from older bands some of us were in previously (first The Яev..."


'Too Much Pressure' Rudie tune of the day 11. 22 .10

Okay brothers and sisters. The Selecter and this tune need NO introduction. Big up my United Pressure Crew. Bringing the boot and the skinhead way back to a town in need of some S.H.A.R.P presence. We are excited to announce that on December 4th, the Kent, Ohio ARA are coming down to Columbustown to help us re-ignite Columbus ARA (where have you lot gone??). Have a good week friendos! PROPER.

Criminal minded, you've been BLINDED

By a BLINDING tune! Classic Ruts bankrobber of a tune.'I do it for the kicks! It's a habit that STICKS.' Nuh long ting!


'Rudy got soul' Rudie tune of the day 11. 21. 10

Another stellar Desmond dekker and the Aces tune. Have a good Sunday brothers and sisters. Nuffin long.

Soul Gang Sunday

Hats off to Pete Schofield for another stomping good time tuning into Soul Gang Radio. It's tunes like THIS blinding scorcher from Gene McDaniels that make my day. Plus, Robbie Benson played me this Jimmy Ruffin tune that I have dedicated (secretly) to a special lady friend of mines. CLASS act fellas! Keep The Faith. PROPER!
Click on this link HERE to enjoy SOUL GANG RADIO! And click HERE to join PeteSco's "Soul Music With A Smile" Group!!!


'Flashing My Whip' Rudie tune of the day 11. 20. 10

Here's the pic for the day. A likkle U Roy to seckle ya dun. I'm dreaming of a lovely woman I know. Good times. Nuh long ting!


'Kingston Town' Rudie tune of the day 11. 19. 10

Nuh long ting. UB40. TUNE. PROPER

'Only a fool breaks his own heart' Rudie tune of the day 11. 18. 10

Missed posting this yesterday somehow.. A classic Dandy Livingstone tune. Catch my drift yet? I stick to the lords of skinhead reggae, rocksteady and ska. Well, with a Joe Strummer tune here and there. Proper.

Unified Manufacturing's got that attitude.

Positive Mental Attitude! Mi cyan explain how BOSS the crew at Burbank, California based Unified Manufacturing is... I'm seriously at a loss for words. Check it out for yourselves though if you are a musician or filmmaker looking for proper indie cd, dvd or VINYL manufacturing. RAD industry tips galore! So motivational! Below, I have include to links to click on and read. PROPER.

Indie Musicians: 20 things to do while you’re waiting for your fans to show up

20 Reasons Why Bands Don’t Make It (by an A&R man)

"Unified Manufacturing offers the whole package, literally: design, printing and manufacturing in our own fancy manufacturing plant."

Unified MFG FBook

Aggro Panda!

Panda Cheese!

Thanx to MsFittz for the chucks today.


More Redskins?? You knows it!

'Keep On Keepin' On' is another MASSIVE tune from The Redskins. Believe, I can keep the tunes coming from them for a LONG time. Proper.

'Trouble in the Town' Rudie tune of the day 11. 16. 10

Watch yaselves bredren. Dandy Livingstone tells it how it is. Mind dem. Proper.

'Sounds and PRESSURE' 'Rudie tune of the day. 11. 15. 10

Big up CBUS UNITED PRESSURE CREW. Was too busy vibing with my 'heads yesterday to post my rudie tune. Well here ya go. A rocksteady monster from Hopeton Lewis. Proper.

Time to THRASH

Here's a CLASSIC Ludachrist tune. The O.G. hardcore/hip hop crossover. Crossover thrash RULED. Proper.


This Just In! This are DUBLIN SKA. The Gangsters!!!!

DISCOVERY! Ran into boss skinhead Patrick 'Coco' Colton on the good ol' FB and became aware of and ol' time bad, 2 Tone inspired ska band called The Gangsters! Live, direct and still recording! To this day they remain the only Irish ska band to have released a full length album. FIND! I'll fill ya in on more Gangsters PRESSURE in the next coupla days, right now just zone out and crank up these TUNES. Big up the Gangsters. Proper.
*'Rude Boy' up first on di selction. NATCH.


Soul clap it out with me. A classic tune from Santa Esmerelda you may remember from a certain Tarantino flick(The Animals version was in American Me) but this is the BRILL extended version. Some Meters, Shirley Ellis, Nina Simone and Archie Bell and The Drells. Nuh long ting. Keep the faith.


Chew Does Vegas

My homie, Brooklyn based, classically trained, 'REFIX'creator Chew Fu Phat tore it up in Las Vegas at the Moon at Palms nightclub last week. Wish I was there bro bro. I've been known to murder di dance floor and believe you me, I woulda caught a case that night. Ez, ez, brothers and sisters; just a case of premeditated dancefloor murderation.
Chew went IN on this refix of Kanye West's "Runaway" with a heavy assist from J Cast and A Clay. Check it out and pics from that Vegas night in the clip below and download the track for FREE HERE

***BONUS*** Plus, check out this amazing interview over at Vegas Grooves on Chew by clicking on the link. Chewsers is officially the REFIX KING.

Redskins again and again

'It Can be done' by one of my favs, The Redskins is funky soulie skinhead madness. Ready for hand clapping extravaganzas. And with bare lyrics to get you motivated. Making a brother go red. Proper.

This Just In! One of the best scenes in movie history!

Human traffic is my shit. Just saying. 'Cardiff massive! Cardiff massive! Nuh long ting. Proper.

Stick To Your Own Kind

Blood of Abraham were one of my fav L.A. groups of all time. This is back when I got my first docs. My first skinhead cut. Back when I wrote FLUX with the WDC and NBB crews. First punanny. All that multicultural blending made me who I am. And antiracist, antifascist rad ass rude boy. Proper.

Levi Stubb's Tears

Totally boss band The Redskins do justice to a cover of this Billy Bragg tune. Double times NICE. Triple! Amazing lyrics dedicated to the late great Levi Stubb's; lead singer of the 4 Tops. Super smooth with that proper Redskins horn section. I just can't get enough. Made me get all misty eyed for good music. Proper.

Pay To Cum

H.R is the BEST. Nuff said.

'Perfidia Dub' Rudie Tune of the day 11. 14. 10

King Tubby and Lee 'Scratch' Perry's classic collabo suits my rudie tune of the day needs. I have been down on EZ street today. Reggae all the time soothing my nerves. A lot of tings are wrong inna mi area right nhow but we are sorting it out. And today, I'm just content to stay in, zone out to tunes, work out and watch a movie or two. Nuh long ting. Proper.


Yah Mos

This is a classic tune from the Ya Mo's. A mid 90's Sacto, California based punk band who had an INCREDIBLE live set. Some members went on to form the dance punk outfit !!!. I had this EP and wore the shit out of it. Proper.


Harry Hunt at punk/noisecore label Methodist Leisure has put out a spanking brand new gnar mix for Crasier Frane. BALLS OUT VOLUME 2!!!! He put a Yah Mos tune on here and I haven't heard them in AGES. Socal skate favorite! Made my night. He kicks it up and up and over with killers from Exusamwa, Reagan Youth,Combatwoundedveteran, Halo of Flies, FLIPPER and more! Harry Hunt's own band, Squirrels has a stomper of a track too. Tracklisting is at the bottom. It will physically stomp around your room, then gnar gnaw yer face off. Clocking in at 33 minutes it's for pure impact. PROPER.

Mek sure to check out more fire from Methodist Leisure and Crasier Frane. Do it.

BALLS OUT, VOL. 2 by Methodist Leisure Inc

1. Nuclear Assault - Radiation Sickness
2. Yah Mos - Off Yr Parents
3. Doom - Relief, Pt. 2
4. Melt Banana - Faint Heart (Birthday Party)
5. Fat Day - Knute Rockne
6. Die Kreuzen - Hate Me
7. Combatwoundedveteran - Dead Parents, Yeah!
8. Halo of Flies - No Time
9. Exusamwa - Cassettes / Myndeclops
10. Reagan Youth - Jesus was a Communist
11. Divorce - Early Christianity
12. Squirrels - No Head
13. Lard - I Wanna Be a Drug Sniffing Dog
14. Streets of Rage - EDQ
15. Flipper - Sex Bomb

Rudie tune of the day 11. 13. 10

I'll get back to putting reggae in your jeggae tomorrow but this is the rudie tune for the day. I love my m8s old and new. Shit got outta hand last night but we strengthened our numbers! Time to rise up brothers and sisters. And if the law gets involved, be WISE when it comes to getting away. Sheesh.

Rudie tune of YESTERDAY. 11. 12. 10

Missed posting yesterday for obvious reasons. We were actin' up. Now, as soon as my body recovers I'll get back to the grind. Here's a perfect Clash tune for ya brothers and sisters. 'Police On My Back'! Proper.