Slackin' on my mackin'

I fully intended to come out swingin' for Black History Month but I have ALREADY missed a day. Damn, damn, DAMN!
Well, i'm gonna catch up now and just break down my goal for thatrudeboytrhisjustin.blogspot x February 2009.
Since next month i'll be the proud co-host of the PROPER soul/rocksteady/ska night called The Tighten Up I guess the best thing I could do is post alllll my favourite tunes from that era. Which I will, only EVEN better. I'm going to post 60's tunes until March 28th when The Tighten Up launches on that ass. So get your porkpies, suedeheads,conks,Freds, braces and boots ready. Of course Archie Bell and The Drells get first post(The intended February 1st post, bah.)

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