F tonight? F yeah!

The Brooklyn Zoo/Palms Out Sound homie Chew Fu has made a proper bangin' mix for the wicked blog Fried My Little Brain. It's called "Fuck Tonight" and it's chocked full of Chew's AMAZING edits and hip house bangers.(J Cast wut up??) Broooooooooooklyn ZOO! PROPER.

* 1. J-CAST & Chew Fu - Only (NIN Refix Cover)
* 2. T.I. & Busta - Hurt (Chew Fu “Tokyo Fix”)
* 3. Fabolous - I Usually Don`t (Chew Fu “Fuck Tonight” Fix)
* 4. Grandmaster Flash & 50 Cent - The Message(Chew Fu DJ Tool)
* 5. Ruffneck - Everybody B Somebody(Chew Fu Fix)
* 6. Soundgarden vs Chew Fu - Black Hole Sun(128 BPM Refix)
* 7. POPOV & Chew Fu - Da Man Of My City
* 8. Doug E. Fresh & Chew Fu - Do it like this(Chew Fu Beta fix)
* 9. Master Shortie - Dead End(Chew Fu Fix)
* 10. Loonies & Sean Paul - I Got Five On It (Chew Fu Conga Fix)
* 11. Jill Scott & Ref. King - Golden (Chew Fu Fix)
* 12. The Streets - Get Out Of My House (Chew Fu H=H Fix)
* 13. P.Diddy & Keyshia Cole - Last Night (Chew Fu Fix)
* 14. Kanye West feat.Tonedeff - Love Lockdown (Chew Fu Small Room Fix)
* 15. J-CAST - Single Ladies(Beyonce Cover)

Download this shite here


The rude boy loves him some British girls pt. 3

Shut it. All Lady Sov haters beware. Ive been a fan since she started doing refixes of The Streets tracks in 03. This vid is kool beanz and the track is fun with the Cure sample. My, she has grown. Look at her. PROPER.

Lady Sovereign - So Human


Too Much Dick On The Dancefloor

C Hux went in hard on this one(no pun intended) and it's my favorite banger (again, no pun) out right now. Can't wait to hit the stage wiv em in May!The tune totally reinforces my belief that ladies nights never really are ladies nights when the penis to vagina(pun) ratio is 5 to 1. Too much dick. Well said Claire Hux, well said. Btw, the Flight of the Conchords episode with the VERY similar tune shocked me this last week. Very peculiar. Now check out Claire Hux! PROPER.


Chew Fu in the Soundgarden

The fact that I was dating a gnarly grunge chick when Soundgarden dropped "Black Hole Sun" makes this Chew Fu refix absolute butter. One of the best relationships EVER in my final days in So. California. Heather Adams where are you? I hope you have aged well in 15 years. Maybe you have a kid or two, cool. Just no heroin or meth habit and hopefully you still fit those tattered jeans and flannel you were wearing when we made out in the mojave desert outside of Rosamond. A man can dream can't he?

Chew goes IN with this little electro house banger. I gotta get it in my deejays hands so my area can get familiar. Here is YOUR chance though, download it here


That Rude Boy LOVES him some british women Pt. 2

Ummmmmm, lay off british girls. For serious though,Mary Anne Hobbs is the real deal all things dubwise and then some. I was excited to hear she was doing this little "West Coast Rocks" doc. Golden state warriors like Daedelus and the Glitch Mob appear in the viddy. Mary Mary, why ya buggin?? She knows the underground bass culture like nobodies biz. PROPER.


That Rude Boy LOVES him some british women

Seriously. You (should) already know.
Watching Bond flicks with my Lola Titay(that's grandma Margarita to you non-fillinegroes)introduced me to a whole world of smart suit gangsters and one of the sexiest voices in the history of music. Shirley Bassey. Yum.
No wonder rude boys loved 007. With those ill ass opening sequences and Shirley's big ass voice bouncing around in your earholes it was, no, IS the perfect escape from the shantytowns. Now, where is my brit girl?(I need to ripoff Estelle and 'Ye and do a "british girl" track. Hmmmmmmmmm.)PROPER-ENGLISH.

The Paragons

Cold blooded Treasure Isle goodness. And I DO love the O.G. version better than the dennis Brown vocal. PROPER.


The homieRP3 read about 'Print and So what Wednesdays Dilla night(Which was infact, off the chain, rack, hook and meter.)and sent me this sweet little mix he made. Ch-ch-check it out here

Sugar. Water. Purple.

Claire Hux is just on some SERIOUSLY retarded banging ass shit. I get major ugly face listening to the tunes from this super fun duo. Symbol and Dlake are on some shite(that purple piff? Lean? Wot??)and that rude boy wants some for hiscotdamnedself, cop the Claire hux "Jammin' on the one" mixtape here
Oh shit. And peep this introduction video they have on their 'Space. Proper.

ADD THEM NEGROIDS...www.myspace.com/clairehuxmusic


please. please. please....


Please Don't Bend

Dekker youse a fool. And this is why That Rude Boy This Just In loves you. REST IN POWER rude boy.

Sy-Ma-Rip ain't nuthin to f*ck wit

No long ting. Nuffin long mates. This song is in my top 20 of all time. I have the Trojan Records logo on my neck(Also later on used by S.H.A.R.P) and I am a firm believer in the Traditional Skinhead movement. I can't wait to get the amazing night The Tighten Up going in March. Moonstomp! PROPER.

A brand new dance called the pee wee herman, CHECK IT OUT!

I believe everyone that knows me, is well aware im a silly geezer. And it's because of legendary class clowns like Slick Rick, Will Smith(yep I said it) and Joe Ski Love that crafted me into a humorous hip hop fiend. Don't take life so seriously, or you'll never make it out alive!

The pee wee dance is still one of my favourite joints EVER. I'm not kidding. Or maybe I am, blurring the lines IS my m.o.

SERIOUSLY though, I found an interview of Mr. Joe Ski Love's where he explains the making of the pee wee dance song and it blew me away. Ice T appeared in the video for the song yet is irate with rappers like Souljah Boy banking off funny dances and being comical. That's not gangster Ice T. Not gangster at all. Get silly!

Powered by DILLA

Tonight at Bourbon Street for So What Wednesdays, DJ Detox and special guest DJ Pos2 go in for the late great James Dewitt Yancey aka Jay Dee aka J Dilla. Dilla's classic albulm "Donuts" came out 3 years and 3 days ago, on his birthday nonetheless, with his passing away 3 days after that on February 10th. He had just turned 32. Tonight let's get it in for one of the best beatsmiths to ever exist. PROPER.



"Althea, i'm having a nightmare about my sunlamp..."

The fact that Melvin Van Peebles directed this in 1970 and you have NEVER seen this is absofuckin'lutely amazing. My Pops RAISED me on real talk black guerilla films like this. And this is one of the most black gorilla ones. Notice I switched from "guerilla" to "gorilla" cos this film has multiple connotations. Peeble's black guerilla theatre and it's some shite the Black Gorilla Family thoroughly endorsed in the 70's. Fuck the man, man. PROPER.

Derrick Morgan

Nuffin' long. Derrick Morgan is one of my O.G's. This song is too good to pass up. Predates all anti-baby mama drama tunes. Proper.


Slackin' on my mackin'

I fully intended to come out swingin' for Black History Month but I have ALREADY missed a day. Damn, damn, DAMN!
Well, i'm gonna catch up now and just break down my goal for thatrudeboytrhisjustin.blogspot x February 2009.
Since next month i'll be the proud co-host of the PROPER soul/rocksteady/ska night called The Tighten Up I guess the best thing I could do is post alllll my favourite tunes from that era. Which I will, only EVEN better. I'm going to post 60's tunes until March 28th when The Tighten Up launches on that ass. So get your porkpies, suedeheads,conks,Freds, braces and boots ready. Of course Archie Bell and The Drells get first post(The intended February 1st post, bah.)