Skinhead skinhead runnin' through the night

My main man in England, Gavin Watson is a BEAST. He captured the very essence of the skinhead culture that the media has decided to blatantly ignore. The dead end kids that shaved their heads, dressed smart and didn't give a shite about your politics. I am proud to have run with the skinhead tribe and although I don't stroll by with the short crop, boots and braces anymore, I remember my roots and I won't let them be ignored. Cop Gavin's books. Take heed, it's a beautiful misunderstood culture. Skinhead rule OK? Now slap on some Symarip and get to moonstomping. PROPER.


unknownsolger said...

fuck a skin head lil-insane the most shermed out suicidal loco to hit the streets of east side dago.I have devoted my life ruining the skin heads day .puro east side san diego controla x3 44 block street cycos

This Just In.... said...

who is this?
The fact that you're stating you're shermed out is NOT gangster ese.
I smell jokes here.
I grew up with surenos and I don't recall ANY of them stepping to me.
West L.A. Trad Skin holmes. No nazi bonehead scumfuck.