Dear Jesty,

I know we are becoming friends and you are helping my group by just running with us and spreading the love. Respect. I appreciate it. No, seriously dooder, you are a gentleman and a scholar. BUT, the NEXT TIME you come out with a song remotely like "The Plot to Save the World + Genisis 16", how about you just be more direct in your ways and shoot me in the head? This song is a cruel and unusual punishment in it's BLATANT disregard for people that have a fear of dancing or an aversion to singing along. Downright mean Jesty Beats. You are a big meanie. A hugely talented, MASSIVE track maker but nevertheless, still, a big meanie.

Sincerely, This Just In Cunningham

Readers: If you HATE evil genius level trunk rattling tunes that just may rotate your head Linda Blair style do NOT download this track. Download it if youre ready to save the entire world...


Anonymous said...

Man I got Jesty's CD for Christmas last year (or the year before?) and was definitely feeling Doors Open, Cleveland Hustlas, etc.

Which track are you talking about? The link you provided ain't workin.

This Just In.... said...

Damn it I knew it. Check out his page. It's on there. But im gonna fix this link! It's a wonderful, new, retarded track.