And you can new jack swing on my nuts!

I started a "new jack swing" night last year and the momentum has been picking up in just 4 installments of it. This week will be the 5th time around and I know mad people had fun at the NYE party (I know I did!)so I believe tomorrow night will be off the chain as well.


It's kinda hard to get DJ's who are use to spinning other eras and formats of dance music to conceptualize exactly what I wanted this party to invoke but no worries mates, they are getting it in and people are having fun taking these trips down memory lane. I believe it's going to be alot easier in 09 because we are opening up the night a likkle bit. I want some of that 92 to 94 g funk and bay area "mob music" incorporated so expect to hear some "west coast whistles"(as me and the homie Cheese like to call 'em) in the mix now as New Jack Circus builds on that ass.


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