This commercial is a grrrrrreat example of well, you know... I think when a subculture hits the level of being transmogrified into a foooking pop tart commercial, stick a fork in it. It is done my friends. This ad is hilarious though for serious.


The Glow

Heard they are remaking one of my all time favourite flicks. Pisses me off and I refuse to go see that shite!
ALSO, Ryan Reynolds is playing DEADPOOL in the new X Men:Wolverine joint. Gah!
Am I sounding pretty nerdish right now? Good. The only reason I stayed HALF WAY outta trouble was my obsession with kick ass movies and bad ass comic books.
I have an idea brewing for Black History month... I will hatch on Feb. 1st and post proper pan-african goodness everyday of the month. From the obscure to the obvious, i'm so proud to have a little soapbox to stand on and drop gems on ya from. PROPER.

I woulda got away wiv it if it wasnt for them meddlin' KIDZ

This tune is ILL.
Favourite bars are when Naledge spits, "What up chief? We back moe. Church pimpin'. What up folks?"
Go, ILL! Kidz In The Hall are Go-rillas.

Found this gem on my.duckdown.com PROPER


Soul 4 Real

The movie "The Warriors", best scene is when the radio host and her lucious ass lips say, "To all you boppers out there..." and goes forth with an on air manhunt for the Coney Island gang. CLASSIC tune from Martha Reeves! PROPER.

_rum n _ass 10: Chase And Status

Slewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww dem!
One of my more recent favs, "Duppyman" is a WIN/WIN with one of Capleton's most blazing vocal. Ya dun know.

_rum n _ass 9: Benny Page

EEEW. I am booking him or anyone from Digital Soundboy and I dont give a fuck if im the only person attending. Gotta love classic reggae refixed over smooth ass rollers. Woah.

_rum n _ass 8: Rufige Cru

Heavy early tune, Goldie and dem Metalheadz. PROPER.

_rum n _ass 7: A Guy Called Gerald

This was a whiff of the future. Of what we had next to come. Stepping away from acid house this tune made my head spin as a lil party kid. The DRUMS!!!!!!!!!! The BASS!!!! Fuck what ya heard, might be called DnB now by some but it's allllll Jungle music to me potna. Konkrete Jungle, inner city, tough arse jams.

_rum n _ass 6: Ganja Kru

The S The U The P The E The R!!!!!
Shut it.
The drop is like 2 and a half minutes in which gave my fellow junglists nuff time to grin at each other while we waited for complete dancefloor annihilation. I am a firm believer this STILL melts faces somewhere at a venue like it melts mine thinking about it.

_rum n _ass 5: DJ ZINC

No need to explain the wonderful marriage that is hip hop and jungle. TC Izlam is on the ball being Zulu nad Konkrete Junglist. I need that. 'Member dissssssssssssssss one??

_rum n _ass 5: PESHAY

HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY! Vibe to this like I did when I first heard it. Got heavy rewinds all night long. Peshay killed it wiv this one.

_rum n _ass 4: JUMPING JACK FROST

I recall an epic desert party that helped me discover this choon! Housey intro? Housey breaks? The DROP! BOH!. Mojave Desert Massive wut up? Ez now! One of the jump off joints that led me to believe Jungle was the best foooooking movement in party kid culture. Meth wasn't even a problem yet! Ha. I WAS eating pills like skittles, candy flip mode steeeeez but I was fully in a frothy, sweat soaked love affair with Jungle.


Hi haters!

You think you got me pinned.
Alot of people hating on my shizzzz.
It's all good though fam.
Hate on haters.


_rum n _ass 4: Adam F

"Circles" is so damn RUDE. Perfect for the drive back from a banging event. In an Audi TT. On the autobahn. Good dream innit?

_rum n _ass 3: Goldie

I cant even SPEAK 'bout this tune. HEAVY. Goldie is a killer! I love being an inner city rude boy. Konkrete junglists baby!

_rum n _ass 2: Marcus Visionary

Nuffin' long! Marcus Visionary is my fav selecta out right now for making stupid dumb radtastic riddems like "One Foot Skank" Nuff said.

_rum n _ass 1: Shy FX!

I love Jungle/DNB.
And "Original Nuttah" is just an abso classic. It's jungle:30 in Columbus as I launch a monthly(Details soon!) and I just felt like posting 10 of the best chooooons.(My favs that is yeah?). Proper.


Tupac x Barak COLLABO!

I knew Tupac Shakur was alive! Remember when everyone SWORE he was alive and well, lounging in the Caymans or some shite, every now and then sending in more tunes from his woodpile of full songs and hot 16's? Not so fast oh A.I.M user 2pac4life, he is infact gone. His music though lives on and what a perfect time for his tunes to come back around? Our president will be of african descent come this week! A moment in black history for serious.

Mick Boogie(Cleveland, stand up!) and Mekka Don host this dope little mixtape.
Listen to it for yourselves. My heart swells with admiration double time and I firmly believe this is going to be a PHENOMENAL year. Get it here


Dear Jesty,

I know we are becoming friends and you are helping my group by just running with us and spreading the love. Respect. I appreciate it. No, seriously dooder, you are a gentleman and a scholar. BUT, the NEXT TIME you come out with a song remotely like "The Plot to Save the World + Genisis 16", how about you just be more direct in your ways and shoot me in the head? This song is a cruel and unusual punishment in it's BLATANT disregard for people that have a fear of dancing or an aversion to singing along. Downright mean Jesty Beats. You are a big meanie. A hugely talented, MASSIVE track maker but nevertheless, still, a big meanie.

Sincerely, This Just In Cunningham

Readers: If you HATE evil genius level trunk rattling tunes that just may rotate your head Linda Blair style do NOT download this track. Download it if youre ready to save the entire world...

Freaks and The GEEK

1/3rd of Tha Steez, the vanglorious Matthew Hanson bka DJ Geeked Out has a new BANGER available for download! After a slight hiatus the boy is back like cooked crack wiv the Freaks and Geeks mix. I remember listening to his first mix as we began to form up and as usual the INTRO edits to his mixes just make your face implode on itself. Ultimate sour face. Like the milk you are drinking is bad, you ate a crate of lemons AND someone has dutch ovened the little two seater youre sitting in(And you KNOW it wasn't you, too busy drinking bad milk and eating lemons riiight?) bangin' the Geek's new mix you just got. Didn't get it yet no? Stop sleeping. Get your ugly face on. PROPER.

Get that shite here

I have included the track list in case any of you techies say, "Wot the fuck was THAT track??" Step your dl/beatport game up nigga.

Oh! (A-Trak Remix) - Boys Noize
I Wonder (DJ Phinesse RMX) - Kanye West
Township Funk - DJ Mujava
Knee Deep Theme - Emynd
Rock the Boat (Counts of Bounce Remix) - Aaliyah
Mature Macho Machine (Solid Groove RMX) - Radioclit
Ready Or Not Bmore - Goldrocc
Don Gon Do It (Million $ Mano remix) - The Rapture
Can’t Go For That - No Can Do (Helix RMX) - Hall & Oates
WTF (Nadastrom on Drugs Remix) - Tittsworth
Get Money Kids (EMYND BuildUpBreakdown Remix) - Pase Rock
You So Hawt - James Nasty
Gloria (Murge RMX) - Van Morrison
The Chase - DJ Rob 3
Shook - DJ Fashen
Embrace The Martian f/ Kid Cudi (Round Table Knights Remix) - Crookers
Blow Your Head (Original Mix) - Diplo
Flip Fantasia - Cobra Krames
Collossus - Thomas Bangalter
Would I Lie To You (Bassilleuro Remix) - Charles & Eddie
Reckoner (Diplo RMX) - Radiohead
Pussy - Original Mix - Nadastrom
Id Engager (Mad Decent Remix) - of Montreal
Never Be Alone (Scottie B, Samir, King Tutt Remix) - Simian Mobile Disco
Let’s Go Ravers - Rob Threezy
Hangin’ On - Emynd - Emynd & Bo Bliz
Do Bad Thingz - DJ Tiga
Green Light (Diplo Mad Decent Remix) - John Legend
The Book Is On The Table - Furacao 2000
Everybody Handz Up - DJ Sega
Bigger Than Hip Hop (Flufftronix Ghettohouse RMX) - Dead Prez
Freaks & Geeks TV Dialogue -
Pull My Strings - KILL THE NOISE
Hoes Get Down - High Powered Boys
Bounce f/ N.O.R.E. (A-Trak Remix) - MSTRKRFT
Work Me - Sammy Bananas
Excelarator’s Pjanoo (Final) - Excel vs. Eric Prydz
Put Your Drinks Up f/ David S - DJ Mad
Finally (Bart B-More RMX) - Ce Ce Peniston
Love In This Club (MSTRKRFT Remix) - Usher
Now That We Found Love (Knish’s What It Do Mix) - Heavy D & Friends
Kids (Soulwax Remix) - MGMT


Skinhead skinhead runnin' through the night

My main man in England, Gavin Watson is a BEAST. He captured the very essence of the skinhead culture that the media has decided to blatantly ignore. The dead end kids that shaved their heads, dressed smart and didn't give a shite about your politics. I am proud to have run with the skinhead tribe and although I don't stroll by with the short crop, boots and braces anymore, I remember my roots and I won't let them be ignored. Cop Gavin's books. Take heed, it's a beautiful misunderstood culture. Skinhead rule OK? Now slap on some Symarip and get to moonstomping. PROPER.


Garrrrrridge 10: SCOTT GARCIA

Scott Garcia wiv MC Styles. THIS IS ONE OF ME ALL TIME GARRIDGE TRACKS. PROPER!(That's all for now folks!)

Garrrrrrrrrridge 9: Craig David x Sting: MJ COLE!!

It's a refix innit? Got Sir Sting innit? I don't even care to describe this BANGER. PROPER.

Garrrrrrrridge 8: Todd Edwards

This tune I had my own dance moves for. Ha. Kinda a shimmy wiv my feet and a SHUTTING THE DOOR move.
Shut The Front Door Just In...

Garrrrrrrrrrridge 7: DJ Luck and MC Neat

Sappy but this song was the SHITE. Nuff said.

Garrrrrrrrrrrridge 6: Shola Ama-IMAGINE

Soooooooooooooo good. I could have this played by the(yes)UK Garrrrridge DJ at my wedding. Ya dun know.

Garrrrrrrrrrrrridge 5: Ms. Dynamite Ft. Sticky

Anuva So Solid affiliate. Hot to DEF.

"feeeeeeel the bad gal basss, feel the bad gal bass injection."

Garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrridge 4: Oxide and Neutrino

UGH. Recall this one??
Bounce to bound for the reload!
The Lock Stock sample just puts this choon over the fooking top. Oxide and Neutrino and just the whole So Solid crew had me as a stateside fan before the critics even turned there heads towards England and the 2 step scene. Proper.

Garrrrrrrridge 3: Colours!

Serious feminine pressssssure. I have a soft spot for beautiful diva vocals over the 2 step riddims. And that's why bassline is so narsty for me. This radtastic tune from Colours was-IS the real deal. Proper.

Garrrrrrrrridge 2: Pay As U Go Cartel

I loved the rolling synth on this one. Like a fooking mental sidewinder travelling across desert sand aiming straight for your brand new air max 90's. BITE.

Garrrrrrridge 1: Heartlesssssssssssss

Full on bashment here. Heartless Crew had my speakers knocking when this huge choon dropped. Proper.


Westward ho again. Yay area.

Clean version but y gotta love the noir video and Spice 1 GETTING IT IN.

Mac Dre was hyphy before it got hyped. R.I.Power homie!

R.B.L Posse. Get familiar. Hunters Point SFC's finest! With Sway in the video from KMEL's world famous Wake Up Show. PROPER.

Natalie P is hard as hell

And then after such a strong afrocentric message This Just In goes RIGHT back to tomfooolery. Natalie Portman is hot though. Can't help it, jungle fever runs strong in my blood. Bwahhaha.

Peace to the GOD. NASIR JONES.

This is the RAWEST video ive seen in a loooooooooooooooooong time. Goosebumps, glassy eyes and i'm pumping my fist in the air. PROPER.

Westward ho volume 1. Chicanos

The murder rate spiked in Califas(That's California ese) due to the brown on black street war going on and that's noooooo joke. Very sad actually. I just remember when we all (semi) got along and my friends from barrios like Varrio Nueve Estrada, Culver City Diablos, Florencia and Venice 13 hipped me to latino rap like Kid Frost, Lighter Shade Of Brown and LV.

And you can new jack swing on my nuts!

I started a "new jack swing" night last year and the momentum has been picking up in just 4 installments of it. This week will be the 5th time around and I know mad people had fun at the NYE party (I know I did!)so I believe tomorrow night will be off the chain as well.


It's kinda hard to get DJ's who are use to spinning other eras and formats of dance music to conceptualize exactly what I wanted this party to invoke but no worries mates, they are getting it in and people are having fun taking these trips down memory lane. I believe it's going to be alot easier in 09 because we are opening up the night a likkle bit. I want some of that 92 to 94 g funk and bay area "mob music" incorporated so expect to hear some "west coast whistles"(as me and the homie Cheese like to call 'em) in the mix now as New Jack Circus builds on that ass.