Let's go foooooking mental!

Sheffield Blades Buisness Crew...PROPER

Inner City Firm

Eeeew. Bet you havent seen this either yeah? Well rent 'em both. And hit me up. I'll PROBABLY come watch 'em wiv ya. Rise Of The Footsoldier is extra extra gangster(And based on a true story!)and here is one of my fav scenes. PROPER.

Rolling Wiv The Nines

Youve never seen it. I know. Do it. Do it NOW. One of my CLASSICS I keep hid from the public. Until now... (Peep the Kano track in the background in the club shooting. MURDERATION.) PROPER

Joe Strummer (english) channels Junior Murvin so well

Why even talk about it? PROPER.

"Around here we say birds not bitches..."

If you check out my blog on a reg, youve probably seen The Streets on here before. It's cos im an avid fan. Dressed smart, beats are wicked and he has his own Reebok Classic. WOT????? Proper.

And here is the "Weak Become Heroes" vid, ravetastic classic aall about that FEELING that hits you on the 'floor during a good rave up. 'Nuff said.

Bad Company UK!

anyone 'member this?? PRESSURE COOKER! Ya dun know. Okay, its only from 2003. PROPER.

My Special(s) anthem

P 51! Cadillac of the skies!

Early Christian Bale. One of my childhood favs. One of many great scenes. LOOOOOOOOONG arse movie though. Yet still...Proper.

Paul Bettany and you know who... Ah-mazing

Gangster No. 1 BLEW MY MIND when I saw it. Please, rent this if you havent seen it. The suits,the 60's editing,the ultraviolence and the music. PROPER.


My favourite oi band. Anthemic. Me and Sean Cathcart had a talk about them a bit ago and the main content of that conversation revolved around how fooking EPIC their tunes are. PROPER.

And they are STILL gigging. I n-n-need it.

Cockney Translation

Love love LOVE this song. No one's remade it yet. Wot? I'm on it. Smiley Culture was my shite when my Pops introduced me to ragga in the 80s..PROPER.


Knowle West Boy

Tricky is back wiv some rather narsty stuff. The Council Estates albulm is RAD. I wanna bring him to the Bus. Or grab a pint wiv him in the U.K.

And here's a likkle interview he did about Knowle West. I'm fookin' rockin' it out. PROPER.

Sam Cooke would be proud...

...Anthony Hamilton beat the brakes off of the 60's classic "A change gone come". Damn. I looooovve the struggle because beauty like THIS tune comes from it. I came from the very same struggle and NOTHING pulls my heartstrings more than a singer belting out words with true conviction. Goosebumps.

Anthony Hamilton - "A Change Is Gonna Come" from levi maestro on Vimeo.


Wot?? Crookers. Done and done.

To quote my ladyfriend Jessie King. Wot?? Crookers, wot you ON about?? To put a vid together for your new joint with mad arse and clips of my favourite flicks(Clockwork, King Of NY,The Good the Bad The Ugly? SHUT IT)you really are the mutts nuts. We need you here in Cbus. Stat. I'm on it.

Licks. 2015. Flux capacitor. The whole lot.

The homie from across the pond, Licks has dropped 2015 the mixtape. Me and my group The Steez could have been on it but due to our own scheduling we didnt make the cut. Damn. This mixtape is CHOICE.Licks, get at me mate! I'm coming to the U.K in 09 and we are making bangers(btw, wait till you hear our Damn It joint on Licks riddim.)! PROPER.