I like the way ya do that right thurrrrrrrrrrrrr...

...remember doing the Montessorri? The St. Lou dance more commonly known as "The Chickenhead"? I DO. Summer of 2003, dope boy fresh with the homies Ishmael, C.D and Paki at horrendous bars like Alcatraz(What?), The Coliseum and The Big Easy. Sheesh. Bangin' hood rats and freshmen girls. Hustling and running around in Etnies and a Dickies trucker caps. I'm having flashbacks now. Wow.

Well, now, thanks to Danny Soundz and The Roach, we have a Fidget version! I sunk my teeth into it, it tastes good. Bite down hard and hold on right thurrrrrrrrrrr.

Get it here!

Good look, Monster Says Rawr!

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