"Don't worry, not gonna FREAKOUT or nothing..."

Moxy gives me a quickie...

It was good, and you can get it too. Grab her Work mini mix here. Proper.

B.T.W Mox, SHAVE, eww.

Duck Down x New Era!

I need it. I need it. I n-n-need it.
Duck Down has hooked up with New Era to bust out some gnarly hats.

If you don't love the mu'fuckin Boot Camp Clik then these are not for you. They are for ME. MINES! Proper.


West End Girls x Inner City Pressure edit

SIKE, I just love these two videos. The Pet Shop Boys and the Flight of the Conchords dudes. PROPER.


Sweepin' the nation with the STANKY LEG

CJ Townsend showed me this video from Them G Spot Boyz and I just can't get over this dance now. Rad. Now, do the stanky leg.


I like the way ya do that right thurrrrrrrrrrrrr...

...remember doing the Montessorri? The St. Lou dance more commonly known as "The Chickenhead"? I DO. Summer of 2003, dope boy fresh with the homies Ishmael, C.D and Paki at horrendous bars like Alcatraz(What?), The Coliseum and The Big Easy. Sheesh. Bangin' hood rats and freshmen girls. Hustling and running around in Etnies and a Dickies trucker caps. I'm having flashbacks now. Wow.

Well, now, thanks to Danny Soundz and The Roach, we have a Fidget version! I sunk my teeth into it, it tastes good. Bite down hard and hold on right thurrrrrrrrrrr.

Get it here!

Good look, Monster Says Rawr!

Santiago November mix is...

..like WHOA. Santiago (of Santiago and Bushido) bring that JACK house and this mix is my banger right now. Chi town househead Santiago goes in hard and keeps the pressure building until the pipes bust all on yo faces. PROPER.


Kazokeylele's are that new new!


I treasure...fingers.

Spice bar re-opens with Treasure Fingers(Fool's Gold) and i'm ready to get it in. STOKED. This weekend seems like it's gonna be a a rager(Timmie, Erin and Rochelle! Can't wait to see some of my Cleveland peeeeeeps!). I intend to take some pics tonight. PROPER.


Personal Anthem

There are no words to quite express how much I was feeling this when it came out. WHOA, goosebumps. And now it's my banger AGAIN. The struggle continues but I am confident bruvas and sistas that my time is NOW. I woke up screaming fuck the world and downloading Pharoahe and Styles P at Oatmeal Brookie's. It's go get it season.


The Escapist

Nice one bruva! Mike Skinner aka The Streets hits me in the face again with wordplay and a video to match. Intensified. Nuff said. Proper.

Mike Skinner strikes again.

The Streets never lets me down. U.K. sensibilities are where it's at. I admit i'm a bit of an anglophile. Oswald Boateng suits. Fred Perry ANYTHING. 60's rude boy/hard mode culture. Real MASSIVE raves. Grime. Jungle/DnB, 2 Tone, Cockney Rhyming Slang. And anything MIke Skinner touches (The Mitchell Brothers?? WOT?). SHUT IT. Proper.

Sam Elliot. Gangster. Real talk.

Steve Lieb, can you bust out the projector one of these Thursday movie nights and throw on Roadhouse please? Couldn't find the "That's gotta hurt" clip when he side kicks doods leg, breaking his shin but I came across this Big Lebowski refix. . I promise i'll even dress like a cowboy. PROPER.


And another one...

...I am on a nostalgic roll. Like finding a crusty old blue mitsubishi in a pair of Kikwears stuffed in the corner of my Pop's attic (Double Pop drop in the same day of blogging!) and eating it while listening to early UK Garridge. Ms. Dynamite and Sticky made me a skanking fool with this HUGE choon. Why didn't this crossover on American charts? Because American radio is LAMMMMME. Go to BBC 1Xtra and listen to the best music in the world.

Sooooooooooooooo Solid

Are you hip to So Solid Crew?? My favs back in the day. Meaning 2002/03. Mo fire! The Wu Tang of Grime. Got to go to T Dot raves and hear this track on a MEGA sound system. RAWR!

I love heavy duty dutty bass and grime blew my face off with the slowed down, dragged out b lines I fell in love with Drum N Bass and before that Jungle and before that Dancehall and before that Ska and Rocksteady. Thank you Pops for puttin' the riddems in my head.


What a naughty video Fedde!
He's on tour in the states right now and I wish he came through Columbus cos this song wins on so many levels. That b line though is mighty tasty.



Cops in Russia get no respect I tell ya, no respect.

New Just City

Columbus needs a 90's hip hop night. Golden Age ONLY. So I can hear this...

And this...

Fuck, why isn't a night going down in this city that drops shit like THIS???

WELL, I guess it's up to me! I'm focused on squeezing out a Golden Age night. This Just In...I'm gonna call it New Jack City...Expect guest DJ's and HOPEFULLY dookie ropes, box fades, reeboks(Icy whites!) and airbrushed denim overalls...

This Just In aka NINO BROWN

Wasted ravers...

...mark my words. 2009 is starting with a bang in the Bus. JUICEBOXXX. This Just In has tricks up his sleeves like a giant sized pimp. PROPER.

juiceboxxx at empac opening from David Lublin on Vimeo.

Su wooooo!