Finding new artists is my shite. Nothing makes my face scrunch up more than discovering new bangers and THESE guys. SHEEEESH.
Playdoe are from Johannesburg, South Africa. A place I fully intend to get to one of these days. Where the Motherland took on the whole nasty little mess we like to call apartheid. And ya know me, ive fought the good fight(the BEST fight) my whole life, anti racist apolitical skinhead that I am.
Not that race has ANYTHING to do with this but I can just remember how exactly I became a skinhead. 2 Tone! Seeing The Specials video for "Gangsters" turned my world upside down. Terry Hall and the boys all sussed up and super rude made me want THAT. California wasn't so harmonious with race relations and me and my boys formed up like Voltron to fight California Uber Alles. Peckerwood fucks. After I married 2 Tone of course I met the rest of the family, rocksteady and 1st wave ska. CHOICE, feel good music. No mess, no fuss, pure impact!

PLAYDOE give me that vibe I got from The Specials in their own special way. Two cats from two sides of town, in a country with a history rich with tales of oppression, blood diamonds, the whole lot, here come these guys from the leftfield dropping squelchy electro heavy bass hop bangers on the masses. Check em out, get familiar because if I have any say, when they do a U.S. tour(And they WILL), im booking them right here in the City of Columbus. PROPER.

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