"I'm callin' out to all yall in front of me/fuck crunk, yall need to get punk with me"-Tyreless

Today, October 3rd is Syco Geoff's birthday (happy bday bruva!) and then October 4th is his release party for the Good Year Tyre albulm under his moniker Tyreless. Poor boy's Justice INDEED. It's a solid albulm and the features on it are good as well. Mike Blast and Werd Perfect? With beats by DJ Self and Przm(R.I.Power)?? SHUT IT.

With track titles like Make Your Bed, Break Free and Pick Up The Pace, you can tell Tyreless has some motivational shit up his sleeves. And other tunes like Don't Snitch and the I'm Crack freestyle are self explanatory. Tyreless is telling you he's dope and to not snitch. But I have to tell on him, he has some nice beats and equally nice flows. Carabar is where it goes down tomorrow night. Come check it out. PROPER

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