Don't be gay..

..pro homo..

Yay area..

O.G. J.T The Bigga Figga. Even though the Game is from Compton(so he says) this is the cat that gave him his first soapbox, Love me some bay area mob music.

I'm just saying...

...you dont wanna battle me on mid 90's obscure g rap. UNLESS you are like DJ Cheese or something, you cant fuck with my knowledge. I was there man, Vietnam. Even into horrorcore/acid rap before the juggalos discovered this guy.

I miss..

...mid 90's midwest gangster rap.. I was BANGED OUT in 94. Childish? True. I was 17 though and loving it. Southfield Koebel Gangster Riderman..Su wooo!

Nevermind the bollocks..Here's silent disco..


CJ Townsend x Sweatin Halloween Party Oct. 24th

CJ Townsend
, a mainstay of Columbus, Ohio's burgeoning new club music scene has spun nice sets at various events in the city. He's a good dood with alot of passion and a proper sense of balance when it comes to the 1's and 2's. Expect tomorrow night and the Sweatin Halloween party to jump off... And here's the mix CJ The DJ(Don't you call him that Justin! The nerve..)put together to get you boys and ghouls in the mood. Trick or treat nickuh... Sweatin Halloween Mix

Howlermonkey strikes again..

This is the video for the homie David Litvin aka Howlermonkey's track "Whispers"
Shot by Pittsburgh based filmaker Ben Hernstrom aka Ambulantic. Expect big ting from Howlermonkey. Why? Cos I said so. And I fully intend to collabo wiv em. And electro will never die. PROPER..


All I do is party....ha ha ha ha...

So.....Last night was EPIC. Camera died RIGHT when I decided to not give a fuck and bumrush the stage. Between Moxy and Nic having me drink up in the VIP and watch the chaos unravel, and me, Garrett and the boys bumrushing the stage.... fuck, just EVERY single part of the night, my mind was BLOWN.

Met the man the myth the legend himself, Mr. Disco Donnie. I admire dude. He got MSTRKRFT and Aoki here, true. The real reason lies in the fact that he's an old raver kid like me. We had a small chat but I hope to pick his brain for old NOLA rave war stories, p.l.u.r stories? Ha.

Working for My Best Friend's Party was a riot too, I passed out a bunch of Fools Gold and Iheartcomix mixtapes, t shirts and other merch to the youth dem who came in droves EARLY(Like 9 oclock.,I miss my all age shows when I did the same:), they were all respectful little future hipsters. They had no control of the dancefloor though. The old guard was out in serious numbers. Not gonna drop all the names of alll the homies I saw but HUGE UPS to everyone who came out! Pics up soon!


Finding new artists is my shite. Nothing makes my face scrunch up more than discovering new bangers and THESE guys. SHEEEESH.
Playdoe are from Johannesburg, South Africa. A place I fully intend to get to one of these days. Where the Motherland took on the whole nasty little mess we like to call apartheid. And ya know me, ive fought the good fight(the BEST fight) my whole life, anti racist apolitical skinhead that I am.
Not that race has ANYTHING to do with this but I can just remember how exactly I became a skinhead. 2 Tone! Seeing The Specials video for "Gangsters" turned my world upside down. Terry Hall and the boys all sussed up and super rude made me want THAT. California wasn't so harmonious with race relations and me and my boys formed up like Voltron to fight California Uber Alles. Peckerwood fucks. After I married 2 Tone of course I met the rest of the family, rocksteady and 1st wave ska. CHOICE, feel good music. No mess, no fuss, pure impact!

PLAYDOE give me that vibe I got from The Specials in their own special way. Two cats from two sides of town, in a country with a history rich with tales of oppression, blood diamonds, the whole lot, here come these guys from the leftfield dropping squelchy electro heavy bass hop bangers on the masses. Check em out, get familiar because if I have any say, when they do a U.S. tour(And they WILL), im booking them right here in the City of Columbus. PROPER.



Snatched this STRAIGHT from the homie MJ x 21MC. PROPER...

"Like... selling hip hop, for real!

So I'm a few days late on hearing this news, as I've been mostly watching the stock market and looking forward to the vice presidential debates. But being an honest to god child of hip hop, I found this story to be just as new worthy... Apparently last week community leaders watch hopelessly as the courts ruled to allow the sale of 1520 Sedgwick Ave. in the South Bronx to real estate developer, Mark Karasick, which puts the future of the 100 families residing in the building, in jeopardy. This, even after tenants partnered with housing advocates filed a lawsuit in the State Supreme Court in an attempt to block the sale aaaand assembled a million offer for the building, which doubles the Million mortgage that needs to be paid for the current owners to withdraw the building from the city’s Mitchell-Lama moderate housing program. In march of this year, the first attempt at the sale of this property was rejected when the city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development deemed that the roughly .5 million sale price "significantly exceeded the building’s assessed value", and was "not sustainable." At the moment, no one seems to be sure which bank is financing the sale of the property, and are all wondering would finance this project at such an inflated price and during such pressing financial times. Housing advocates were actually hopeful that the recent financial woes on Wall Street would prevent the deal from holding up. What's extra-speacially heartbreaking here is that 1520 Sedgwick is more or less the birth place of Hip Hop. So it seems a shame to know to know that the rec center in the front of the building, where DJ Kool Herc first learned to work his two turntables, happens to also be the same room from which Senator Charles E. Schumer delivered the news conference when the sale was first rejected in march. Shout goes out to The New York Times' blog for covering the story so well. You can check it at length here. While you're there you should also check this story about bronx area photographer Lisa Kahane who, much like Jamal Shabazz, played an integral role in documenting life & times in the Bronx, during the early 80s. Get smart."

Huge ups to 21 Maroon Colony


The homie 77 Klash has a couple new vids. Here they are. Gwann step up to BKLYN this moth to politic with him about the future and the best new genre out, YANKEE GRIME. Ya dun know. PROPER..

Megabone x I.C.U Lab

I have been on some dutty discovery shite today. Just like im Christopher Columbus. Fitting. My latest find is Megabone . Dutty buisness from NYC and this tune VIBRATOR samples the Jungle Brothers "I'll house you". Double win. The name Megabone? Triple win. Flawless victory...

And then the dudes behind the video, hail from The I.C.U Lab. Check out the rest of their vids. Thanks to 77 Klash, I found this unit of multimedia monsters. 'Spect! PROPER

Mum's the WORD

(He rocks Perry's like me, get familiar...)

Mumdance has a new mix for Big Shot mag. I likes it. I like the interview at Big Shot too. I like lamp.

Get the mix here

Read the interview here

See me in all MY glory, here...


I got 21 seconds to go...

...So Solid Crew, I miss your early Garridge/Grime sound. And all the drama too.


Kimbo Slice gets K/O'd

Seth Petruzelli took it to Kimbo Slice last night. 14 seconds later and the Miami, Florida Murderer was lying stunned on the mat with his face split. SHEESH.

Not a big fan of MMA because it's overrated to me but damn homie, you (ALMOST) GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT. A couple more milliseconds of Petruzelli's right fist of doom and 'Bo(Can I call ya that?) would have needed smelling salts and some sugar cookies or something. I honestly like Kimbo, he's all felonious filth and fury and it was completely alarming to wake up to this news.

Don't count him out though, believe you me he is going to beat the JUICE out of his next opponents to make up for this L. PROPER.


"I'm callin' out to all yall in front of me/fuck crunk, yall need to get punk with me"-Tyreless

Today, October 3rd is Syco Geoff's birthday (happy bday bruva!) and then October 4th is his release party for the Good Year Tyre albulm under his moniker Tyreless. Poor boy's Justice INDEED. It's a solid albulm and the features on it are good as well. Mike Blast and Werd Perfect? With beats by DJ Self and Przm(R.I.Power)?? SHUT IT.

With track titles like Make Your Bed, Break Free and Pick Up The Pace, you can tell Tyreless has some motivational shit up his sleeves. And other tunes like Don't Snitch and the I'm Crack freestyle are self explanatory. Tyreless is telling you he's dope and to not snitch. But I have to tell on him, he has some nice beats and equally nice flows. Carabar is where it goes down tomorrow night. Come check it out. PROPER