And I went APESHIT when Aoki dropped The Refused in his NUTTY set. Add that to the 2 hours I was going apeshit and you get the drift.

I can almost recall track for track how his set carried us through the night. And so many of my friends can vouch that we SERIOUSLY held the floor the entire time. I think I left ONE time(and thats rare 'cos I love bopping around) and that was only to hunt down a bottled water. Goosebumps. More news at 10.

NEWSFLASH. This Just In... Below are pics I snatched from my dear friend Rochelle and The Grip. The flash on my camera is dunzo so it's time to cop a new one. So... i wanted to describe the Steve Aoki night at Sugar Bar in detail but I cannot fathom the words. It was EPIC. We danced, we yelled, we made new friends, protected old ones and held our ground like Billy The Kid and his posse at the end of Young Guns(Thursday movie request!). So, on that note, i'll let the pics tell a QUARTER of the story, the rest, well that's for us to know and you to find out. PROPER.

Thank you Steve Aoki, thank you.

The crew... Love all of youse....

I look like im playing the blues. Garret is throwin' up the Beta gang.

Mad love for this girl here. She provided these pics actually.

Me and K.Beezy always win on the 'floor

Anime eyes

Vampire Franzy. Limited edition.

Rich guy laughs. Mehehe.

Ahhh, gang signs...

Gang relations

There were some REAL flamers in the building.

Linen pants? WORD

Guess we like stripes yeah?

Ever so lovely Rochelle and the man, the myth the legend Steve "Kilt Em!" Lieb

The homie Darius!

Ben in the back giving the crrrrazy eye


Dave Espionage was feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling it.


Kelley B was feelin' it!

Hey kids, Big Ben, Parliament...

Rochelle was on Steve Aoki. Literally.

Stage antics

Aoki was helping people get on stage. 'spect.

sweatin' it out

Perry Boy forever

WARNING: I almost laid this dude out. Perv. He was just trying to stand balls deep behind my friends. I got pissed and yelled at him. No habla ingles. Buster.

Slam was stunned by the AWESOMENESS

Cockblock the savage hawk. caw caw!




Well, you get the drift....

Hey kids, Big Ben, Parliament...


Anonymous said...

Words can't even describe...

5StarSLAM! said...

What a SLAMMIN good time!!!