Sugar and Spice

Pour some on me...

Went downtown to see one of my newest/coolest peoples:) Nic (Havana Suicide) and a few of the other Suicide Girls participate in the Choonimals fashion show at Sugar Bar AND to try and catch the homegirl DJ Moxy spin next door at Spice. To my surprise DJ E.V.(Chip The Ripper's DJ, Cleveland REPRESENT)was in the building banging a nice set out for the crowd.
The night was full of cameos. I ran into my dude Kanal from Chi-town and even some of the Milk bar and Fly U cats where there. I also came out to chop it up wiv Scotty Cockblock and enjoyed a few drinks at the open bar(Tip the bartenders people, you are getting the drinks for free! A dollar a drink gonna hurt your pocket? fahcrisakkes)but it wasnt long till the Sui Girls took the stage.

She's bringing sweaty back. yeah.

Gang signs are the new black. Whaaaaat it do Andrew?

Double wristed for Sui Girl Open Bar and V.I.P. I'm a drunk.

Zachary Sin Vegas

Kani from Milk Bar is in the building... and so are gang signs.

Choonimal chiefs



U...where dreams come true.

Audible Junkies

Glad I ran into ya Kanal. Respect.

Proper fun watching the Suicide Girls walk it out for the Columbus based clothing line. I took pics but didnt feel inclined to get near the stage, enjoying my post near the Choonimal table. Nic, you KILT the other S.G.'s though, what happened to having TATTOOS as a requirement to be a sui girl? Ah well, they were all good lookin' and the abundance of booty shorts and fishnet stockings didnt hurt anything. Maybe some dudes emotions but not I says me.

After the fashion show (And some quick Goose bottle murderation in v.i.p, thanks to Kanal) I slid down the block to see who I could catch spinning at Spice Bar.

Why you all in my grill?

Dave Espionage wiv Anime eyes. Ha

Air Geeeeeetar solo.

ATTENTION: Both these bars are not my normal locale. I like sticking to the Short North and shite but every now and then one of the homies is down here spinning or there is a decent DJ in town so then it's like EH, why the fuck not. Unfortunately, I missed Moxy but did get to catch Dave Espionage in the lounge tearin' it up. And as usual, I wasnt let down by his mandatory BANGIN' set. Cbus, stay tuned 'cos Dinosaur Espionage is coming to a venue near you VERY soon, im working on it, im working on it.

Also a dude named DJ Diz had a NICE set of Chicago house on the patio but I cant find a link for him so...be it. PROPER.


jenna said...

it was really fun going through your posts and finding pictures of me that i never knew existed.

jenna said...

oh no, i really like fall. i just don't deal well with weather/season changes in general.

no way, i don't mind the pictures. i love finding pictures that i actually didn't take for once.
it's fun.