What ya gonna do when ya get outta jail?

I'm gonna have some FUN?!

I am off probation. Shut it! Seriously, I paid my last court fine(knock on wood)just this last week. No chance to violate and serve the remaining 78 days. It was just DUI probation but you dont want me to serve close to 3 months in good ol' Franklin County Jail/Workhouse now do ya? Probably do. Haters.

"Why am I to be pitied, you say? Yes! There's nothing to pity me for! I ought to be crucified, crucified on a cross, not pitied! Crucify me, oh judge, crucify me but pity me?"
- Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment

I have been in or around Columbus, Ohio since Fall of 1994. A lot of people believe I am new or not from around here for many obvious reasons but one in particular. I AM NOT LIKE THEM. Yeah, it's true that I lived in California before O-H-I-O in the years that really shape you, the High School years but, I bet you never would guess I was a quite a menace to society back then. Actually, I LEFT California on juvenile parole.

And out here, back in the mid 90's I ran around in the Livingston/Parson, Southfield and East Haven areas. Managed to fall right back into step with the local hoods and well, added to my resume.
Am I good dude trying to act bad? Have you ever SEEN me act bad? Negative. I'm always grinning, running around having a good time, making the best of it. Life is too short to be spent mean mugging and hating on others. Trust me, I have seen how short life can be. Have fun and get over yourselves and realize the more people that you interact with, the more good ones you'll find after sorting through the lot.

Tough, though. I have no regrets about the crucial things that formed me. I'm me and that's it. A father, a felon, a writer, a dancer, an artist, a BOSS rude boy. No shame in my game, just pep in my step. Ya dun know.

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