Brooklyn Anthemic

The homie 77 Klash(pronounced Two sevens clash)has posted a Queens Of the Stone Age mashup today that sounds RIGHT so dont get LEFT behind. Check it out here. And if you have never heard of this BKLYN emcee/producer you are sleeping. Just look at his 'fit, bruv is on the I against I page like well, I. Cyberpunk, bad man, muuuuuuuurderation! Collabo Klash?

I also posted some of his tunes that you could have found on RCRDLBL. Cheers.

77 Klash-Mad Again

77 Klash- Take You Home Skallawa Riddim (Ray Darwin Remix)

77klash - Code For The Streets

77 Klash- Noble Society - The Swarm (DJ Theory Remix)

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