Get a GRIP

The best blog with the most content in Columbus, by far, is The Grip. Creator Steve Lieb is in the know like no one else I know, real talk. Him and his friends go hard in the paint in everything they do and manage to pull it all off quite effortlessly, making them my favorite people to see out at a party and on the other hand, just watch a good and cheesy movie with(Thursdays at Grimers is my new new thing thing).

My blog is upgrading daily and in no small part, I owe it's evolution to the Grip. Here are some pics from last weeks Get Right party. And there are loads more over at The Grip.'SPECT.

Steve Lieb(Kilt Em!) and Miss (Untouchable) Rochelle


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love cuz!

This Just In... said...

no probs home skillet